Dachau   12 07 1991

				May man keep a watchful eye
				that these crimes against humanity
				will never reoccur again.

These crimes, the worst in the history of mankind, are being revived in their beginnings.

The CIA is operating labor camps of sadism and sodomy, mass drugging tens of thousands
of its citizens a year and wherever it can worldwide.

The CIA is operating gas chambers, spraying thousands of its citizens a year with con-
centrated nerve gas and wherever it can worldwide.

The laboratories of the CIA are developing new drugs in the intent of specific dysfunction
of individual systems of the human body, applying advanced bio-technologies to create
new, devastating dangers to human health.

The elimination of these crimes requires publication, prosecution and reliable safeguards.
They need to be publicized to bring to light the events, the actions and intentions of all
concerned in historical accuracy.
Or the Lord, who sees all hearts and minds, will reveal them before His sword.

They need to be publicized to hold the actions of all concerned to accountability, to be
measured by the integrity of truth and the integrity of life.
Or the Lord, who abandons wickedness readily, will condemn them in His anger.

They need to be publicized to achieve reconciliation between victims and society and to
set a foundation stone for peace, to acknowledge the worth of the victims, to assign
proper guidance to the offenders and to establish reliable safeguards.

Or a sigma of state prostitution and gas chambers will be attached to a whole generation
and nation, their silent toleration foster crimes against mankind to shoot into gigantic

		 (Original hand written)
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