Mauthausen     12 15 1998

				May man keep a watchful eye
				that these crimes against humanity
				will never reoccur again.

These crimes, the worst in the history of mankind, are being revived in their beginnings by the
major security agencies like the CIA, FSB (KGB), BND, Mossad and the US Military and NATO as
operational arms of the Governments of the US, Russia, Germany, Great Britain, France, Japan,
Israel and NATO defence secretaries, and equally all the major parties and security agencies, who
claim to clean up these crimes or to render medical help anonymously.

They operate extermination camps, assassination squads eliminating more than one hundred
people a year.

They operate medical dissection camps, hit teams conducting field testing of new classes of toxins
on tens of thousands of people a year.

They operate labor camps of sadism and sodomy, hit teams massdrugging millions of people a

They operate CIA gas chambers, hit teams spraying thousands of people a year with concentrated
nerve gas and industrial toxic gases.

They operate labor camps of deception and perfidy, recording in excess of ten billion of videos,
conversations and brain wave patterns a day.

They operate labor camps of subversion and corruption, promoting massive, clandestine human
rights violations around the world.

A policy planning committee of a country's national security council sets up the operational guide-
lines, executed through the high tech power center. Stated are secret policy goals: national
strength, economic vitality, technological superiority, ideological uniformity, total control over poli-
tical, economic, scientific, sociological processes at home and abroad. Coordinated are military, in-
telligence and general security policies.

Advancing technological and military superiority, weapon development programs, deployment stra-
tegies, operational capacities and necessary services are developed. Established are stockpiles of
A, B, C and clandestine high tech terror weapons, in each category sufficient to cause the extinc-
tion of mankind ten or more times over.

Priority of security planning over general public interests, as these find a balance in the democratic
process through public discussion of the issues, is achieved through representation in all adminis-
trative departments and a high degree of ideological uniformity within society. Among foreign
nations only reliable partners are chosen as allies, at home a policy of national security is estab-
lished in all fields of life, public relation campaigns generate acceptance of the security build up,
dissidents are eliminated. It is security policy of NATO to suppress negative publicity of operational
activities painstakingly by all member countries.

Subversion strategies for foreign countries are to win them as general political allies, ensure avail-
ability as commercial markets, access to their natural resources, economic and financial depen-
dency, suppression as political and economic competitors. The country is not allowed to develop a
sound economic base, on violations of basic freedoms and civil liberties no action is taken.

From the high tech power center, applying to crime the most advanced technology, the tools of
clandestine high tech terror are developed out of an array of large scale research programs in goal
and method of human depravity, mostly in physics, chemistry and biology. Corrupted are basic
human living conditions as they cannot be perceived by the senses, the very small, the very
distant, the difficult to detect. With advanced bio-technology, especially genetics, they develop new
drugs in the intent of specific dysfunction of individual systems of the human body. Out of research
into bio- and electro-chemical processes of the human brain, they have synthesized new agents to
manipulate all neurological activities. Laser like high energy bundles of electro-magnetic waves set
to a point in various frequency ranges, cause incisive damage to body tissue or the central nervous
system. Every tool of clandestine high tech terror is explored for space based deployment, hitting
its target through a gliding probe - flying drone delivery system.

The data gathered in the project 'Total Information Control' are stored and evaluated by high capa-
city data processing equipment. The data are machine scanned, deciphered, analyzed in respect to
credibility, significance, political intent, linguistic features and passed on to the specific depart-

Operated from there are the production lines of toxic drugs and poison pellet delivery systems, or-
ganized are logistical support of the global network of operatives and the system of labor camps,
which are supervised together with independently recruiting hit teams under contract. The targets
are sodomized out of life.

There is not one major security agency around the world that does not have its killing fields. Also
the military security department of NATO operates assassination squads to eliminate foreign
agents, who have damaged vital security areas, traitors, who sell security related information,
deserters, who are caught up with behind hostile lines, security risks, who threaten to impair se-
curity operations, critics of military and secret policy goals, who become a formidable voice in
public, whistle blowers of internal corruption affairs.

The assassinations are priority operations, well organized, rapid and quiet. A small intelligence
court reviews the evidence, the target is pumped up with depot poison pellets, isolated geographi-
cally, usually dispatched to a remote area, death follows in a break down or an accident, a death
certificate is issued, citing an apparent natural cause of death. Where isolation of the target is not
possible, a terminal disease like cancer is planted with depot poison pellets.

