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		History of Intentional Misuses of Genetics

		and Modern Bio-Chem-Rad-Technologies

		   May man keep a watchful eye
		   that these crimes against humanity
		   will never reoccur again.

1) Projects   Page 2
2) Political constellation from 1939 on   3
3) Enforcement concepts from 1945 on   4
4) B-C-G-R-N weapon development from 1945 on   5
5) Some US/Clients B-C-G-R activities from 1945 - 1989   6
6) Counter-actions of Victim Associations,      
 Private, Independent Defence Leagues      
 and a coalition of Third World Countries from 1989 - 2001   8
7) Some US/Clients/Global B-C-G-R-N activities from 1989 - 2001   10
8) Escalation into a clandestine, global dirty war from 9/11 2001 on   11
9) Constitutionality     15

		      Udo Frentzen		   1999 - 2019
  (Texts originate out of Public Postings at Neuengamme 04 09 99 and 05 09 06)

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					1) Projects
1a) The US
The US CIA investigates from its formation on systematically naturally found venoms and synthesized 
toxins for their incisive effects on the human body, drawing on research in Europe from before WW I - II, 
in Japan before WW II and also on exotic plants and animals, voodoo rites and pseudo-medical ex-
periments in Nazi concentration camps. They recruited in Operation Paperclip, authorized by the Joint 
Chiefs of Staff, from 1947 - 1953 about 9000 former Nazi intelligence officers, scientists, technicians 
and doctors for their technical teams, considered war booty, most notably known Werner von Braun.
They scaled up their R&D efforts in the 50s rapidly to press ahead with their B-C-G-R weapon projects 
and to cover humans, animals and plants, individuals, groups and entire populations. They synthesized 
in their bio-chem labs new classes of toxins to manipulate psychological and physiological functions. 
Radiation weapons are developed in their physical-bio-chem labs to manipulate climate, equipment, 
psychological and physiological functions.
Concurring with US Military, NATO and private research centers, today incorporating nano-technologies 
(N), developed is an arsenal of compact, non-conventional, non-lethal to lethal electro-magnetic-bio-
chem-gen weapons of mass destruction.
1a1) The nervous system
In one large scale project with a multitude of sub-projects they research the anatomy and neurology of 
the central, enteral and peripheral nervous systems with their coded bio-neuro active electro-magnetic 
fields in intentional misapplication of neurological technologies to manipulate the bio-chemical-electrical 
processes, determining spiritual, ethical, social, intellectual, motivational, emotional, sensual, motoric 
and sexual behavior.
1a2) The genome
Another large scale project researches structures, processes and mechanisms of the human genome in 
intentional misapplication of mutagenic, hybridization and recombinant DNA technologies to cause with 
incisions into the genotype changes in the phenotype and shifts in the human gene pool. As goal has 
been set up the construction of the first 'biological bomb' for peace time employment of gene altering 
agents in graded to blanket mass poisoning of food and water supplies as well as target and mass 
poisoning of home and foreign populations for control of individual psychological, physiological and 
genetic processes and mass manipulation of population groups and over regions over the sum of all 
single catalogued, G-pellet prepared targets.
Since the 70s the project has been widened out into a 'human hand directed evolution' to transform man 
as a product of natural evolution into a cloned cyborg-chimera with programmable, augmented capa-
bilities by electro-magnetic-mechanical and bio-chemical-genetic means.
'Scientific rational base' is population genetics to render a group’s or population's allele composition with 
its genetic and physiological functions designable and programmable by bio-chem-technological site 
specific strain manipulations.

1b) Russia
Russia developed its B-C-G-R weapon arsenal by its political-military-security-industrial complex starting 
before 1941 and after the war massively scaled up its research, testing and production in security labs of 
the KGB, industry and colleges, in medical dissection chambers of mental institutions, the Gulag and on 
populations at large. Their deployment structure, command centers, production, stockpiles and delivery 
systems match those of the NATO forces for overkill deterrence.

1c) Out of the advances in modern bio-chemical sciences, which are comparable to the progresses in 
physics in the first half of the 20th century, the criminal intent of political-military secret policy goals and 
their security laboratories has realized with B-C-G-R-N technologies, extending the radius of action in 
space, time and living nature as man's vulnerable physiological base, new, devastating dangers to man. 
Threatened to come are planetary catastrophes through contamination of the human gene pool with eg 
miscarriages, malformations and crippledom for hundreds of years and eradication of billions of people 
with the possible extinction of mankind.


				2) Political Constellation

1a) War Objectives from 1939 - 1945
The political-military efforts of the Allied Forces during WW II were concentrated on their war objectives: 
unconditional surrender of the fascistic Achsenmächte and Japan, border revisions, division of Ger-
many, administration by an Allied Control Council, demilitarization, denazification, democratization and 
reparations. (Teheran Conference 28. 11. - 01. 12. 1943; Jalta Conference 04. - 11. 02. 1945; Potsdam 
Conference 17. 07. - 02. 08. 1945) Military actions were e g cranked up armament research and pro-
duction, securement of supply lines, invasion of Western Europe and a war on multiple fronts.

1b) Nuernberg Trials
1b1) The political-military opponents were fascist governments, which pursued total warfare with propa-
ganda, racist ideology, militarism, non-recognition of international conventions, labor/concentration 
camps, mass murder and genocide.
1b2) The trials (1945-47) gave impulses to international law, addressing the Geneva Conventions, geno-
cide, war crimes, limitations, human rights and establishing the Nuernberg Principles and Code.

