Hadamar   07 30 1996

				May man keep a watchful eye
				that these crimes against humanity
				will never reoccur again.

These crimes, the worst in the history of mankind, are being revived in their beginnings
by the CIA, BND, the leaders of the Governments of the US and Russia, the US Secretary
of Defence and the leaders of the US Military, the leaders of the Governments of Great
Britain, France, Germany and some of German Industry, the President of South Africa and
the Jewish People.

Equally accused are the majority of people, who claim to clean up the crimes of the CIA,
BND, etc..., to sodomize the Holy Spirit in the name of the Lord and in the name of
humanity through the use of His name to cover the destruction of the integrity of truth
and the integrity of life by sodomizing people to death through:

- not being able to act in an emergency out of lack of faith, conviction or Spirit of Man,
  but being blinded by the excesses of the worst case,
- not attacking the cause of these crimes, human depravity in inversion of mind and pre-
  dominance of perfidy as well as in hate of other people, passing on the crimes of the
  past to this generation,
- the subversion of the constitutions of the major western industrialized nations with
  their basic guaranties, their principle of separation of powers and the political rights of
  their citizens,
- the escalation of the investigation into the crimes of the CIA, BND, etc... against all
  legal principles into a dirty war of global dimensions,
- the intent to sodomize the Holy Spirit to death, though not possible to achieve by:
  -- physically fornicating on the Bible to suffocate His Word, while drawing an infor-
     mation out of an illegal listening device,
  -- operating highly toxic CIA gas chambers under cover of a perfume on the anni-
     versary of the birthday of Adolf Hitler,
- the massive operation of CIA gas chambers and the massive operation of labor camps
  of sadism and sodomy and the massive operation of illegal listening and video devices
  as a general spectacle,
- the perpetuation of these crimes, the destruction of social standards through all
  stages, including the development and application of new dugs in the intent of specific
  dysfuncion of individual systems of the human body, applying advanced bio-technolo-
  gies up to the extinction of mankind.

The crimes of the CIA, BND, etc... need to be eliminated effectively through publication to
initiate a comprehensive investigation and through prosecution and the establishment of
worldwide reliable safeguards.

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