Selected as guinea pigs for medical dissection camps are tenacious dissidents for punitive action
and loose prey, the dying in nursing homes and intensive care wards, socially uprooted individuals,
minorities in technologically underdeveloped areas, captured freedom fighters, perceived as terro-
rists. Random population samples are taken for real action simulation.

Tested are new classes of toxins for their physiological, neurological and psychological effects on
the human body, incubation time, selectivity of specific organs, side effects, dosages, counter-
poisons, recuperation time, traceability.

Hit teams plant the toxins with depot poison pellets and illegal listening and video devices with
a series of electro-chemical sensors in the scull, all vital organs, the digestive tract, the muscles, the
skin and all parts of the male or female reproductive system. The data are collected electronically
via amplifiers and satellite directly at the agency's high tech center for evaluation. In each case the
death certificate shows an apparent natural cause of death. The Government of Israel conducted
guinea pig experiments on palestinian freedom fighters, taken prisoner, the Government of France
developed its nerve gas program with tests on FLN prisoners, - none survived and their ashes were
scattered over the desert.

Targeted for labor camps of sadism and sodomy are mostly groups perceived as dissidents, people
advocating closer political oversight over the security agencies, human rights and civil rights
workers, especially those defending unpopular causes, radical groups of minorities, sympathizers
of and defectors from opposite ideological camps, drop outs from military and secret service boot
camps for second thoughts, prisoners convicted of heinous crimes. The targets are manipulated
through distortion of character, especially in respect to their political and ethical standards, their
intellectual sphere being suffocated in the suds of prostitution. These labor camps set up around
the world, blanketed with sodomy drugs are entire regions, ethnic groups and political groups like
the supporters of General Noriega after the invasion of Panama through US troops in 1986. According
to CIA policy, every single citizen of Europe is to be sodomized at least once.

Hit teams massdrug foods in the chain from the field to the retailer, in restaurants, the homes of the
targets, fertilizers, the water supply, beverages and medication. Contaminated with toxins, taken up
through skin contact, are all objects of daily life like clothing or personal hygiene articles. Massively
employed are depot poison pellets, placed by an operator via a carrier, an unknowing person or
farm equipment, spun off electronically over the food supply, contaminating it in storage for years,
being set off again to release the toxins, timed with the monitoring of the target groups.

Other hit teams pump up of non-uniformity susceptive individuals with depot poison pellets, mani-
pulating neurological processes. Often set off automatically on premarked brain wave patterns,
each of the capacities of the human brain is selectively stimulated or suppressed to channel
general behavior, equally emotions, despair, irritation, power madness, elation. Wake awareness is
blended with fixed images, in full scale psychological terror attacked are several neurological pro-
cesses simultaneously, not to allow relaxation. In all the target's identity, character, development
and social interactions are stripped to break down. US Military and NATO officers operate labor
camps of sadism and sodomy at the site of former Nazi concentration camps and also sodomize
their female officers and colleagues' families in fornication contests.

For CIA gas chambers the same population groups are targeted as for labor camps of sadism and
sodomy. The nerve gases employed attack specific functions of the central nervous system, wake
awareness, memory, reaction or the peripheral nervous system with coordination of movements,
balance and flexibility. From industrial toxic gases often carcinogens are used, reducing the
efficiency of the pulmonary system and causing cancer in the long term. In debasement of the
dignity of man with his spiritual gifts, crippled are intellectual and physical strengths, paralyzing
the ability to perform tasks of daily life.

From cartridges gassed are entire streets, public places and buildings, cars, restaurants, assembly
halls and, in soluble form or floating as pellets, the water of public pools. The electronic signal to
set off the nerve gas pellets is timed for maximum toxic concentration to engulf the target in the
exposed area, if not its bedroom itself is used as death chamber. Helmut Kohl and Benjamin Ne-
tanjahu operate CIA gas chambers at churches and the site of former Nazi concentration camps.

In the project 'Total Information Control' operatives funnel illegal listening and video devices into
every household in the world, on every continent, every workplace, every institution, phone and
workstation to monitor the worldwide information flow in its entirety. Every young adult is wired up
to pursue him in all prayers, travels, intellectual and social activities throughout all phases of the
day, exceeding a span of over sixty years up to the time of his demise. Brain wave pattern are re-
corded in the language controlling section of the brain to decipher their thinking.