2c) From imperial to hegemonic policies
With the surrender of the Achsenmächte on May 8th and Japan on September 2nd 1945 the USA and 
Russia advanced to superpowers of a new world order over war and peace in possession of atomic 
weapons, the US since 1945, the USSR since 1947. They extended the imperial policies of the 19th into
the 20th century for profit and control of global power structures and extended their war objectives 
beyond the capitulation of the fascists towards political-ideological block formation with satellite states, 
new borders and spheres of influence, free access to resources, advantageous international division of 
labor and terms of trade. WW II lead without a peace treaty in a poisoned atmosphere to the Cold War 
up to 1989. The NATO was founded on 04. 04. 1949 and the Warsaw Pact on 05. 05. 1955.
The US leadership transformed the political-social character of their country corruptively along secret 
policy goals into a militant nationalistic state, envisioning a stable, enduring, prosperous global Pax 
Americana, while formally adhering to a constitutional democracy, human rights and freedoms.

2d) Cold War
The US accepted the challenge of the USSR for first place and started was a race in ideology, pro-
paganda, block formation, arms, space, geo-political-social structures, resources, sciences, technolo-
gies, applications, trade, corruption and fornication. Cold War objectives of propaganda and military 
battlefields spread beyond religion and culture to all fields to dominate especially the information tech-
nologies and life sciences with anthropology, psychology, sociology, medicine, biology, zoology, bio-
chemistry, electro-biology, genetics and also ecology and climate. All professional and non-professional 
fields were tied into hegemonic competition and all means allowed except direct employment of A-
Backbones remain worldwide military presence, massive use of force doctrine, credible deterrence with 
overkill ABC weapons and aggressive security R&D programs with technological superiority.

2e) US Driving forces
US Driving forces are the political-military-intelligence-scientific-industrial power elites, their institutions, 
foundations and think tanks, in first line the Office of the President, USSS, DoD, JCS, DIA, DoJ, CIA, 
NSA, FBI, DHS, Majority and Minority Leaders of Congress and the Supreme Court.
Decision making organ of the Security Community is the National Security Council, established in the 
National Security Act of 1947 with the CIA, drawing out global power lines for home based pre-
dominance in all military fields with foreign sided dependencies and also secret policy goals to cover all 
civilian domains, the political-legal-social-spiritual-scientific-technological-economic structures and 
processes by social programming with eg worldwide control over larger R&D programs and high tech 
pplications, surveillance, false fronts, control of public media, manipulation of individual psychological 
profiles und beyond of demographic structures of entire populations.
They are authorized by executive order hypocritically under the label 'security', though they realize a 
clandestine revolution in violation against the consent of the governed, constitutional standards and 
international conventions: Looming charges against the responsible parties of this despotic perversion 
are eg massive human rights violations, seditious conspiracy and treason.


				3) Enforcement concepts

Secret policy operations realize cold war objectives in all fields of a nations life as well as in the satellite 
states and are carried by infiltration over to the clients of ideologically opposite camps.

3a) Security planning receives priority over general national as well as international public interests of the 
Community of Nations. The security apparatus is justified by public relation campaigns, lobbying con-
tacts, institutionalized relations and supportive diplomatic networks like transatlantic and -pacific par-
tnerships for collaborative co-ordination of interests.

3b) Social programming
Social programming desires a manipulable, stable, public environment of opinions and actions with only 
security goals supporting, conform, illusions guided, non-questioning, non-probing general populations, - 
not the mobilization of the masses for political-social actions.
The traditional goals of military forces to successfully invade a foreign country and of intelligence 
services to topple it without outer force by corruption in collapse from within have been superseded.
The CIA/MI5 coups 1953 in Iran against Mohammad Mossaddegh with reinstallation of the Shah and 
1963 in Iraq against Abd al-Karim Qasim in support of the Ba'ath Party were deemed operations with-
out alternative.
3b1) Early warning system
A gapless early warning system is to spot security threats against essential assets: personnel, policy 
goals, operations, methods, installations, equipment, data banks and image.
A global surveillance/communication system with satellites, ground receiver stations, interception of data 
high ways and wiring up of entire populations records the information flow in its entirety.
3b2) The public press
The public press shapes the public social reality and its rooms of political-social-cultural movement with 
its facades, public issues, discussions and opinions. As facades serve friable curtains like a consti-
tutional framework, old fashioned etiquettes, political correctness, illusions and misinformation.
The political representatives are promoted as leaders of progress with growing wealth and welfare.
W. Colby, CIA director (1973-76), stated 'The CIA controls everyone of significance in the major media', 
where it spent about 30% of its budget on covered press personnel and programs.
3b3) Protection of assets
In image fascism, means of deception are enforced by means of power.
Shielded from public scrutiny are most political transaction, while intelligence operations proceed in total 
secrecy and unaccountably, their agendas being in goals, execution and cover closely interwoven.
The apparently natural, calm, public political-social surface is kept clean by the security services, cutting 
out from public opinion any ideologically non-acceptable statements. An intelligence review panel has 
power over life and death.

3c) Technologies are seen as the 'key to power' in the 21st century.
They are the practical tools of the operational arms. US/NATO research panels of the military and 
security agencies like the Defence Advanced Research Projects (DARP) develop the arsenal of compact 
weapon architectures over the spectrum of conflicts out of an array of large scale research, de-
velopment, test and employment programs, which are offered, awarded, tested, set up for operation, 
departmentalized and institutionalized. Weaponizing of modern technologies is to hit progressively 
easier, faster, severer and more precise than foregone ones and to exhaust human-material, scientific-
technological capabilities in space, air, at sea, land from single to large scale, non-lethal to lethal, 
intercepting to blocking to retaliating tools, mainly in misuses of physics, chemistry, biology, genetics, 
medicine and computer science. They corrupt as totalitarian tools in first line human living environments, 
where it cannot be perceived by the senses in the very small, very distant and difficult to detect.
About 40% of the US military budget with total secrecy goes into more than 50 000 black projects of 
research, testing and employment with command centers and a system of labor camps. Developed are 
B-C-G-R-N as the 4th generation of weapons after spears, guns, rockets, now armed with toxins like 
contaminants, bio-chemical-genetic agents, electrical current, electro-magnetic-thermal-acoustic 
radiation and neurologically coded misinformation.


