Chelmno upon Ner   10 29 1997

			May man keep a watchful eye
			that these crimes against humanity
			will never reoccur again.

These crimes, the worst in the history of mankind, are being revived in their beginnings
by the CIA, BND, FSB (KGB), the leaders of the Governments of the US and Russia, the
leaders of the US Military. the leaders of the Governments of France, Great Britain (at
least until recently), Germany and some of US and German Industry, the President of
South Africa and the Jewish People and equally about all the major parties, who claim to
clean up these crimes, like the leaders of the Governments of India and some Arabic
Countries, among them Saudi Arabia.

They operate labor camps of sadism and sodomy, mass drugging hundreds of thousands
of people a year.

They operate CIA gas chambers, spraying tens of thousands of people a year with con-
centrated nerve nerve gas and industrial toxic gases.

They operate labor camps of deception and perfidy, intercepting in excess of one billion
conversations a day.

Who loves his fellowmen in respect of basic humanity also loves all mankind, which allows
to postulate the unity of mankind as a universal principle. It constitutes a higher value
than those established by a group of people, an ideology of a sociological class or the
unity within a community of faith. When a society is confronted with a case of criminal
spiritual or criminal intellectual corruption, our human responsibility denies to exclude
any part of a population from the other, but demands to demonstrate the benefits of
universal human rights, which for example yield as a merit reconciliation, peace, a worthy
name to any enterprise. It is alone for the sake of social order that gross violations are
physically arrested.

The first step of justice requires the crimes of the CIA, BND, etc..., the destruction of the
integrity of truth and the integrity of life and of all human standards, to be publicized to
initiate a comprehensive investigation, to uproot them wherever they are, to prosecute
the offenders and to establish worldwide, reliable safeguards. However, about all the
major parties, who claim to clean up theses crimes, escalate the investigation into these
crimes into a dirty war of global dimensions against the personnel of these agencies,
especially a nerve gas war against the BND on german soil and extend it into all areas of
political, economic, scientific and cultural life to gain predominance in all available tools
of clandestine high tech terror. They finance large scale research programs in goal and
method of human depravity. New drugs are being developed in the intent of specific
dysfunction of the human body, applying advanced bio-technologies, having created new,
devastating dangers to human health.

The warning to mankind, the genocide in Nazi extermination camps, human depravity in
inversion of mind and hate of other people will lead to the extinction of all mankind, is
being disregarded.

Faith, conviction and Spirit of Man are being defended through fornication.

Justice has been reduced to a prostitute.

Government agencies like the CIA, BND, FSB (KGB) or Mossad, whose policies of arbitrary
assasssinations are publicly known, are not being shut down. The Offices of the District
Attorney and Parliamentary Oversight Committees around the world suppress evidence of
illegal listening and video devices and the targets' legal evidence, according to German
Law (StGB) High Treason (§81,1,1 §92,2,2), Murder (§211), Poisoning(§§229, 319,
330a) and Confidentiality of the Spoken Word (§201,2,1). Government agencies in co-
operation with oversight agencies over the medical field forcibly cover up the targets'
medical evidence through falsification of death certificates, false diagnoses and failure to
render any medical aid. See the decision of the European Commission of Human Rights
Application 33445/96 from 11 28 96.

The press, reflecting hear-say and not promoting formation of well founded public
opinions with report of facts, analyses and options, with only singular exceptions, does
not exercise its fourth power watch dog functions. It applies to reality standards of
illusion, entertainment, sensation, gloss and superficiality. It will not tear a crack into
the welfare image of government institutions, public prosecution and the medical field. Not
one of the press organs worldwide has exposed the fatal consequences of CIA, BND, etc...
human rights violations, but expound the political leaders in their depraved political

No information campaign is being conducted about the tools of clandestine high tech
terror and their devastating dangers to human health. No justice is possible without a
public, comprehensive inquiry. No real, decisive action, no legal measure to correct gross
misdevelopments and to eliminate these weapons in he future is being taken, no escape
from oppression in depravity is left, - but in consequence to force despair, hate of the
perpetrators' culture, institutions and representatives and to incite counter terrorism on a
gigantic scale.

Peace has been reduced to a prostitute.

The CIA, BND, etc... and equally about all the major parties, who claim to clean up these
crimes, pick people at random from the street corner to pass them from labor camp of
deception and perfidy to labor camp of deception and perfidy, from CIA gas chamber to
CIA gas chamber, from labor camp of sadism and sodomy to labor camp of sadism and
sodomy and from extermination chamber to extermination chamber.

In most cases the targets' intellectual lives, their professional and social careers, are
blocked down by toxic drugs and nerve gases, largely paralyzing the central nervous
system, their character in convictions and confidence are debased by CIA sodomy drugs
an then their bodies pumped up with toxins in all vital organs are left as vegetable
winding in annihilation.

They commit any excess of depravity conceivable:
They operate CIA gas chambers at the sites of former Nazi concentration camps.
They operate and cover up the operation of CIA gas chambers on the anniversary of the
birth day of Adolf Hitler.
They physically gas the letters of the admonition 'Never Again'.
They conduct and cover up the field testing of experimental, lethal drugs on the dying in
intensive care wards and nursing homes.
They combine CIA sodomy drugs as a prelude with a lethal dosage of a heart drug.
They sodomize Heads of State.

People stirred up and crippled on this level of hate are driven to commit any crime, in-
cluding the unleashing of the multiple, uncontrolled dangers of the extinction of mankind.

The bastards of bestiality will dig earth's grave.

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