Mittelbau - Dora   08 19 2000

			May man keep a watchful eye
			that these crimes against humanity
			will never reoccur again.

The executioners in the extermination camps and labor camps of sadism and sodomy eliminate
in first priority advocates of publication and prosecution of the crimes of clandestine high tech
terror to prevent the formation of any organization, advocating establishment of public, re-
liable safeguards against the misuses of modern bio-technologies.
Several larger parties, security services, private organizations and defence leagues, having
escalated the investigation into the security agencies of the Western Atomic Powers and NATO,
of Russia, Japan, Germany, Israel, Saudi Arabia, of larger Third World Countries and predo-
minant forces of US and German industries into a global dirty war, today operate the largest
system of labor camps in the whole world.
They operate the most heinous extermination camps in the history of mankind, executioners
sodomizing to death thousands of people a year.

They operate medical dissection camps, hit teams conducting field testing of new classes of
toxins on tens of thousands of people a year.

They operate the largest labor camps of sadism and sodomy worldwide, executioners mass
drugging tens of millions of people a year.

They operate the largest labor camps of behavior manipulation and enslavement worldwide,
hit teams massdrugging tens of thousands of people a year.

They operate the largest labor camps of deception and perfidy worldwide, recording in total
information control tens of billions of videos, faxes, conversations, brain wave patterns and
genetic fingerprints a day.

Propagating the total lie, in the name of humanity they suppress the publication of the
unleashing of the multiple, uncontrolled dangers of the extinction of mankind.

Several larger parties, security services and defence leagues, having escalated the inves-
tigation into the crimes of despotic perversion into a worldwide dirty war and fornication
race for predominance in all tools of clandestine high tech terror, claimed to clean up these
crimes. Pretended were human dignity, right to life, and physical integrity, basic freedoms, a
community of nations free of war and establishment of forensic laboratories and medical facilities
to provide adequate medical treatment for the victims of these crimes as a basis for stringent,
codified and internationally guarantied safeguards against the misuses of modern bio-tech-
nologies. However, having set up the widest network of undercover agents under the pre-
tence of security, employing the widest variety of sodomy drugs, they equally operate out of
high tech power centers and supervise the largest extermination camps and labor camps of
sadism and sodomy and of deception and perfidy with a gapless early warning system against
security threats. They tolerate the continuing financing of research and development of new
classes of toxins in the labs of the major power's security agencies, their field testing, pro-
duction and employment by hit teams in a system of labor camps. They secure their know-
how, plunder toxic drug shipments, stockpiles and delivery systems and directly employ any
new, experimental drug against populations at large. The executioners in their extermination
camps, the most heinous Auschwitz beasts, fornication their sole purpose, stir up hate as in-
citement to commit any bestiality conceivable. They sodomize their targets to death under the
perversity label of emergency medical care for the victims with anonymously shot in poison
pellets. In consequence destroyed are democratic constitutions and also civilization worldwide
in all fields of human endeavors, having been upturned into a breeding ground, fostering
crimes against mankind to shoot into gigantic proportions and to cause the extinction of

Control over a population's political-sociological behavior, implemented by present state of the
art technology, relies on manipulation of individuals' political-psychological profiles in a process
of depot pellet - toxin release, feedback activated on selected neurological processes of mil-
lions of targets in all groups of society. Direct incision into human hereditary dispositions by
bio-chemically engineered mutagenic, hybridization and recombinant DNA technologies im-
prove the present techniques of behavior channeling by degrees of efficiency and economy,
not symptoms but causes attacking, by modes of operation, centralized with a minimum of an
active network, by coverage of groups and regions and by lasting, stable results, transferring
altered genetic strains to succeeding generations. Genetic manipulations by today's major
security agencies follow mainly a) political, b) military, c) economic, d) sociological,
e) demographic criteria.

a) Political criteria: A nation's security council states in secret policy goals its intent of control
of all political, military, economic, financial, scientific, sociological processes. Drawing on ra-
tional, 'scientific', 'non'-ideological tools of predictable behavior programming, eliminating from
the population's political-psychological profiles non-conform, conviction, ethics, reason, ma-
turity based motivations, they manipulate every citizen's individual physiological, neurological
and genetic activities.
A population is manipulable by clandestine, technological means as its political behavior is
alone image guided, for example by the illusions of complete mastery of nature, ever acce-
lerating technological process, social process insuring by reason alone the way to universal
arbitration, a welfare image of all government institutions. The democratic constitution with its
principles of representation, solidarity, separation of powers, parliamentary oversight functions
and basic liberties is left standing as a screen of image fascism, while the citizens' inner
freedoms of thought and movement are being crippled in a clandestine, bestial process of
irreversible in cisions into the common gene pool.

b) Military criteria: According to the US and NATO secret policy goal of technological supe-
riority in all categories of military weapons aimed at were the construction and peace time
deployment of the first 'biological bomb'. Its first stage comprises the genetic identification,
marking and tracking of every single individual of every country by a network of undercover
operatives. In the second stage every single individual is pumped up with genome altering
agents via clandestinely, pneumatically shot in poison pellets. The third stage, an electronic
set off mechanism tied to a global satellite and surveillance system, furnishes the capability
of single and mass applications with precise timing, selection of targets and grading of dama-
ges. The employment structure comprises a depot system of bio-tech weapons, placement toxin
locked capsules in food and water supplies and also space based gliding probe - flying drone

c) Economic criteria: The economic structure is manipulated in its key economic indicators of
gross domestic product by kind of economic activity, private consumption expenditures, net
savings, labor force structure, adherence to labor peace, work ethics, mainly channeled
by basic economic behavior patterns and essential needs.

d) Sociological behavior: The social structure, especially the wider technological elite, is pre-
programmed in each person's professional and social careers by manipulation of personal de-
velopment in identity, character, education, mainly by effect of basic behavior in intellectual
interests, motivation, emotional state, sexuality. General health is controlled by genetic
manipulations of the population's allele composition, especially by targeted incisions to lead
to disease, disability and death, touching all facets of public and private health care.

e) Demographic criteria: Demographic data, base of and leverage on social and economic
stuctures, directly affected by incisions into the common gene pool, are manipulated in key
population parameters of population size, of local population density, of age group distribution,
mainly by still born, life birth, infant mortality and death rates, - average life expectancy not
being an indicator of general health anymore.


General introduction to intentional misuses of genetics

First stages of evolution

A) The cell nucleus
B) Proteins
C) Growth processes
D) Sexual reproduction
E) Hereditary traits
F) Laws of inheritance
G) Breeding technologies

General classification of intentional misuses of genetics

Application of genetic engineering in criminal intent to cause specific dysfunction of individual
systems of the human body utilizes the tools of 1) mutagenic, 2) recombinant, 3) hybridization
DNA technologies. Aimed at are four levels of incision:...

1) Mutagenesis
2) Recombinant DNA technology
3) Hybridization
4) Population genetics


	(text from this page has been reworked, see Basics and Open Letter)
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