			4) B-C-G-R-N weapon development from 1945 on

4a) Tests
Test series on R guns and bio-chem-genetic toxins for a worth analysis are conducted in the laboratory 
and training area with technical experiments, computer simulations, animal trials, war games and for 
combat exposure in life tests to collect representative samples from home and foreign populations.
Bio-chem-genetic toxins are screened under controlled conditions of application, media, path and speed 
of epidemic spread with advanced analytical methods for their pathological anatomic, physiologic, 
psychologic latent, present and long term effects over a wide spectrum, eg affected function and tissue, 
degree of impairment, efficiency, selectivity, dosages, incubation times, side effects, codetermining 
factors, counter-poisons, recuperation times, measurability, visibility and traceability.
The data are send directly form the target via microchip sensor, emitter, amplifier and satellite to the 
high capacity computers at the agency's command center for evaluation by the R&D team.

4b) Evaluation
Active warfare agents undergo a comprehensive military worth analysis according to present and desired 
performance standards in their bio-chemical-genetic components, production, safety precautions, hand-
ling, training, weapon concept, equipment, infra-structure, cover, costs, target vulnerability, operational 
engagement, mission accomplishment and plausible deniability. Employment ready weapon systems are 
handed over to the operative command structure of the armed forces.

4c) Legal situation
4c1) The Common Rule
The Common rule, safeguarding against experimenting on the public without their consent in the US, al-
lows for non-consensual experimentation by intelligence agencies.
US DoD Directive 5240 1.R saved 882013, Ch 4, Procedure 13 says: 'Experimentation is allowed on hu-
man subjects for intelligence purposes.'
4c2) Lawsuit dismissed
The US District Court in Washington DC dismissed in September 1998 a lawsuit by the International 
Committee on Offensive Microwave Weapons (ICOMW), sponsored by several US human rights groups,
asking to enforce a presidential memorandum, which bans involuntary research on human subjects.
4c3) International conventions
Genetic manipulations misuse the life sciences not to cure diseases, but to intentionally induce them. 
Overall affected are biology, zoology, chemistry, medicine and in specific the base sciences human, 
population, pharma, behavior genetics and gene technology. They serve life and not in inversion of 
human dignity, reason, maturity and ethics as a weapon to kill. Out of life sciences developed weapons 
always lead to inexpensive, perfidious weapons of mass destruction, penetrating all areas of life.
The civilized world; customary international law; The Hague Land Warfare Convention (The Hague 
1899); the Protocol for the Prohibition of Asphyxiating, Poisonous or other Gases and of Bacteriological 
Methods of Warfare (League of Nations Geneva 1925); The Biological Weapons Convention (UN 
Geneva 1972) and The Chemical Weapons Convention (UN Geneva 1992) outlaw their development, 
production, stockpiling as a means of warfare and call for their disarmament.

4d) Help denied
Today, not a single target is allowed to present evidence of employment of B-C-G-R-N weapons.
Answers and help seeking citizens are denied medical treatment. A doctor does not give a true diag-
nosis. Medical tests return normal. Instead, a delusional disorder is attested. Criminal charges are turned 
down for insufficient evidence. Reports in public are discredited and cut out. None of the guinea pigs are 
to recover and in all cases the death certificate claims an apparently natural cause of death.


		5) Some US/Clients B-C-G-R activities 1945 - 1989

3a) Labor camps
A system of labor camps is operated globally and expanded continually, especially surveillance, decep-
tion, extermination, sadism-sodomy, client and dissection camps.
Camp guards are employed as spot, walk by, stalk, decoy and hit teams.
3a1) By the late 50s, set up were high tech command centers like the Special Operational Command 
(SOC). They are located within security bases and supervise a satellite surveillance/communication 
system, research, testing, production, procurement, deployment and employment of micro B-C-G-R-N 
weapon/equipment, the toxins, delivery and set off systems, training of special forces and agents.
3a2) By the early 80s, security research and industry supported, systematic, area covering employment 
of non-genetic, electro-magnetic-bio-chem toxins manipulates the psychologic-social profiles of more 
than a hundred million people of all groups of society a year worldwide.
3a3) The Global System of Labor Camps comprises
 ◦ Surveillance camps: spies record for information control the data flow in its entirety worldwide.
 ◦ Deception camps: multi media presents a Potemkin village.
 ◦ Extermination camps: executioners eliminate more than one thousand people a year.
 ◦ Gas chambers: hit teams spray with nerve gases thousands of people a year.
 ◦ Radiation camps: hit teams cripple by wave-particle beams thousands of people a year.
 ◦ Harassment camps: Intelligence trainees strike down on millions of people a year.
 ◦ Sadism and sodomy camps: hit teams execute a billion druggings a year.
 ◦ Behavior manipulation camps: hit teams mass drug millions of people a year.
 ◦ Client camps: agents commit gross human rights violations around the world.
 ◦ Dissection camps: hit teams test new toxins on millions of people a year.
 ◦ Genetic manipulation camps: hit teams test genetic toxins on thousands of people a year.
 ◦ Revenge camps: Third World Countries and Private, Independent Defence Leagues revenge them-
   selves for bestialities of the Super Powers.

3b) Some special operations
3b1) US military-intelligence stay behind forces in occupied territories of Germany after WW II have sys-
tematically targeted non-support of US war objectives - pro peace activists and groups.

