Herzogenbusch - Kamp Vught   05 15 1999

				May man keep a watchful eye
				that these crimes against humanity
				will never reoccur again.

All the people, who profess to help the victims of the crimes of the CIA, BND, etc... with emergency
medication pellets anonymously, act in commission or contract to major security agencies around
the world, interlocked in a dirty war to gain predominance in all available tools of clandestine high
tech terror, mostly each party for itself, the governments of larger Third World Countries, of the
Western Atomic Powers, of Russia, Germany, Israel, Saudi Arabia, the US Military and NATO.

They operate extermination camps, assassination squads eliminating more than one hundred people
a year.
They operate medical dissection camps, hit teams conducting field testing of new classes of toxins
on tens of thousands of people a year.
They operate labor camps of sadism and sodomy, hit teams massdrugging millions of people a year.
They operate CIA gas chambers, hit teams spraying thousands of people a year with concentrated
nerve gases and industrial toxic gases.
They operate labor camps of deception and perfidy, setting up population wide genetic fingerprint
files, recording in excess of ten billion of videos, conversations and brain wave patterns a day.
They operate labor camps of consumer manipulation and enslavement, hit teams mass drugging
tens of thousands of people a year.
They operate labor camps of subversion and corruption, promoting massive, clandestine human
rights violations around the world.

All the major parties and security agencies on all sides operate their own labor camps of deception
and perfidy, promoting with their secret policy goals the projects of 'total information control',
'techniques of image fascism', 'ideological uniformity of all political cal, sociological, individual
neurological and genetic processes'. These human rights violations not having been publicized in
their beginnings, evolving since over forty years, a a breeding ground for the seeds of despotic
perversion in silent toleration, in conse quences fosters crimes against mankind to shoot into
gigantic proportions: suffocation of the integrity of truth and of the integrity of life, a dirty war of
global dimensions against the personnel of competing security agencies and populations at large,
especially a nerve gas and poison pellet war against the BND on german soil, stirring up of hate as
incitement to commit any bestiality conceivable, destruction of democratic constitutions and with it
civilization worldwide in all fields of human endeavors, unleashing of all available tools of clandes-
tine high tech terror to the inevitable extinction of mankind.

All the people, who profess to help the victims with emergency medication pellets anonymously,
drawing on the largest surveillance systems in the history of mankind as a worldwide gapless
early warning system against security threats, in first priority cut short incisively any attempt
towards publication of the employment of illegal listening devices or of a target's medical and
legal evidence. Equally suppressed are oversight functions of parliamentary control commissions,
investigations of a district attorney's office or toxicological analyses of a medical association,
also entire critical, political issues with all their fibers are surgically removed from public aware-
ness. These labor camps of deception and perfidy are camouflaged in image fascism by images
of constitutionality of all government acts, a welfare image of all government institutions, en-
suring basic civil liberties, and topscreened by ethical standards like work ethics, cooperation
in teams, public discussion of all issues with democratic mechanisms of conflict solving.

Truth, the light to all human endeavors, constituting common ground for dignity of man and
universal principles of unity and equality of all mankind, has been sodomized to death by the
total lie, in the name of humanity suppressing the publication of the unleashing of the multiple,
uncontrolled dangers of the extinction of mankind.


All the major parties, organizations and security agencies, who have investigated the massive
human rights violations of the CIA, BND, etc... for the last ten years and claim to clean them up
in the name of humanity and justice, and all the people, who profess to help the victims with
emergency medication pellets anonymously, now operate the largest labor camp of sadism and
sodomy, taken those of the CIA, BND, US Military and NATO together.

They secured the know-how from CIA, BND, etc... research labs, diverted channels of financing,
took over the toxins from their production lines and now draw on the largest variety of toxic
agents from plundered stockpiles of security agencies around the world. . Employing the largest
network of operatives under pretence of security, they wage a massive campaign with tools of
clandestine high tech terror against their own populations, in Germany entertaining a hit team in
every town with more than 50 ooo inhabitants. In excesses of bestiality they operate poison pellet
 - extermination chambers at the site of former Nazi concentration camps and physically fornicate
on the admonition 'Never Again'.

For example they utilize toxins, NATO laboratories have synthesized in their project 'blasphemy
of the Holy Spirit'. Intellectual activity boosters in the field of theology are administered with
stimulants of communicative desire and drugs, inducing in wake awareness fixed images of ec-
centric ideas, while blocking agents reduce overall intellectual and emotional capacities. The mind
manipulation is being screened by light activation of neurological receptors of the senses and stabi-
lization of emotional sensations on a level of good feeling to fake a mental state of normal perception.

All the people, who profess to help the victims of the crimes of the CIA, BND, etc... with medication
pellets anonymously, employ poison pellet delivery systems, exceeding in dehumanizing bestiality
Nazi nerve gas operations in respect to manageability, efficiency, secrecy, torture methods. They
operate as anonymous schreibtischtäter from within a high tech power center, controlling a global
satellite based surveillance system, a toxic drug research lab, a poison pellet production line, high
capacity data processing equipment, a global network of undercover hit teams.

Microscopically tiny toxic pellets in gelatine skin are produced by the millions in a process of
microchip precision engineering. Chemically of high purity, quantities of less than one milligram
cause an incisive toxic effect on the human body. As depot poison pellets they are spun off several
times out of multiple layers of equally tiny, pneumatic guns. Placed on a selected carrier, an un-
knowing person or any object of daily life by an undercover agent, also space based on a gliding
probe - flying drone device, they are channeled, electronically path monitored, into the vicinity of
the target. The are applied large scale to contaminate entire food and water supplies for years
from the start of the food chain to the selected target, set off electronically, time locked, by a
preprogrammed code signal or by sound or voice or neurologicl process recognition.

In the project 'total information control' populations at large are being scanned for their political-
psychological profiles, considering historicistic factors and also for hereditary inclinations. If not
determined in a lab from tissue sample, an automated lab on a microchip deciphers the genetic code
in vivo. Planted by a pneumatic gun, it transfers the date by an emitter via external amplifier and
satellite to a security agency's high tech power center. The microscopically small bio-chemical sensors
produced by precision DNA chip technology. In single applications, reading genetic trails in samples
or multiple applications on a single target, parallel working, reading entire chromosome strings,
they lay bare the amino acid sequences, a process called genetic fingerprinting. On the microchip,
tweezers pick out tiny strings of DNA. The samples are inserted into an ultra slender channel,
etched on the plastic microchip with tiny electrodes. The DNA sections are being read along the
serpentine genetic macromolecule, detecting the code's chemical letters. Established are the identity
of the person with his hereditary dispositions, genetically determined diseases, genetic factors of
the phenotype, especially in development and differentiation of the brain with inclination towards
various intellectual fields.


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