First priority in a labor camp of deception and perfidy is the establishment of a gapless early
warning system against security threats, any attempt towards publication of the employment of
illegal listening devices or of a target's medical and legal evidence is cut short incisively. Equally
disadvantageous issues in public discussion are defused and eliminated, in a next step entire
political issues with all their fibers are surgically removed from public awareness.

As facades are held up pubic images, a constitutional framework, basic freedoms, illusions of
human capability and convenience or of scientific progress, ensuring the way to universal arbitra-
tion by reason alone, a welfare image of all government institutions. Image fascism established,
topped in deception, pretended are hypocritical, ethical standards, application of rationality in all
aspects of life, public discussion of all issues with democratic mechanisms of conflict solving,
raising of educational standards and the general health of the population.

Labor camps of subversion and corruption are set up in foreign countries. With friendly allies,
mutual interests are regulated in cooperation agreements, however, the security agency promotes
its policy goals in any nation through direct political leverage, corruption of the foreign political,
industrial, financial and scientific communities through official contacts, if necessary through bri-
bery, extortion, recruitment, counseling, financial sponsoring, partnerships and takeovers. Sold are
proprietary information, also disinformation, special technologies, telecommunication systems, low
cost credits, logistical supplies and user rights, tools of clandestine high tech terror.

The agency's operational base is broadened to acquire sufficient political influence to realize the
secret policy directives. Its main tools are always its undercover activities, its network of operatives
with sabotage teams and a system of labor camps to attack the broad base of the population.

In a creeping, clandestine process of bestial subversion, secret policy goals and hit teams
have defiled human dignity, destroyed the democratic constitutions with their principles of representa-
tion, solidarity, separation of powers, parliamentary oversight functions, and also civilization world-
wide in all fields of human endeavors. This perfidious reality with sodomy of truth as a rule, as a
breeding ground, fosters crime against mankind to shoot into gigantic proportions.


What lies beyond the blue mountains? Do not ask, - go there. Green - yellow - red leaves drift with
the wind and rustle along the floor, lifting one up, their backs read out poems, without date, without
headline, without signature, their grains fan and fray out. They whirl into the plane to read it their
lines. Philosophy is the art not to ask any backward questions, the worst one to ask from the
present, known, firm point of view: what lies beyond? - The basic question to ask: what freedom
does the plane beyond open up?

Truth, the light to all human endeavors, constitutes the common ground for dignity of man with
freedom of thought and movement and universal principles of unity and equality of all mankind.
Congruence of a description with a thought or thing, including description of the speaker's own in-
tentions and conceptions, is a necessary requirement of all inter-human relationships, without
which they collapse. Truth is defined in the spiritual and each intellectual field according to its ob-
ject of study, intention and methodology, for example in christian theology as a comprehensive
analysis towards innocence. The definitions in each field are tied together by the correspondence
principle to exhaust all available methods in breath and depth to render an accurate description of
the item at hand. All definitions standing on equal level, complementary, to the point, take both
extremes of positive and negative consequences into view. As general conditions truth exists only
in search for it, exists only in public and only through fearless promotion.

Is there a divine plan to the course of the universe? What will a man expect after death? Is there a
divine Lord? Immature questions to ask, - spiritual questions can only be answered from faith. The
central message love of the poor, love of enemies, truth and justice, calls for a life in fear of the
Lord. Realized for example in one of many spiritual values like justice, peace education or spiritual
welfare and medical care for the dying, a man can dedicate himself only to one or two in his life-
time. The highest spiritual value a man can achieve is humility. The task of religion, to lead people
closer to God, constitutes raising standards towards humility.

Spiritual leadership advances sound theology in restraint to the major issues of justice and peace
and development of the treasures of His Word first in respect to standards of truth like through
practice of non-power methods of example together with advice or where not welcome fearless
criticism. Against the despotic perversion of our times, man is to be preserved in his holy image
before the Lord and a being balanced in spiritual, intellectual, ethical and emotional dimensions.
Faith, a living organism, defended against heresies, guarding the integrity of its message, on the
other hand encourages criticism and interpretation within the historic context.