3b2) The FBI, responsible for counter-intelligence, established under J. Edgar Hoover in the 50s with the 
Project Cointelpro (COunter INTELligence PROgram) surveillance, infiltration and disruption of activist 
groups and organizations, deemed to be government critical and possibly foreign influenced. To forestall 
mass movements of progressive groups as for civil rights, disarmament, environment and immigrants, 
they employ in the gist of the McCarty area (1950 - 54) psychological warfare and extralegal force like 
fabricated charges, false arrests, suicide blackmail, drugging and assassination.

3b3) The US, Britain and France conducted with their atmospheric nuclear test programs 1945 - 62 life 
tests for fall out studies until the LTBT (Limited Test Ban Treaty) from 1963.

3a4) France and Israel developed their nerve gas agents with test series on FLN and Palestinian 
freedom fighters, taken prisoners, - none survived, and their ashes were scattered over the desert.

3b5) The Manson family founded 1968 a hippy community near Los Angeles with up to 100 members. 
Out of racial ideology and CIA ties members were psychologically, physically and by drugs enslaved and 
programmed in their behavior up to the point to commit a series of murders in 1969.

3b6) Major Assassinations
 ◦ Marilyn Monroe died on Aug 5th 1962 by administered drugs by people close to J. F. Kennedy.
 ◦ J. F. Kennedy was shot on Nov 22nd 1963 in Dallas TX to forestall an internal CIA clean up.
 ◦ Dr. Martin Luther King was shot on Apr 4th 1968 in Memphis TN to break the civil rights movement.

3b7) Coups d'état
 ◦ The CIA/MI5 coup in Iran 1953 against Mohammad Mossaddegh reinstalled the Shah.
 ◦ The CIA/MI5 coup in Iraq 1963 against Abd al-Karim Qasim supported the Ba'ath Party.
 ◦ The CIA coup in Chile 1973 against Salvador Allende set A. Pinochet with a military junta in power.

3b8) Vietnam War 1955 - 75
   b8,1) US military-intelligence forces employed in detention and interrogation B-C-R weapons.
   b8,2) The chemical defoliation program from 1961 - 75 employed Agent Orange with noxious traces of 
   dioxin from its manufacture at Dow Chemicals to cause dioxin poisoning of more than 4 million victims.
   b8,3) The Phoenix Program, succeeding similar efforts, was conceived by the White House in 1965, 
   supported by the CIA, DoD and US Military Assistance Command Vietnam (MACV) with intelligence 
   liaison officers, Green Beret and Navy Seal troops in operation. As a terror campaign against the ci-
   vilian population it was to infiltrate and break the Viet Cong infra-structure of VC sympathizers. With 
   over 30ooo recruited informers it eliminated by democide over 1 500 people a month, over 40ooo to 
   the end of the war.

3b9) Public investigations
In wake of the Vietnam War followed a series of news paper leaks and investigative commissions like the 
Church and Pike Committees (1975), giving evidence about illegal surveillance, torture, pseudo-medical 
experiments and assassination attempts of foreign heads of state by the CIA, FBI and NSA.

3b10) Star Wars
   b10,1) The Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI) of 1983 was to set up an effective shied against inter-
   continental ballistic missiles by space based radiation weapons and anti-rocket rockets. In 2002 it was 
   consolidated in the National Missile Defence Project.
   b10,2) This initiative has been undertaken against the UN Outer Space Treaty from 1967 banning the 
   placing of weapons of mass destruction in outer space as a basis for international space law. It is 
   ratified by the mayor powers and 107 countries are full party to the treaty.

3b11) End of the Cold War
In autumn of 1989 the Berlin Wall fell, the USSR broke up und reunification of Germany followed. The 
methods of the Cold War appeared to have been be 'justified'.


   6) Counter-activities of Victim Associations, Private, Independent Defence Leagues
       and a coalition of Third World Countries from 1989 - 2001

6a) Spreading awareness 
6a1) Spreading awareness within the Administration
In December 1989 the Bush I Administration (1989-93), the President, National Security Council and 
Justice Department gained detailed knowledge of some 'black projects' of B-C-G micro-weapons with 
their designed goals, research, testing, organization, employment and massive CIA/FBI human rights 
violations against entire population groups. In February 1990 the US Senate Intelligence Committee ob- 
tained a corresponding report.
6a2) Spreading awareness in the public
Throughout government departments and the general public at home and abroad the knowledge about 
human rights violations of government, industry and private agencies' security personnel with the most 
advanced technologies started to spread slowly and usually point like. The new threats were mostly not 
fully realized, in cynicism belittled, with mock arguments diffused, in apparently safe distance by-passed 
or in bestiality exceeded, but mostly passed on by word of mouth, mail and electronic media like phone, 
fax and internet. Some private investigations determined by clinical tests some toxins, counter-toxins and 
therapies. Active operators, schreibtischtäter and their tasks have been recorded in lists. Some results 
have been stored on private, digital data banks.
6a3) Initial reactions
Spreading knowledge and politicization of covered B-C-G-R operations generated new political-military-
intelligence-social-cultural forces around the world. Most visibly, power ambitions and security interests 
of all professional fields stepwise duplicate, proliferate and intensify the employment of micro-weapons 
to feed a spiral of hate and bestiality, a clandestine high tech war between all fractions and new 
emerging groups and a fornication race for predominance in their technologies, employment and control 
over populations with their political-social structures and processes.

