Majdanek - Belzec   06 12 2001

				May man keep a watchful eye
				that these crimes against humanity
				will never reoccur again.

The executioners in the extermination camps and labor camps of sadism and sodomy eliminate
in first priority advocates of publication and prosecution of the crimes of clandestine high tech
terror to prevent the formation of any organization, advocating establishment of public, re-
liable safeguards against the misuses of modern bio-technologies.
Several larger parties, security services and defence leagues, having escalated the investi-
gation into the security agencies of the Western Atomic Powers and NATO, of Russia, Japan,
Germany, Israel, Saudi Arabia and of larger Third World Countries into a global dirty war,
today multiplied to several hundreds of groups, operate the largest system of labor camps in
the whole world.

They operate the most heinous extermination camps in the history of mankind, executioners
sodomizing to death thousands of people a year.
They operate medical dissection camps, hit teams conducting field testing of new classes of
toxins on tens of thousands of people a year.
They operate the largest labor camps of sadism and sodomy worldwide, executioners mass
drugging tens of millions of people a year.
They operate CIA gas chambers, hit teams spraying thousands of people a year with concen-
trated nerve gases and industrial toxic gases.
They operate the largest labor camps of behavior manipulation and enslavement worldwide,
hit teams mass drugging tens of thousands of people a year.
They operate the largest labor camps of deception and perfidy worldwide, recording in 'total
information control' tens of billions of videos, e-mails, faxes, conversations, brain wave
patterns and genetic fingerprints a day.
They operate labor camps of subversion and corruption, promoting massive, clandestine human rights violations around the world. Propagating the total lie, in the name of humanity suppressed is the publication of the un- leashing of the multiple, uncontrolled dangers of the extinction of mankind. Political image fascism, relying on manipulation of a population by clandestine, technological means, kept bare of convictions, ethics, reason or real life experience, has adopted the secret policy goal of 'total information control' with a gapless early warning system against security threats. Suppressed are in first priority any arising attempts towards publication of the em- ployment of illegal listening devices or of a target's medical or legal evidence (Staatsan- waltschaft Bonn from 09 13 00: AZ 50 Js 898/00). As facades, as skin of the power skele- ton, held up are public images like a constitutional framework. Image fascism, practiced by dominant forces of the church, the sciences, industry, the press, the arts, advances sci- entific, economic and social illusions like of ever accelerating progress. Toppedin deception, pretended are hypocritical, ethical standards. In abandonment of faith, conviction or Spirit of Man it lacks the capacity to fill any endeavor with real substance. It has lost its human basis. A void in a void it alternates between the poles of life style illusions and bestiality. Despotic perversion, relying on national strength through military power, economic vitality, competitiveness in global markets, technological superiority by progressive R&D programs, the bare skeleton of power, has adopted the secret policy goal of total control of all political pro- cesses by clandestine, rational means. It channels political-psychological profiles of a popula- tion in a state of the art program of depot pellet - toxin release, manipulating individual neuro- logical processes. It employs population genetics as a 'scientific' tool to model a population's allele composition by political, military, economic, sociological, demographic criteria, manipu- lating by mutagenic, hybridization and recombinant DNA technologies in individual genetic pro- cesses. Applying to crime the most advanced technology, it advances its bestial ambitions, to be recognized as a statesman in the progress of the times, in depraved reasoning, arguing out of hate of other people, out of inversion of mind and out of perfidy against the dignity of man. I