What freedom does sound theology open up? - Freedom from idolatry. Pagan idols claim power
over man, they do not possess, they are not voices or truth and life. Truth is from His Spirit and
grants in repentance redemption, inner freedom from sin. Idols seduce into allegiance to arbitrary,
metaphysical-poetical forces to determine the fate of man. 'Plated with gold and silver, their ton-
gues polished smooth by a craftsman, they are counterfeit and have no power to speak'.
(Baruch 6,7) They call for sacrifice, for life to be given to vainglory, subjugation, destruction.


What position does man take in the universe? - None. There is nether an above nor a below with
metaphoric meaning. Man, reason recognizing, stands separate from nature. The human faculties,
intention and conception, with their tools, the mental operations, description and comparison, in
addition regarding categories of reason together with observation, yield results, which are of cer-
tainty, objectively reconstructable. The measures of reason, guarding its presupposition of true
statements, are criticism of superstitions, prejudices and ethical awareness.

In description and comparison of a thought or object, identified by its main characteristics, the cate-
gories of reason are applied ingrained from experience, compounded from observation, verified in
a test or by a second observer. Regarded are space, time, quantity, causality, inter-relationships,
consequences, conglomeration, conditional and hypothetical relationships. The human mind in its
dynamics, in its degrees of freedom, has to recognize the categories of reason as a boundary bet-
ween nature, lifeless matter, flora, fauna and his sphere of human concerns. The line of division is
non-contradiction, standing free on this side not to become self-destructive in one's actions,
evolves the human cosmos in its spiritual, intellectual, ethical and emotional dimensions. Touching
all aspects of daily life, the demands of reason act as a constructive force in intellectual endeavors.

What freedom does reason open up? - Freedom from superstitions. Not applying given categories
of reason in one's own fault, yields to phenomena of nature power over man, they do not possess.
Enlightenment teaches emancipation from animistic and mytho-poetical ways of thought. Causali-
ties do not penetrate beyond a layer of reality, a material force does not cause an effect on an
intellectual process and vice versa. Equally unfounded are prejudices on grounds of race, color or
sex. In superstition precautions against natural disasters are not developed on true causes, 'natural
law' are an arbitrary social order, incessant feudal wars.

What is the given sense of life? - None. Man stands on his own. His world is created out of his
faculties, it is expressed in action and language. He has the tools to construct and endow it. Man is
guided by truth in his mental operations. Man is abstract, his intentions and conceptions are sepa-
rate from nature, reason recognizing, definite and given extent, comprehensiveness, structure and
qualities. Man is creative, he expands his world through active imagination. His mental horizon is
delineated by thoughts and objects out of his degrees of freedom, choice of thought or object,
characterization, background, inter-relationships, development. Man is accountable, he can
foresee and control the effects of his mental and physical operations.

Constructing his own concepts in development on a human basis, man in maturity respects his
limitations and freedoms, civil rights of other people, capacities and means of his faculties. Human
basis, ambitions and choices of thoughts and objects give a representation of an individual's con-
victions. Boundaries of cognition open to expansion, maturity, negatively expressed as self-re-
straint of individuality, does not advance claims above itself like a nation's culture to be the sole
expression of human determination. Convictions, a constructive force of individual development in a
field of ethical pluralism and competition of concepts, stand in the community of the Spirit of Man
and innocence of man and creation, as they act in awareness of ethical choices and work towards
and increase of benefits for his race and environment.

What freedom does maturity open up? - Freedom from illusions. A void in heart and mind will
accept fetishes with power over man, they do not possess. In illusion about human capabilities and
conveniences, it suits itself, protects its image, veils its view into the future. Ever accelerating pro-
gress, projects not realizable, fata morganas on a dismantled base, absorb human attraction.
Progress in the natural sciences claims in the same way to advance progress towards a pluralistic,
tolerant society. Taught is application of rationality in all areas of life, an illusionary, base, one
focus mind of exploitation of laws of nature and an environment of products from automation. Faith
disregarded, reason distorted, Spirit of Man and ethics eliminated, the driving historic forces today
have become corruption, fornication, extinction of mankind.