6b) Victim associations
Several victim associations and self-help groups, calling themselves targeted individuals (TIs), organize 
themselves in alternate media, mostly the WorldWideWeb, conduct information campaigns about live 
tests of military and intelligence B-C-G-R research projects, writing to eg government offices, legis-
latures, the press, medical associations, handing in petitions and law suits at the responsible government 
offices for violations of rights to life, safety and liberty by deliberate assault on non-combatants. There 
they are altogether ignored, turned down, put under surveillance, infiltrated, instrumentalized as false 
fronts and neutralized in labor camps. They are hardly supported by established caritas organizations.

6c) Defence leagues
6c1) Several mostly smaller parties sprang up out of individual security concerns, organize themselves 
for collective protection as independent defence leagues and are, driven by spreading awareness of 
micro weapon operations, continuously multiplying beyond several thousand groups worldwide. They 
investigate parallel to the Third World Countries the security-intelligence services first of their local 
region, then successively of their home country, neighboring stats and the Predominant Powers.
6c2) Most defence leagues pretend to clean up the misuses of modern B-C-R technologies and to 
protect the general population. However, their operational interests unfold like those of the Third World 
Countries into information, protection, predominance, counter-leverage, total secrecy, revenge and 
indignation. They arm themselves with surveillance/communication systems, stolen equipment, plun-
dered stockpiles, copied operational know-how and recruit their own undercover hit teams, while pre-
serving total secrecy.


6d) Coalition of Third World Countries
6d1) Coalition
Several security agencies of the Third World conducted a closer investigation of the intelligence agencies 
of the Western Atomic Powers and NATO, Japan, Germany, Israel and eg Saudi Arabia with their de-
velopment of compact weapon architectures and employment against dissidents and entire population 
The larger and the majority of smaller Third World Countries formed a coalition, their political goals 
branching out widely:
 ◦ Information about the developmental status of B-C-G-R-N micro weapon systems.
 ◦ Protection against threats from B-C-G-R-N micro weapons.
 ◦ Predominance with global employment of B-C-G-R-N micro weapons.
 ◦ Political-military-social counter-leverage against the Western Powers.
 ◦ Suppression of any attempt towards publication of undercover operations.
 ◦ Revenge for torture, murder and 500 years of dehumanizing treatment.
 ◦ Indignation to lay waste depraved political-social leadership.
6d2) Counter actions
The Third World Countries retreated one by one from their initially pledged support for public, reliable 
international safeguards against misuses of modern B-C-G-R-N technologies to protect the dignity of 
man, right to life, basic freedoms and a community of nations, free of war. Suggested was the enactment 
of special legislation to ban the development, possession and use of devices, which can manipulate the 
human nervous system and of toxins, which can manipulate the human genome, excepting analogous to 
the abortion indication rule some diagnosis methods, medication and therapies with informed consent. 
Instead they caved in to the policy of total secrecy for undercover security operations.
They increasingly counter-attacked US Military/CIA/FBI and German BND/AVS personnel to contain their 
massive nerve gas and drugging operations in the US and Europe and soon scaled them up against 
hostile agents worldwide.

6e) Minority position
Only a diminishing minority fraction realizes the extreme vulnerability of human nature and the trans-
gression of boundaries that will inevitably lead to planetary catastrophes. They appeal to the human spirit 
of the times to initiate the long winding procedures of the mills of justice with a public investigation, 
prosecution, sentencing and legal safeguarding measures to stop the killing by
 ▫ An information campaign about possible misuses of positions of power.
 ▫ An information campaign about the nature and consequences of B-C-G-R-N misuses.
 ▫ A public investigation into B-C-G-R-N misuses.
 ▫ A disarmament operation.
 ▫ Reestablishment of national constitutionality.
 ▫ Supplementation of international conventions.
 ▫ Empowering of national-international law enforcement.
 ▫ International supervision over positions of power. 


		7) Some US/Clients/Global B-C-G-R-N activities from 1989 - 2001
7a) Positions by the Bush I and Clinton Administrations
7a1) The Bush I Administration, in line with hegemonic policies and a powerful lobby of the Security 
Community, continued on executive order R&D projects with bi-chem-gen toxins. US CIA, Military and 
NATO laboratories stepped up their research of recombinant DNA technologies with the goal to 
modernize the present state of the art of behavior programming by attacking causes and not only 
symptoms. Utilizing population genetics increases the efficiency with coverage of entire regions and 
population groups by stable, sustainable transferal of modelled genetic strains to succeeding generations 
and their economy by centralized supervision of a lean network of undercover agents.
7a2) Surveillance of groups, regarded as dissidents, was tightened. All security matters in public discus-
sion are to be defused by plausible denial and then with all their fibers removed from public awareness.
7a3) In March 1990, some in the Republican leadership pressed the Democrats to drop the matter and to 
hide CIA/FBI misuses to their full extent. The Office of the President contacted several national papers to 
intercede with publication of any CIA/FBI misuses.
7a4) After the election in November 1992, B. Clinton continued his predecessor's policy of total secrecy.
In line fell M. Thatcher of Great Britain, F. Mitterand of France, H. Kohl of Germany and in late fall 1992 
J. Mayor of Great Britain.
7a5) In January 1998 W. Renquist of the US Supreme Court took the part to suppress any legal evidence 
of undercover security operations within the US justice system.
7a6) The US District Court in Washington DC dismissed in September 1998 a lawsuit by the International 
Committee on Offensive Microwave Weapons (ICOMW), sponsored by several US human rights groups,
asking to enforce a presidential memorandum, which bans involuntary research on human subjects.
7a7) In March 1999 B. Clinton, having just survived impeachment procedures in Congress, declared 
publication of these crimes to be the world's No 1 terror threat. He started a billion dollar program to 
tighten up all major US institutions against counter-attacks and to insure their support.