The numerous defence leagues cover their tools of clandestine high tech terror and gross mis-
application of modern bio-technologies in blasphemy of truth:
They pretend a community of nations free of the scourges of war in recognition of human rights,
equality of all nations, races, religions, the sexes, - They lie about it.
They conduct a dirty war of global dimensions against the personnel of competing government
security agencies and private defence leagues, especially a nerve gas and poison pellet war
against the BND on german soil.
They pretend a community of nations living in peace, freedom, self-determination, development
of culture and rising standards of living in all countries. - They lie about it.
They secure the know how of bio-technological R&D programs of the major powers' security agen-
cies, plunder their toxic drug stockpiles and employ them with any new, experimental drug
massively and randomly against populations at large.
They pretend national democratic constitutions with principles of representation, solidarity,
separation of powers, parliamentary oversight functions. - They lie about it.
They undermine and pervert every constitutional institution, civic organization, control function
and social responsibility as the areas of creativity, knowledge, technology, institutional or-
ganization and private property.
They pretend national democratic constitutions, enforcement of basic liberties with right to life,
health, privacy, free assembly and choice of profession. - They lie about it.
They attack above all their targets' health and inner freedoms of thought and movement for
their development, identity, character to be stripped to collapse.
They pretend codification of inviolability of human genetic codes and establishment of reliable
safeguards against misuses of modern bio-technologies. - They lie about it.
They violate statutes of crime of omission, formation of a terrorist organization, incitement to a
crime and of the people, glorification of violence.
They pretend worldwide establishment of forensic laboratories and medical facilities to provide
adequate medical treatment for the victims of misuses. - They lie about it.
Their schreibtischtäter as self-appointed extermination camp doctors pick the toxins and record
results under the perversity label of emergency medical care.
They pretend criminal prosecution with public indictment according to the panel code. - They
lie about it.
Their schreibtischtäter as self-appointed district attorneys select their targets from competing
government security agencies, private defence leagues and populations at large by arbitrary
They pretend conviction and sentencing of all offenders within the public court system. - They
lie about it.
Their schreibtischtäter as self-appointed judges place their targets unrecorded, clandestinely
into a spot in their system of labor camps.
They pretend execution of sentences with securement of offenders within the panel system. - 
They lie about it.
Their executioners, fornication their sole purpose, release the toxins from anonymously shot in
depot poison pellets to sodomize their targets to death by full consciousness and in psycholo-
gical terror.

The defence leagues, not having publicized the employment of clandestine high tech terror in
its beginnings, a breeding ground for the seeds of image fascism and despotic perversion, in
consequence, in a creeping process through the stages of subversion, corruption, fornication,
proliferation, escalation have fostered crimes against mankind to shoot into gigantic pro-
portions. They amplified each stage by stirring up of hate incitement to commit any excess
of sodomitic bestiality conceivable. Suffocated in depravity are all human standards, the
integrity of truth and life as common ground for dignity of man and universal principles of
unity and equality of all mankind, destroyed are democratic constitutions and civilization
worldwide. In the outgoing decade of the last century, corruption, fornication and extinction
of mankind have become the predominant forces of history.


				You shall love your enemies,
				but also speak the truth.

The cosmos with its four physical forces, space and time dimensions, appearances from plasma
to solid, interrelations from chaos to functional dependencies and its possibility to form a vast
number of chemical compounds, forms out single units of matter and fields of forces with
consistent identities, characteristics, relations, to render itself to an intelligent observer
qualitatively and quantitatively depictable, obeying the correspondence principle of an one to
one relation between fact and term. The physical cosmos yields in first place exactness, a
standard of truth.

The human intellect has developed out of evolutionary forces over successive generations with
an universal genetic code, genetic variability, specialization of functions, adoption; natural
selection, forming out a multifarious plant and animal life on earth. The human mind is tied to
life in cosmic time and location, planetary chemical composition, environmental conditions
and physiological functionality. The physical and bio-chemical dependencies render acceptance
and support of its base a precondition of the human mind. The foundations of life yield in se-
cond place self-preservation, the tasks to amend and serve, a standard of truth.

The primary function of the human intellect is cognition. It concentrates its efforts in freedom
of thought and movement to arrive at true statements in form of commentary, explanation,
interpretation, criticism, foremost to give an accurate description of the thing at hand, an item
of the area of objects of nature, of the area of human concerns or of spiritual dimension. The
areas are tied together by the correspondence principle of comprehensiveness to preserve an
equivalent balance between them, and the different investigative fields or research are tied
together by the correspondence principle of method, to exhaust all available tools in breath
and depth to gain an objective result. It is motivated out of self-preservation and out of
curiosity into the furthest rational extending areas with ensuing consequences, the rims of
the mental horizon, the limits of cognition.