Will the improvement of the human lot please everyone? - Hardly anybody, it raises demands on
man. How is an ethical guideline established? - Not at all. An ethical choice is discovered, as there
are indefinitely many inter-human relationships and brought to awareness in each case. Ethics, the
question, are all aspects of the thought or thing at hand considered?, independently and out of re-
flection, does not allow itself to be deflected from a past historical concept, now ossified, not
regarding present day forces, or to seep away in superficialities. It asks anew, are my conceptions
of the present time a fair representation, are all relations and consequences of the item at hand un-
covered, is the major issue identified?

Ethics, taking up singular questions, remains non-systematic, non-scientific, negatively expressed
as a freedom from a scourge, for a moral value not to become a ready tool of misuse. In restraint to
a major issue, it collects its spearheads. It directs its appeal at the conscience of the times, preven-
tion of gross misdevelopments, education about inter-human relationships, investigation into scien-
tific inter-dependencies, restatement of universal principles of mankind. Training public self-aware-
ness in reflection, ethics abhors a violent, constitutional revolution, any suffocation of its basic
human appeal.

Adequate ethical solutions are measured by their results. Out of a demonstration of the disastrous
consequences, resistance to corrective action will have to be broken down. Addressed are the in-
tention forming forces of the human mind, its driving forces, circumscribing the dimensions of its
world, their main direction and dynamics, its thoughts or objects of desire, the character and back-
ground of its adopted conceptions or desired objects. An individual intention requires to be cen-
tered on a goal and training to speak out in public, to act, to initiate a public investigation and pro-
secution. Refusing theories about science, the measures of ethics have the central purpose to
sharpen the question identified.

What freedom does ethics open up? - Freedom from gross criminal corruption. Promoting a benefit,
touching all inter-human relationships, it acts as a constructive force in social endeavors, as small
group efforts in a field of worldwide ethical pluralism and competition of concepts. To preserve a
state of ethical freedom, where not a major present day conflict determines political action, its
practical task is to solve historic cases of corruption as all major misdevelopments flow out of moral
failure. The measures of ethics are therefore precise, recognition of reason, identification of crime,
restraint to major issues, results.

Ethical considerations arise out of every day observations. Drawing on business failures, lawsuits,
party conflicts, natural disasters, drama, examples out of history, the hypothetical assumption of
alternate human actions create awareness of ethical choices. Only this choice, the ethical one
against irrational dreams of the future, a new world unfolding possibilities for man without reflection
about himself, will further the human lot: utopia, a social state, elevated by one step in awareness
of inter-human actions with their consequences.

Ethical freedom, correcting escalating conflicts wherever they arise, stands on guard against con-
torted ideological views as there is no political freedom without a balanced view on life. Man's inner
freedoms of thought and movement, being balanced in spiritual, intellectual, ethical and emotional
dimensions, are brought to a collapse by corruption of just one dimension. The four eckpunkte of
man's inner freedoms therefore are freedom from idolatry, reason's freedom, maturity's freedom,
ethical freedom.
The major issues of justice and peace today are worldwide inequities of wealth, over-population, environmental destruction and depletion of resources, clandestine high tech terror. Nerve gases and bio-technological toxins as tools of despotic perversion, bestial violations of basic human rights, cripple above all man's inner freedoms, the equilibrium in his faculties in their free choices. Any incision into the common genetic pool is irreversible. In the past, in nature's environment, man was fragile and dependent, in his own of high tech products he is at the brink of extinction. VII

The mental operations of the human mind are guided by presupposition of true statements and pre-
cipitated as verifiable lines of reasoning the disciplines of logic and method. Logic, an indirect
means of cognition in opposition to direct observation, derives from a basic statement, a term,
through consequential reasoning a follow up statement, a conclusion. Logic as a mental operation
does not contribute any content, not already given in the basis statement, but furnishes foremost
Logic is accountability of identity. It is tied to an individual item or a restricted number of items,
which lie all within the field of man's mental horizon. Like all mental operations it is based on de-
scription of a thought or thing and comparison in at least a three step process: the first item chosen
gives the initial state, a second item or a relation is set in comparison, the item found in conclusion
yields the final state, which needs to be verified if possible by more than one method. The logical
operations allow a survey over a statement's consequences, indication of significance and exclu-
sion of non-parameters. The line of reasoning should not be broken arbitrarily to exclude in the
chain of consequences major results. Without correspondence between item and form of expres-
sion, a purely formal logic remains speculative.