7b) Activities oversees
7b1) In May 1993 B. Jelzin of Russia condoned the Western Atomic Powers’ policy of total secrecy. He 
employed B-C-R weapons by way of his own security services systematically under cover.
7b2) Early 1994 some of German industry reinforce BND/AVS nerve gas attacks with industrial toxins.
7b3) In August 1994 the Government of Israel reaffirmed its support for Mossad operations, employing 
nerve gas and bio-chemical drugs.
7b4) In fall 1994 the Holy See in Rome yielded to extortion and bribery to drop opposition to human rights 
violations by the major powers' intelligence operations.
7b5) In early 1996 the leaders of the Governments of the US, Great Britain, France, Germany and 
Russia reaffirmed their decision to contain the now spreading awareness of their massive human rights 
violations by any means, including assassination.
7b6) On 11 28 1996 the European Commission of Human Rights turned down a suit against CIA/BND 
mass nerve gas and drugging operations, violating the European Charter’s Art 2,1 Right to Life, Art 3 
Degrading Treatment, Art 5,1 Freedom and Security, Art 8,1 Privacy (Application No 33445/96).
7b7) In May 1997 T. Blair of Great Britain continued the policy of total secrecy.
7b8) Since then NATO military security employs measurement of brain wave patterns area covering 
across countries in their early warning system against security threats.
7b9) In May 1998 the Government of Japan pledged its support to the Western Atomic Powers to assist 
in the enforcement of total secrecy.
7b10) In July 1998 NATO military security services became broad based active to suppress the 
spreading awareness of micro-weapon operations.
7b11) In October 1998 on initiative of G. Schröder of Germany, predominant forces of German and US 
Industries reinforced total secrecy with their own security organizations.
7b12) Also in fall 1998 the Russian Military agreed to execute assassinations in contract.
7b13) In January 1999, the European Parliament passed resolution Eg A4-0005/99 EP, calling for disar-
mament of A-weapons, destruction of B-C stockpiles and an international convention to ban all weapons, 
which might enable any form of manipulation of human beings.
7b14) Dismissed were two law suits: Staatsanwaltschaft Bonn, 09 13 2000 (AZ 50 Js 898/00); European 
Court of Human Rights, Strasbourg 07 16 2002 (Application Nr. 6456/02).


8a) Motivations of escalation
8a1) Power
The Predominant Powers and their Allies, most Private, Independent Defence Leagues and Third World 
Countries act out of lower power instinct, the most devastating archaic notion, narrow, vile, hateful, 
persistent, clinching, scheming, instrumentalizing in despotic perversion social values, constitutional 
structures and processes. Out of one negative motive, misuse of power, they have escalated mass 
human rights violations with B-C-G-R-N compact weapon systems in all areas of life along the states of 
investigation, subversion, corruption, fornication, stirring up of hate and incitement to bestialities under 
cover of image fascism into a global clandestine, dirty war, fraction against fraction, interlocked in a 
fornication race for 1st place.
Justification of hegemonic policies by an ideology of competing social systems and instigated terrorism 
gives evidence of incomprehension of God and responsibility, nature and reason, man and maturity, 
society and ethics. Perversion of all God given institutions are crimes against humanity and the creation.
8a2) Existential situation
While the Predominant Powers, Defence Leagues and Third World Coalition rely blindly for their personal 
and collective security on gapless information control, electronic shielding and deterrence by bestial 
retaliation, they can maintain the apparently calm political surface of image fascism with pretended 
ethical political-social standards can only by all round escalating repressions, which chase themselves 
in excesses of hate and violence.
Private individuals are left standing without legal defence against arbitrary assassination, nerve gas 
attack, toxic drug attack, radiation attack or any illegal listening or video device. In labor camps millions 
of people are being manipulated out of their lives each year.
8a3) Crime
Worldwide spreading awareness of clandestine operations with B-C-R-G micro weapons without being 
subject to legal prosecution has opened up opportunities for illegal activities across the board. Infor-
mation skimming has become an integrate technical part of organized crime. The issues of micro 
weapons, protection, control, extortion and revenge have been passed around through underground 
8a4) Terror
Worldwide spreading awareness of clandestine operations with B-C-R-G micro weapons, the Western 
Atomic Powers' open and covered hegemonic policies, their despotic perversion with massive torture 
also against population groups at large induced an increasing series of terrorist attacks by militant groups 
mostly against soft targets of the US and their Allies, eg:
Jul 1996 Lockerbee
Aug 1998 Kenia
Sep 1998 Kairo
Sep 2003 Beslan
Nov 2003 Istanbul
Mar 2004 Madrid
Apr 2004 Saudi Arabia
The series of terrorist attacks continues unabatedly. Increasing are sex killings and offences, amok runs, 
suicide bombings and unexplained deaths like of J. Möllemann in 2003.
8a5) 9/11
On September 11th 2001 the Twin Towers in NYC and the Pentagon in Washington DC were attacked by 
al-Qaida terrorists, hijacking civilian passenger jets on routine flights to steer them into the buildings.
The attack was intentionally allowed to proceed by the Bush II Administration's Security Planning Group 
as a fabricated political event to extend belligerent global hegemonic policies beyond the Cold War into a 
war against terrorists and their possession of weapons of mass destruction.


