Mittelbau - Dora     03 18 2000

			May man keep a watchful eye
			that these crimes against humanity
			will never reoccur again.

The executioners in the extermination camps and labor camps of sadism and sodomy eliminate
in first priority advocates of publication and prosecution of the crimes of clandestine high tech
terror to prevent the formation of any organization, advocating establishment of public, re-
liable safeguards against the misuses of modern bio-technologies.
Several larger parties, security services, private organizations and defence leagues, having es-
calated the investigation into the security agencies of the Western Atomic Powers and NATO,
of Russia, Japan, Germany, Israel, Saudi Arabia, of larger Third World Countries and predo-
minant forces of US and German industries into a global dirty war, today operate the largest
system of labor camps in the whole world.

They operate the most heinous extermination camps in the history of mankind, executioners
sodomizing to death thousands of people a year.

They operate medical dissection camps, hit teams conducting field testing of new classes of
toxins on tens of thousands of people a year.

They operate the largest labor camps of sadism and sodomy worldwide, executioners mass
drugging tens of millions of people a year.

They operate the largest labor camps of behavior manipulation and enslavement world wide,
hit teams massdrugging tens of thousands of people a year.

They operate the largest labor camps of deception and perfidy worldwide, recording in total
information control tens of billions of videos, faxes, conversations, brain wave patterns and
genetic fingerprints a day.

Propagating the total lie, in the name of humanity they suppress the publication of the un-
leashing of the multiple, uncontrolled dangers of the extinction of mankind.

The major business security organizations operate equally from high tech power centers
through anonymous schreibtischtäter, controlling a global satellite communication and surveil-
lance system, a toxic drug research lab and pilot plant, a poison pellet production line, high
capacity data processing equipment, a global network of undercover hit teams They insure in
first line ideological conformity of all management personnel and channel within the population
at large work ethics and economic behavior, expanding their labor camps of behavior mani-
pulation and enslavement wherever they can, to all social groups and covering all regions of
their country. Self-serving in the subculture of illegal listening devices, they have shielded
off for themselves a free harbor of criminal transactions, in situation similar to a large tech-
nological disparity within society. Its open channels of crime are used for evasion of taxes,
customs, trade regulations, theft of proprietary, patent pending information and also private
gain. Through clandestine high tech terror operations they realize their economic interests in
enforcement of conditions in customer and vendor relations, recruitment of top management
personnel, securement of labor peace. The political-economic structure, codified in democratic
constitutions, case regulating through business and trade laws and international trade
agreements, guidelines in negotiations of commercial interest among equal partners on the
international scene, called global players, is left standing as a formal construct, a screen of
image fascism.


In labor camps of behavior manipulation and enslavement, in first place individual behavior is
stimulated or suppressed in its elementary physical needs, in sleep and exercise requirments,
appetite and thirst, hygiene and beauty care, tastes for specific foods and clothing. In second
place manipulated is the emotional state from thrift to the urge to go shopping and from
stress, frustration, spite to the desire to achieve social recognition, to be in charge, to exercise
power madness. In third place affected is motivation, capped or boosted into go-on efforts in
face of exhaustion or failure, while intellectual interests are selectively stimulated, overall
mental, ethical and emotional awareness reduced by blocking agents The toxins are admin-
istered predominantly in small dosages, depot time released to cause habit forming, long term
economic behavior patterns.
Social behavior like cooperation in teams, groups, hierarchical structures and manners of com-
munication are manipulated out of the emotional state from diffidence to hostility, out of chan-
neled motivation from dropping out to instigation of an intrigue or through inducement of ner-
vousness or through disruption of fine motoric in gestures or impairment of the vocal cords.
In all the target's professional and social careers are predetermined by restriction of personal
development in identity, character, education and physical fitness.
Control over a population's political-sociological behavior, implemented by present state of the
art technology, relies on manipulation of individual political-psychological profiles in a program
of depot pellet - toxin release, feedback activated on selected neurological processes of mil-
lions of targets in all groups of society.

In a fornication race to gain predominance in all available tools of clandestine high tech terror,
the major government security agencies around the world press ahead with the development
of bio-chemically engineered mutagenic, hybridization and recombinant DNA technologies.
Direct incision into human hereditary dispositions in the common gene pool improves the
present techniques of behavior channeling by degrees of efficiency and economy, not
symptoms but causes attacking, by modes of operation, centralized with a minimum of
an active network, by coverage of groups and regions and by its lasting, stable results,
transferring altered genetic strains to succeeding generations. In predictable behavior
programming controlled are a population's political-psychological profiles and with it key
population parameters of populalation size, birth rate, life expectancy, age group distribution,
general health and key economic indicators of GNP, growth rate in each economic sector, pro-
ductivity, priorities of high tech projects.
Several larger parties, security services and defence leagues, having escalated the inves-
tigation into these crimes into a worldwide, dirty war against the personnel of competing
security agencies, claimed to clean up these crimes. Pretended were human dignity, right to
life, basic freedoms and a community of nations free of war as a basis for stringent, codified
and internationally guarantied safeguards against misuses of modern bio-technologies.
However, having set up the widest network of undercover agents under the pretence of
security, employing the widest variety of sodomy drugs from plundered stockpiles, they
operate the largest labor camp of sadism and sodomy as well as labor camp of deception and
perfidy in the whole world. The executioners in their extermination camps, the most heinous
Auschwitz beasts, fornication their sole purpose, sodomize to death in first line advocates of
publication and prosecution of these crimes under the perversity label of emergency medical
care for the victims with anonymously shot in poison pellets. Propagating the total lie, in the
name of humanity, suppressed is the publication of the unleashing of the multiple, uncon-
trolled dangers of the extinction of mankind.


General introduction and classification of intentional misuses of genetics:

A) The human genetic material,...
B) The sexual replication process of eukaryotes, utilized in hybridization DNA technologies,
is not being discussed here.
C) In the growth process of eukaryotic cells,...
D) Proteins, basic building blocks of organisms,...
E) Hereditary traits...

Application of genetic engineering in criminal intent to cause specific dysfunction of individual
systems of the human body utilizes the tools of 1) mutagenic, 2) recombinant and 3) hybri-
dization DNA technologies, the last one not being discussed here. Aimed at are four levels
of incision: demise of the organism through disablement of a vital organ or function;
inducement of a disease, affecting localized body tissue or a singular function; increase or
decrease of a specific physiological or neurological capacity; programming of development
and differentiation of the human brain to predetermine the political-psychological profile.

1) Mutagenesis
2) Recombinant DNA technology


	(text from this page has been reworked, see Basics and Open Letter)
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