The human mind strives to expand. It moves with freedom within the limits of cognition,
mostly by ways of deliberate observation, experience and reasoning. It exercises outer
freedoms, by differentiation of physiological functions, of movement, action, various ways of
conduct, limited by physical forces of nature, counteraction, legitimate rights, requirements
of cooperation in human relationships, and inner freedoms, by differentiation of neurological
functions, with its faculties of intention and conception, operations of description and com-
parison, composite operations of reflection, decision, various ways of expression and their
development, balance, identity. These boundaries can be transgressed as for example limits
of cognition are expanded in the area of natural sciences by research efforts to achieve closer
approximations to structures of reality. They are enlarged by inches, however not to be exiled

How far can the human mind expand? The common questions are:
How is the infinite to be described? - How is an infinite cosmos?
How is man's natural environment to be visualized?
How does man understand himself?
What are the relations between the infinite, the environment and man?
The basic question is: what freedoms for truth and life does the position of man in relation to
the infinite and his environment open up?

Man cannot create of his own physical energy, matter, dimensions, forces or laws of nature.
He cannot create global environmental conditions, alternate chemical building blocks of life,
proteins, fats, carbohydrates or codes of biological growth, differentiation, specialization of
functions. - Not power of creation, an archaic notion, but the Spirit of Man unfolds new
capabilities. It lays out human concepts on base of universal expressions of truth, human
dignity, unity and equality of all mankind, in all dimensions of the mind, the spiritual,
intellectual, emotional and ethical, conceding individual spaces of thought, movement,


Pursuit of truth leads to conviction and faith. Acting out of conviction, an affirmation of an
human concept, man states his self-understanding in relation to the infinite and nature,
delineates ambitions and conceptions in self-description, sets renewed points of motivation,
reviews them in reflection, ascertains and defends his human base. 'Human life', his en-
deavors, develop out of the intellect, refuting his decisions to be penetrated by other chains
of causalities. Aware of competing paths, in free choice of subject matter, he advances one
aspect of truth as in education or serves one aspect of life as in health care and establishes
interconnected mechanisms of accountability. Matter and flora serve as sparse raw materials
of expression, human health, more restricted, merely as a basis of existence. Human health is
not a manipulable parameter of the human mind in any of its dimensions to gain a higher level
from physical-biological dependencies.

What can man rationally expect after death? Immature question to ask. - Spiritual questions
of man before God can only be answered from faith. They are given according to christian
theology by His Word through divine revelation, summarized in the Nicene and Apostolic
Confessions of Faith. God, the creator of all things, is truth and love. Man, in His likeness,
though by one step qualitatively above physical-biological conditions, remains in an illimi-
table distance to God. A believer is promised through faith, he will find in resurrection after
judgement a home in the Eternal Garden of God. The task of religion, to lead people closer to
God, calls for raising standards of humility. The treasures of His Word are to be developed in
self-criticism, support of neighbors is to reach foremost the poor and oppressed, oneself is to
adopt one of the many values like unity, justice, education.
Spiritual life grants the freedom of peace, generosity and abundance to love one's enemies
unreserved. A gain of cognition, truth, a comprehensive analysis towards innocence, pursues
all questions in their dimensions, aspects and possible consequences, benefits as well as worst
case. The institution of confession trains reflection, unprejudiced to review basic suppositions
to sharpen position, focus, method and motivation of cognition. Truth is being regenerated, as
it exists only in search of, in public and in fearless promotion.

Major forms of distortion of truth are: stratagems of deception, intentional substitution, false
reasoning or interpretation, veiling; stratagems of elimination, intentional suppression, de-
flection, omission; stratagems of appeasing, often tendencies of intellectual sloth, false
justification, ramification, diminution. The intensisities of distortion range from ideologization,
systematization, instrumentalization, propaganda, subversion, clandestine action, denial, de-
fusing of issue. These techniques are applied commonly by usurpers in combination with co-
ercion to hold up a 'legitimate' image of their despotic policies, manipulating the press and
institutional control functions. They attack mainly tenets of faith or conviction, sound judge-
ment, social responsibilities.

The major issues of justice and peace today are worldwide inequities of wealth, over-
population, environmental destruction, depletion of resources, clandestine high tech terror.
Unrestricted and probing pursuit of truth and to advance a solution to moral failures are not
derived out of philosophy. It has abrogated its critical voice, having lost the metaphysical
dimension, discarded the claims to wisdom, justice, enlightenment, humanitarian issues, to
universal or object centered competence, denying responsibility for depraved ideologizations,
which for example fueled the genocide during WW II or the post war arms race. The remnant of
philosophy, pursuit of knowledge, leads to materialism. It denies the spiritual dimension, it
explains all elements of reality within a single logical space, reduces multifarious mental
processes to empirical, physicalbiological interactions, systematized in a scientistic worldview,
feeding the technological civilization with archaic notions from prestige and power to illusions
of human capabilities. The trend is demonstrated by the press, the forth power to exercise
watchdog functions. - Adequate solutions to the major problems of our times, to effectively
contain disastrous consequences, including the extinction of mankind, can only be derived out
of ethics in an environment of politically self-cleaning forces.


