Auschwitz   12 20 1999

				May man keep a watchful eye
				that these crimes against humanity
				will never reoccur again.

The executioners in the extermination camps and labor camps of sadism and sodomy eliminate
in first priority advocates of publication and prosecution of the crimes of clandestine high tech
terror to prevent the formation of any organization advocating establishment of public, reliable
safeguards against the misuses of modern bio-technologies.
Several larger parties, security services, private organizations and defence leagues, having es-
calated the investigation into the security agencies of the Western Atomic Powers and NATO,
of Russia, Japan, Germany, Israel, Saudi Arabia and of larger Third World Countries into a
global dirty war, today operate the largest system of labor camps in the whole world.

They operate the most heinous extermination camps in the history of mankind, executioners
sodomizing to death thousands of people a year.

They operate medical dissection camps, hit teams conducting field testing of new classes of
toxins on tens of thousands of people a year.

They operate the largest labor camps of sadism and sodomy worldwide, executioners mass
drugging tens of millions of people a year.

They operate the largest labor camps of behavior manipulation and enslavement worldwide, hit
teams massdrugging tens of thousands of people a year.
They operate the largest labor camps of deception and perfidy worldwide, recording in total in-
formation control tens of billions of videos, faxes, conversations, brain wave patterns and ge-
netic fingerprints a day.

Propagating the total lie, in the name of humanity they suppress the publication of the un-
leashing of multiple, uncontrolled dangers of the extinction of mankind.

Those responsible to publicize these crimes, the destruction of all human standards, the inte-
grity of truth and the integrity of life, the spiritual, political and civic leaders in the sciences
and industry and the independent defence leagues, tyrants of depravity, do not know God nor
do they seek the beggar, operate extermination chambers as a social sport and release their
people into state prostitution. Their executioners, fornication their sole purpose, eliminate ad-
vocates of publication of these crimes under the perversity label of emergency medical care for
the victims with anonymously shot in poison pellets.

They commit these crimes in blasphemy of truth, in blasphemy of reason, in blasphemy of
maturity and in blasphemy of ethics. Having fallen in their moral level to a depth as never
before in the history of mankind, they aim at the ever escalation of these crimes against
mankind to shoot into gigantic proportions: suffocation of all democratic constitutions and
civilization worldwide in the suds of prostitution, stiring up of hate to incite any bestiality
conceivable, in image fascism life style illusions to become the only social frame, gene pool
contaminations to spread epidemically, clandestine high tech terror to remain as only political
leverage, teens at the street-corner to stick their dicks into the sculls of people, who got
gassed at Auschwitz, to speedjerk off presidentially.

Their cynicism is without end.


The executioners in the extermination camps and labor camps of sadism and sodomy of the
independent defence leagues operate on orders of anonymous schreibtischtäter from within a
high tech power center, controlling a global satellite communication and surveillance system,
a toxic drug research lab, a poison pellet production line, high capacity data processing equip-
ment, a global network of undercover hit teams.

They see the tasks of the SS nerve gas operators at Auschwitz-Birkenau as a dream job, wea-
ring a gas mask to place Cyclon B pellets on a hot brick into the shaft system leading to the
gas chambers. Today they use less nerve gas, as on orders from B. Netanjahu and E. Barak to
Mossad, because of the gassing of millions of Jews in Nazi gas chambers, but employ more
private poison pellet systems to eliminate their targets. The executioners sodomize their tar-
gets to death creepingly and by full consciousness. Employing bio-technological designer
drugs, they draw mainly on plundered stockpiles from bio-chemical research labs and pro-
duction lines of the security agencies of the Western Atomic Powers and NATO, Russia, Japan,
Germany, Israel.

The toxins developed aim at four levels of incision: demise of the organism through disable-
ment of a vital organ or function; inducement of a disease, a graded impairment of a local,
physiological function; change in the level of a specific physiological or neurological capacity;
altered growth and differentiation of a physiological or neurological capacity, mainly to pre-
determine the psychological profile.

They have often been synthesized in special projects like 'performance enhancers', 'sodomy
drugs', 'genital tumors', 'social and economic behavior manipulation', 'fixed images', 'language
blackout', 'total personality collapse', 'joy of death', 'blasphemy of the Holy Spirit'. The toxins
are applied via depot poison pellets, exceeding in dehumanizing bestiality Nazi nerve gas
operations in respect to manageability, efficiency, secrecy, torture methods. They are ad-
ministered in small dosages into the bloodstream, mostly activated by neurological process
recognition or when the toxin level in the blood falls below a preset value. The victims' cha-
racter are debased in their political and ethical convictions by CIA sodomy drugs, their mental
and physical strengths are destroyed by partly paralyzing the central and peripheral nervous
systems, their emotional lives are submerged in psychological terror by periodic toxin release,
not to allow relaxation. Often toxin effects are screened by mind manipulating stabilizers,
faking a state of normal perception. Single facets of personality are torn into various perverse
directions. In all the targets' identity, character, development, mental and physical strengths
are crippled, not mutated, but stripped to break down. The targets are blocked in their profes-
sional work, on the social level isolated, disenfranchised, welfare and family safety nets are
ripped. When com-pletely exhausted, they are to die on the streets.

The schreibtischtäter and their executioners conduct a global dirty war against the personnelof
competing security agencies and equally within their own countries against their own popula-
tions, for example in Germany they operate a hit team in every town with more than 30ooo
inhabitants. Committing every excess of bestiality, depravity and technology afford, they
physically fornicate on the Bible, they gas the letters of the admonition 'Never Again', they
physically fornicate and take a shit on the cemeteries of former Nazi concentration camps,
where they operate poison pellet extermination chambers as a social sport. Likewise they
sodomize their own organizations' female workers and colleagues, sodomize members of their
own families in pre- and succeeding generations and trade CIA sodomy drugs, bundling a range
of perversity effects, dragee packaged, among themselves for private use.


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