Majdanek     07 06 1992

				May man keep a watchful eye
				that these crimes against humanity
				will never reoccur again.

These crimes, the worst in the history of mankind, are being revived in their beginnings.

The CIA is operating labor camps of sadism and sodomy, mass drugging tens of thousands
of its citizens a year and wherever it can worldwide.

The CIA is operating gas chambers, spraying thousands of its citizens a year with con-
centrated nerve gas and wherever it can worldwide.

The laboratories of the CIA are developing new drugs in the intent of specific dysfunction
of individual systems of the human body, applying advanced bio-technologies to create
new, devastating dangers to human health.

The CIA is threatening hundreds of people and institutions worldwide to suppress the
spreading awareness of its crimes, applying any means.

These crimes are advanced by the leadership of the present US administration and
supported actively by the Kanzler of Germany.

These crimes of the CIA, the destruction of all human standards, the integrity of truth
and the integrity of life, aim to stifle man's given guidance in the Spirit of the Lord,
stampede in blind rage over the disadvantaged, the ones the Lord loves, suffocate in the
suds of prostitution man's intellectual sphere. Their human depravity is without end.

The elimination of these crimes requires publication, prosecution and reliable safeguards.
They demand to be fought with the Holy Spirit.

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