The four eckpunkte of man's inner freedoms, the emotional one being left open, are 1) sound
theology, 2) reason's freedom, 3) maturity's freedom, 4) ethical freedom.

1) Spiritual leadership commits itself to spiritually self-cleaning forces to give an example of
His Spirit, refraint from violence, restriction to major issues, reestablishment of standards of
truth. What freedom does sound theology open up? - Freedom from idolatry.

2) Categories of reason are applied by the mental operations, space, time, quality, quantity,
causality, inter-relationship with conditionality and hypothesis, consequence, conglomeration.
They act as boundaries between nature and man's sphere of human concerns. What freedom
does reason open up? - Freedom from superstition.

3) Man stands alone. He develops his own concepts for thoughts and actions. Man is abstract,
complex, active, regenerating, objectgerecht, reflective, accountable, represented by singular
works of expression. Real life experience respects freedoms and boundaries, expressed better
negatively as self-restraint of individuality. What freedom does maturity open up? - Freedom
from illusions.

4) Ethics, the question, are all aspects and consequences of the thing at hand considered,
directs its appeal at the conscience of the times. It educates about human inter-relationships,
pursues comprehensive investigations with scientific dependencies, identifies a crime, sets an
ethical sentence, restates universal principles to elevate public awareness by one step of human 
actions with devastating consequences. What freedom does ethics open up? - Freedom from 
gross criminal corruption. Its practical task is to solve historic cases of corruption. Politically self-
cleaning forces with an investigative spirit preserve man's capabilities of cognition in respect of 
truth and capabilities of intellectual life in respect to health in wholeness of the individual, balan-
ced in spiritual, intellectual, emotional and ethical dimensions. They expand freedoms, first by 
standing on guard for ethical freedom with critical awareness of individual, multiplying a) social, 
b) political, c) historical processes. In probing pursuit, description, analysis, arrested are excesses 
of moral failures. Growing out of observant grassroots mentality, they pool the resources to publicly 
address any hidden depravity.
4a) The functional society in a pluralism of groups, realizing its multifarious efforts in division of 
labor, in a free market, independently, economically, interchangeably, establishes government 
institutions by the narrow guidelines of self-organization, minimal rationality, ethical corrective, 
linked by accountability. 
4b1) - institutions: The structural and functional constitutional institutions as normative frame-
work are codified strictly by the principles of public service, arbitration of conflicts, separation 
of functions, control mechanisms. Siphoning power out of constituting institutions, the snakehead
of open and clandestine constitutional revolutions, legitimation of power by the people denied, 
is substituted by regulation specific proof of a public need in common welfare, comparably the 
social contract dismantled, is supplanted by the demand of internal and external non-discrimi-
nation. Oversight over public institutions of arbitration with human rights enforcement, as they 
have grown out of the French revolution, is to be layered basis carrying and to be augmented 
on the international scale, chartered independent, task-specific, lean to be effective.
4b2) - methods: Present in public through adequate, swift and decisive tools, methods adhere
to refrain from violence, restriction to non-power methods, raising standards of truth. Imme-
diate institutions supporting the victims serve a reconciliation with society, establishment of
reliable safeguards and social justice.
4c) Kritik ist die Gesundheit des Individuums. Today, responsibility towards the zeitgeist
captures man's functional capabilities, the rapidly growing areas of creativity, knowledge,
technology, larger organizational structures. Demanded are investigative oversight functions
over institutions with political, military, scientific, technological, economic, organizational,
environmental, public media and lobbying power. In analogy to common obligations of private
property, codified law is to demand for example in the area of technology impact statements
of research projects and applications, public, reliable safeguards against misapplications, sup-
pression of depraved research efforts. What freedom do political self-cleaning forces open up? -
Freedom from grossly corrupted political opinions.

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