Establishing identity, an item is described through observation of all major characteristics, looking
at it from all sides like walking around a statue. The observations and measurements, expressed in
clear and precise terms, citing central meaning and scope within a genus structure, are docu-
mented over all steps in data protocols. The second item or relation introduced is equally described
in detail. The relation can be application of an operator like a junctor, distributor, modal factor;
introduction of a physical or intentional human force with causality, mere inter-relationship, depen-
dency, gradual, long term influence; a cumulative mass effect. The comparison requires a yardstick
of qualitative and quantitative measurement, objectively reproducible, sufficient to determine all
characteristics and degrees of congruence - non-congruence.

A case study, a construction of two items, one inter-relationship, one yardstick, can be expanded
as a finite class of objects into a composite case study, a model or a structured system as an ap-
proximation to an event or phenomena in reality. A system is required to be finite, complete, contra-
diction free and in its premises concise and independent. In all classes of case studies practical
results dominate, they are not suited for delineation of epistemological boundaries. On the con-
trary, required is a clear outline of conditions, approximations and abstractions, choice of class of
objects, inter-relationships, measures of comparison. Because within man's mental horizon there
are indefinitely many relationships, also causalities do not penetrate different layers of reality, a
general logical space does not exist.

Theoretical logic also differentiates the purposes of comparison according to point of observation:
in- and extensional; to kind: categorical, conditional, modal, universal; to class: direct, syllogistical;
to principle: bi- and multivalency, extensionality; to field of application: mathematical, deontical.

The oldest and largest field of logical studies developed the processes of deduction and reduction,
mostly known as induction. As description and comparison in respect to class, quality, quantity,
feature and relationship, the deduction progresses from a base item to a conditional item, it being
included in the first, - in reverse direction the reduction regresses from a conditional item to a gene-
ralizing one, retrieving the basis statement. Extensive application is found within the natural scien-
ces in establishment of working hypothesis, design of experiment and subsequent verification.

Another case is given in the description and comparison in respect to a state before and after com-
bination of at least two items. Junctor logic structures sentences on defined terms, parameters and
links like conjunction, adjunction, negation to form a set of functions between sentences, tabulated
in truth tables, where the status of each sentence is always determined. Quantor logic expands the
logical formalism by predicate parameters and punctuation marks, by which all elementary senten-
ces are determined in validity, existence and conclusions. Generalizing sentences are defined as
indefinite conjunctions.

Graphical demonstrations mostly illuminate multiple choice cases, represented by trees, networks,
flow charts, constructed out of arrows, forks, branches, loops, operational stations, also indicating
weighting and flow rate.


Out of abandonment of faith, conviction, ethics and distortion of reason, man has lost the capacity
to fill any of his endeavors with real substance. He has lost his human basis. Out of lack, out of a
single motive crime, he holds up images of himself and his environment. There is not one con-
structive element left in his ambitions. A human void needs orientation. Political, economic and
scientific illusions are employed as stratagems to channel behavior through motivation. An illusion
has these major characteristics:
An illusion denies human limitations and freedoms, boundaries that can expand, but not be expel-
led into exile. Human understanding remains within the capacities and means of cognition, being
bound to himself in faculties, reflection, competence, manageability, his social achievements are
dependent on inter-human relationships, cooperation and with it ethical awareness. Inner free-
doms, development of human faculties in free choices and balance in dimensions are supplanted
by a single purpose mind, design of a goods abundant, perfect service, complacent, because de-
sires satisfied, human environment.
In constitutional democracies issues of vital understanding are military and general security
policies, a balance of interest groups representing all major population groups, legal verification of
civil liberties. Political illusions, suppressing public discussion about democratic tenets, have
abrogated the human basis of self-determination and government by the people.
Scientific illusions, claiming ever accelerating progress to realize projects of ambition, new
sociological models, are on scrutiny not realizable, mental fetishes that deceive in the end hope,
trust, good will.
Immovable as facades remain images of appearance like constitutionality of all government acts to
protect despotic perversion in recognition of statesmanship in the history of one's people. To this
end also all political and sociological processes need to be controlled minutely. Public criticism is
eliminated with the tools of image fascism.