8b) Escalation by US/Clients
8b1) The Bush II Administration (2001 - 2005) together with its Allies and NATO declared war on inter-
national terrorism and terrorists' control over weapons of mass destruction. In Congress the US Patriot 
Act passed on 10. 25. 2001, which was followed by the US Freedom Act on 07. 01. 2015, empowering 
the investigative authorities with more rights at the expense of civil liberties. The intelligence, military and 
administrative anti-terror forces were restructured. To fortify its 'limes' against imports of instabilities, civil 
strife, war and terrorism and to eradicate the al-Qaida terrorist network, it forged a global political alliance 
with UN mandate and led by US military forces invaded in Nov 2001 Afghanistan, defeating the Taliban 
regime. To topple S. Hussein's murderous dictatorship, US troops, without a UN mandate, but with sup-
port of Great Britain, Turkey, Spain and Poland, invaded in March 2003 Iraq, throwing the country into 
civil war with daily casualties by Iraqi resistance forces and partisan groups.
8b2) The Bush II & III Administrations (2001 - 2009) and their Allies boosted the propaganda against in-
ternational terrorism, its ideologies, dangers and underground activities. Addressed was mostly the low-
est emotional level with the motto: 'Patriotic crimes in defence of liberty are no vice'.
8b3) They tightened up again on total information control. Their undercover hit teams improved infiltra-
tion, slander, corruption, sabotage and assassination techniques; international co-operation with allied 
security organizations; shielding of government, public and private institutions and corporations against 
counter-attacks; recruitment of undercover staff by observation, corruption, extortion and incorporation 
into a network to instrumentalize all vital areas of society from the churches, charities, arts, medical asso-
ciations, economic-financial institutions to the courts and set up a multitude of farmed out, mission res-
ponsible but formally independent identification, surveillance, stalk and hit teams under pretense to clean 
up clandestine terror operations. Peaceful protests are crashed with sodomitic bestiality, as Kanzler 
G. Schröder of Germany operated SS like nerve gas and poison pellet hit team to guard his office 
grounds in Bonn.
8b4) Military-intelligence-private R&D efforts press ahead with the project of a 'human hand directed evo-
lution' to transform man as a product of natural evolution into a cloned cyborg-chimera with augmented 
capabilities by programmable electro-magnetic-mechanical and bio-chemical-genetic means.
8e5) Developed are N-weapons
 ▫ Weapon development utilizes nano-sciences and -technologies in mechano-syntheses to enhance 
   analytics, solid, liquid, gas and plasma materials, miniaturization, performance, safety and handling.
 ▫ It utilizes nano-machines as programmable nano-robots, placed in body tissue, to manipulate their 
   anatomy, morphology, physiology and environment and with it the level of functional capabilities.
8b6) In 2001, 2002 and 2005 Congressman D. J. Kuchinich introduced the Space Preservation Act, pro-
hibiting the stationing of weapons in space, which was referred to the House Science, Armed Services 
and International Affairs Committees, but no further action ensued. Weapons listed were:
 ▫ electronic, psychotronic, or information weapons
 ▫ chemtrails
 ▫ high altitude ultra low frequency weapon systems
 ▫ plasma, electromagnetic, sonic, or ultrasonic weapons
 ▫ laser weapon systems
 ▫ strategic, theater and tactical extraterrestrial weapons
 ▫ chemical, biological, environmental, climate, or tectonic weapons
8b7) In 2002, the International Committee of the Red Cross raised the issue of Directed Energy Wea-
pons at the Geneva Forum, also 2009 at the 5th European Symposium on Non-Lethal Weapons and 
again at its European Conference.
8b8) Since 2006, whistleblower J. Assange publicizes via WikiLeaks hacked government documents, 
pointing to violations of law.
8b9) In May and August 2011 the group Individuals Tending to Savagery (ITS) committed attacks against 
scientists at the Instituto Politécnico Nacionl and Instituto Technólogico y de Estudios Superiores de 
Monterry in Mexico to block nano-research with its uncontrolled dangers for life on earth.
8b10) In 2012, the EU received as long term zone of peace, stability, tolerance and prosperity the Nobel 
Peace Prize.
8b11) Since 2013 whistleblower E. Snowden publicizes via press leaks internal NSA documents, out-
lining its global surveillance activities.


8c) Escalation by Private, Independent Defence Leagues
8c1) The Private, Independent Defence Leagues continue their investigations, starting out from house-
holds, work places, public places, meeting halls and electronic equipment of their local area and widen 
them out to cover the Major Powers' military and intelligence activities in their region and neighboring 
8c2) They recruit themselves mostly via underground channels out of various population groups:
 ▫ Close to crime, to secure their illegal operations.
 ▫ Close to surveillance/communication systems, following undercover operations.
 ▫ Close to security systems, following advanced security technologies.
 ▫ Victims, their relatives and friends, to defend and revenge themselves.
 ▫ Threatened citizens, to defend themselves out of private security concerns.
 ▫ Upset citizens, to vent their indignation over depraved political-social leadership.
 ▫ Cynical citizens, to profiteer from private security concerns.
 ▫ False flag groups, to make victims illusionary hopes.
 ▫ Engaged citizens, who want to stop the killing.
8c3) They are growing beyond several thousand groups worldwide, ally and organize themselves in 
global networks, farm out operative tasks, go for deeper cover in far away places to erase tracks and 
draw under pretense of security all professional fields, societal institutions and the entire population into 
complicit, sodomitic roped parties. Undercover operations have multiplied themselves into a peoples' 
movement and become with their perversions, excesses, security circus, costs and dangers in a highly 
technological environment a political-social topic in all circles of society.
8c4) They strive often in allied data networks for local and regional predominance in B-C-G-R-N micro-
weapons and not for internationally guaranteed safeguards, unleashing multiple new dangers for man.
8c5) They expand their local, regional and also global undercover micro-weapon operations.
 ▫ In first line they suppress any attempt towards publication of their B-C-R-G undercover operations.
 ▫ They set up their own command centers, surveillance/communication systems, steal equipment, 
   plunder stockpiles, copy operational know-how and recruit their own undercover hit teams.
 ▫ They keep a close watch for early warning and protection on hostile security services and the global 
   information flow in its entirety.
 ▫ They attack often in collaboration with government and foreign agencies any hostile person or group.
 ▫ They hypocritically pretend to clean up the misuses of modern bio-technologies, however
   They lie about life and creation, procreation and causes of procreation, death and causes of death, 
   constitutionality and human rights, faith, reason, maturity and ethics.
   They do not provide political education about possible misuses of power to the general public.
   They do not exercise constitutional oversight over public positions of power according to law by the 
   people, but tolerate their secret policy goals, enforcement concepts, deployment structures, weapon 
   development, financing, political propaganda and most covered operations.
   They do not activate the public authorities against human rights violations of mass rape and murder.
   They do not help a single victim with advice, a doctor or a lawyer.
 ▫ They strive for breakthroughs in fornication, eg their executioners way lay in first line advocates of 
   publication, prosecution and public trial of the perpetrators according to penal law to sodomize them to 
   death, first shooting in bio-chem-gen-electro-magnetic-thermal-acoustic micro-chip sensors and radio 
   emitters, then pumping in depot poison pellets, then crippling their inner freedoms of thought and 
   movement, last breaking their physical strength, all under the perversity label of direct help with medi-
   cation or emergency medical care for the victims.