The predominant illusions today are human capability and convenience, mastery of nature, a super
scientific world, automation of man's environment, every service available out of a high tech ven-
ding machine, the one eyed robot its symbol. Man's inner freedoms are superseded with technolo-
gical creativity, enhanced are bio-chemical and neurological processes. Human genetic codes are
rendered bio-technological programmable. Progress in the natural sciences claims in the same
way to advance social progress towards a value, prejudice, conflict free, multibalanced, educated
society. Advancements through the dynamics of a pluralistic society are to follow scientifically
proven methodological lines and any gross violation of civil rights can be disregarded as a
diminishing side product. A shift to intellectual activities through progressive industrialization and
creation of wealth, worldwide communication networks and globalization of markets are also
gradually to reduce the gaping inequities in the distribution of goods and services.

Illusions of technological progress teach application of rationality in all areas of life as a reason
based, scientific way of thought, - a distortion of reason. In a false claim attaching themselves to
reason, technological phantasms en vogue advance their single purpose mind and single method
mental process. The natural sciences recognize the categories of reason as universal conditions,
nature being self-governed by causality to derive laws of nature by means of observation and ex-
periment to render their effects qualitatively and quantitatively measurable and with it predictable.
The natural cosmos as a whole is thought to be ordered according to a set of laws, unified in a
single theory of forces. Progress in a scientific sense strives for an increase in cognition to achieve
in its derived laws of nature closer approximation to objective structures of reality. - On the other
hand rational considerations, their domain practical applications, not tied to events of nature, add a
quality of usability to an object in most cases. Tackling individual tasks at hand according to a cau-
sality or a relationship present, they gain economic efficiency, functionality, accessibility for
example. Suited to devise applications out of laws of nature, rationality has become the vehicle of
their technological exploitation and commercialization of products.


The dominant forces in government, industry, the sciences and the press today will not allow any
crack to be torn into the welfare image of their institutions and hold up as pillars of democracy
equally inviolable in image the principles of constitutionality of all government acts, basic liberties
of right to life, freedom and security, privacy, absence of degrading treatment, universality of public
law enforcement, responsibility in the freedom of the press and in scientific research and development.

The political stratagems of deception are screen covered by ethical standards in hypocrisy, in pre-
tence and crime. Political goals are said to be raising of educational standards and the general
health of the population, public discussion of all issues with democratic mechanisms of conflict
solving, cooperation in teams, work ethics. The spiritual, political and leaders of the sciences of our
times, while every year in January commemorate the liberation of the Auschwitz extermination
camp by russian troops, advance their private ambitions with any method of image fascism, the
techniques of clandestine high tech terror against whole population groups.


			Dehumanized in CIA gas chambers,
			Labor camps of sadism and sodomy,
			They moan with severed tongues,
			Will these crimes be stopped,
			Will people arrest their hurried steps
			To expose these boils before the light.
			They beg with crippled hands
			To be granted a base of dignity,
			Air to breathe, not being gassed,
			Bread to eat, not being contaminated.
			Their prayers look up to the Lord,
			Their dying hopes to countries
			That do not tolerate depravities,
			To be set free from their chains.

All the major parties and security agencies, who claim to clean up the crimes of the CIA, BND,
etc..., evolving since forty years, escalated the investigation into these crimes into a dirty war of
global dimensions against the personnel of these agencies, especially a nerve gas and poison
pellet war against the BND on german soil and fuel a fornication race of all major parties in despo-
tic perversion to gain predominance in all available tools of clandestine high tech terror.

Financing has been increased worldwide for an array of large scale research programs, in goal and
method of human depravity, for field testing of new classes of toxins, for production lines of toxic
drugs, for poison pellet delivery systems, telecommunication and high capacity data processing
equipment and for networks of operatives. They drive ahead with the project 'Total Information
Control'. They cut short incisively any attempt towards publication of the employment of illegal
listening devices or of a target's medical and legal evidence. Sodomized to death are all propo-
nents of an effective clean up of these crimes through publication, prosecution and the establish-
ment of public, reliable safeguards.

Not taking a single measure of basic humanity, they defiled human dignity, destroyed the demo-
cratic constitutions and also civilization worldwide through sodomizing the truth to death in blas-
phemy of maturity, blasphemy of reason and blasphemy of ethics. The major parties and security
agencies, who profess to clean up these crimes, propagate the total lie, suppressing in the name of
humanity the publication of the unleashing of the multiple, uncontrolled dangers of the extinction of
mankind. They say: 'only through this chimney, illegal listening devices and poison pellets, you will
get out of here'.


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