8d) Escalation by Third World Countries
8d1) The governments of the Third World Countries continue their investigations into the Major Powers' 
and Clients' military and intelligence activities and widen them out to screen all their political-social
forces, decision making elites, public and secret policy goals, social structures and processes, resources, 
government and private security personnel and area covering single households. They penetrated 
electronically most political-military-intelligence high security areas and often leaked show off successes 
into open channels.
8d2) Their political intentions remain spread out widely: information, protection, predominance, counter-
leverage, total secrecy, revenge and indignation. At the same time, indignation gains more weight, as 
their in-depth investigations reveal within the industrialized nations a social fabric without credibility, as 
image fascism by total information control drowned basic values of life and especially truth in its ge-
neration, management and leadership role.
8d3) They strive in a loose coalition for global predominance in B-C-G-R-N micro-weapons and not for 
internationally guaranteed safeguards, unleashing multiple new dangers for mankind.
8d4) At home they screened all foreign past and present intelligence activities in all areas of their coun-
tries' life from covered operations to environmental damages. They rolled back and protected themselves 
against further foreign subversion and corruption, also cutting off the fuel for up to then hardly heeded 
fornication as cultural and economic weapon, degrading social fabrics by internally bleeding wounds.
8d5) They expand their global undercover micro-weapon operations
 ▫ In first line they suppress any attempt towards publication of their B-C-R-G undercover operations to 
   forestall action by the public authorities against misuses of positions of power.
 ▫ They formally tolerate foreign hostile secret policy goals, enforcement concepts, deployment struc-
   tures, weapon development, financing, political propaganda and undercover operations.
 ▫ They expand their own military-intelligence infra-structure, often drawing on scientific, technological, 
   logistic and data support from Russia.
 ▫ They expand their own global system of labor camps with a network of affiliated groups, undercover 
   agents and hit teams.
 ▫ They keep a close watch for early warning and protection on hostile security services and the global 
   information flow in its entirety.
 ▫ They incapacitate foreign communication systems, equipment, toxin stockpiles and delivery systems.
 ▫ They have pumped up with depot poison pellets all political, military and civic leaderships in the 
   Western Industrialized Nations, especially the personnel of their security organizations as well as the 
   activists of the Private, Independent Defence Leagues to neutralize them as security threats.
   Equally targeted are any hostile person or group or fraction of a population.
 ▫ Targets are hit over stages to soften them up, to break their resistance, to render them manipulable, 
   to impair their ability to work and to enslave them physically and psychologically.
 ▫ As the B. Clinton White House sex affairs in 1997-99 had been induced by sodomy drugs, former and 
   present Heads of State like G. Bush Senior and Junior, B. Obama, G. Schröder and A. Merkel are 
   being sodomized regularly, who in a public position have no choice but to hit back.


					9) Constitutionality

Constitutionality serves as essential, aspirational red thread for the long term future of man.
It is the furthest in the future pointing vision and guide, man can have.

9a) Constitutional reality
9a1) Historic forces
The Predominant Powers and their Allies, most Private, Independent Defence Leagues and Third World 
Countries do not heed the historic warnings of colonialism, two world wars and genocide, but have 
promoted power madness, greed, subversion, corruption and fornication to the predominant forces of 
present day history, which will lead with modern technologies of unlimited destruction to planetary 
catastrophes, enslavement and collapse of political-social systems and self extinction of mankind.
9a2) Legal evaluation
The Predominant Powers and their Allies, most Private, Independent Defence Leagues and Third World 
Countries are terrorist organizations according to §129a StGB (German Penal Code). They are like 
special governmental detachments illegal combatants, who are violating martial law and are not pro-
tected by the Geneva Conventions of International Law of the Community of Nations.

9b) Constitutional corrections
9b1) Based on human dignity, all universal framework and object values branch out from it.
Its scaled up intent is to expand sound theology’s, maturity’s, reason’s and ethic's freedoms.
Its long term intent is to project a spiritual hope with a real prospect into cosmic dimensions.
9b2) Ethics
Ethics' task is to solve cases of gross corruption with disastrous consequences, that not a major criminal 
potential runs to its self-destructive end.
Methods are problem and conflict solving by language, enlightenment, laws and supervision.
They overcome with spiritual-political-social will any hostile, inhibiting factor.
9b3) Right of the people
It is the right of the people to correct misdevelopments, leading to planetary catastrophes and injustices, 
leading to political enslavement and collapses and to reverse a clandestine or open constitutional re-
volution and to institute a new government with the principle of constitutionality to draw power out of 
political life.

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