Natzweiler - Struthof  09 12 1998

			May man keep a watchful eye
			that these crimes against humanity
			will never reoccur again.

These crimes, the worst in the history of mankind, are being revived in their beginnings by the
CIA, BND, FSB (KGB), the leaders of the governments of the US, Russia, Germany, Great
Britain, France, Japan, Vietnam, India (at least until recently), Saudi Arabia, the Sudan, the
Jewish People, the President of South Africa, the leaders of the US Military and NATO, the Chief
Justice of the US Supreme Court, most of US and German Industry, for example the CEOs of
Textron, Mercedes Benz and VW - Audi, and about all the major parties and security agencies,
who claim to clean up these crimes or to render medical help anonymously.

They operate labor camps of sadism and sodomy, massdrugging millions of people a year.

They operate CIA gas chambers, spraying thousands of people a year with concentrated nerve
gas and industrial toxic gases.

They operate labor camps of deception and perfidy, recording in excess of ten billion of videos,
conversations and brain wave patterns a day.

All the major parties and security agencies, who claim to clean up the crimes of the CIA, BND,
NATO, etc..., are setting up in competition with these agencies clandestine high tech power
centers as pillars of political might, from where to pursue secret policy goals: national
strength, economic vitality, technological superiority, ideological uniformity and with it com-
plete control over political processes. In despotic perversion to gain predominance in all
available tools of clandestine high tech terror, they finance an array of large scale research
programs, in goal and method of human depravity.

Applying advanced bio-technology, especially genetics, they develop new drugs in the intent
of specific dysfunction of individual systems of the human body through the inducement of
controlled mutation of gene sequences or their replacement by non- or dysfunctioning se-
quences. Via transplantation on suitable carriers, they are transferred in single applications
or epidemically.

Out of research into bio- and electro-chemical processes of the human brain, they have
synthesized new agents to manipulate all neurological activities, wake awareness, con-
centration, emotional state, controlled through the central nervous system, and all motoric
and sensitive functions, controlled through the peripheral system. Induced modes are
stimulation, compulsory activity, in sensitivity, permanent destruction of functionality,
malignant growth.

They drive ahead with the project 'Total Information Control', the monitoring of the worldwide
information flow in its entirety, in the military field as well as politics, the sciences, finance,
economics, education, the arts and the press, here to secure complete control over the
channeling of public issues in discussion. Wired up with illegal listening and video devices
are every household in the world, on every continent, every workplace, every public and private
institution, every workstation. Manipulating political, sociological, individual neurological
processes, every individual's brain wave patterns are to be recorded in the language con-
trolling section of the brain to decipher their thinking. Financing has been increased world-
wide for production lines of toxic drugs and poison pellet delivery systems, tele-communi-
cation and high capacity data processing equipment and networks of operatives.

While the various security agencies conduct a dirty war of global dimensions against each
other, especially a nerve gas and poison pellet war against the personnel of the BND on
german soil, the people, who profess to help the victims with medication pellets anonymously
or to provide direct security, sodomize to death all proponents of an effective clean up of these
crimes through publication, prosecution and the establishment of public, reliable safeguards.

There is harmony everywhere. Looking around from a hill over a landscape in the kingdom of
God, the land is fertile, but is not being plowed, the pines give shade in groups, but do not
thicken to unpenetrable forests, their tops bowing in the wind, though you might not
understand their whispers. You hear the songs of the children, where the poorest of all
creatures have found refuge and so-lace. There is abundance of love you cannot all grasp with
your hands. Their words say: 'In all of creation love the poorest of the poor, with all creation
love your enemies too.' The oppressors have found no entrance here, but they have grown out
of life like you and have never been able to touch your faith. Out of freedom of thought and
action, out of the ability to distinguish and to act in choice, man gains cognition, - to hate
one's enemies is to forge a sword out of one's eyesight, a shot out of a song and a stone out
of creation.

To distinguish good and evil, to dispense justice out of generosity, will advance peace and
uplift the oppressed. In prevention of the disastrous consequences of massive, criminal
corruption, they are restated again:

A political ambition that is not based on an ethical value, is not sustainable, but to collapse. -
A disrespect of a basic human right like the dignity of man, will lead in excess to self-
Any gross criminal corruption, especially crimes out of human depravity, not being publicized,
given the tools of modern technology, will cause the extinction of mankind.

The development of an adequate solution to the crimes of the spiritual, political, civic and
leaders of the sciences of our times is derived out of ethics. Promoting a benefit, touching all
inter-human relationships, it acts as a constructive force in social endeavors, as small group
efforts in a field of worldwide, ethical pluralism and concepts. To preserve a state of ethical
freedom, where not a major present day conflict determines political action, its practical task is
to solve historic cases of corruption as all major misdevelopments flow out of moral failure.
The measures of ethics are therefore precise: recognition of reason, identification of crime,
restraint to major issues, results.

Ethics, the question, are all aspects of the thought or thing at hand considered, independently
and out of reflection, does not allow itself to be deflected from a past historic concept, now
ossified, not regarding present day forces, or to seep away in superficialities. It asks anew, are
my conceptions of the present time a fair representation, are all relations and consequences of
the item at hand uncovered, is the major issue identified?

Ethics, taking up singular questions, remains non-systematic, non-scientific, negatively ex-
pressed as a freedom from a scourge, for a moral value not to become a ready tool of misuse.
In restraint to a major issue, it collects its spearheads. It directs its appeal at the conscience
of the times, prevention of gross misdevelopments, education about interhuman relationships,
investigation into scientific inter-dependencies, restatement of universal principles of mankind.
Training public self-awareness in reflection, ethics abhors a violent, constitutional revolution,
any suffocation of its basic human appeal.

Adequate ethical solutions are measured by their results. Out of a demonstration of the
disastrous consequences, resistance to corrective action will have to be broken down.
Addressed are the in-tention forming forces of the human mind, its driving forces, circum-
scribing the dimensions of its world, their main direction and dynamics, its thoughts or objects
of desire, the character and background of its adopted conceptions or desired objects, further
evaluated by comprehensiveness, extent and qualities like determination. An individual
intention requires to be centered on a goal and training to speak out in public, to act, to
initiate a public investigation and prosecution. Refusing theories about science, the measures
of ethics have the central purpose to sharpen the question identified.

Ethics out of the driving force of social pointed curiosity widens in scope into the furthest
extending of all rational contemplations. It establishes examples for man to learn out of
history, its narration and explanation, out of the interpretation of a human situation in a given
time, out of hypothesis of alternate options for action, out of an utopia, a vision of a possible
state of social affairs, or it sets demands on behavior out of inspiration from faith. Ethics leads
to the open gallery of interpretation of human conditions.

The people, who profess to help the victims with medication pellets anonymously and the
majority of the parties, who provide direct security, the executioners in the labor camps of
sadism and sodomy, perform the dirty work. Hit teams operate globally as specialized
departments of the CIA, BND, NATO, etc..., supported by their agencies' or organizations'
logistical networks. The larger number of operatives recruit mostly independently in contract
to a major security agency. They claim under the cover of emergency help to have done the very
best for the victims, while in first priority they suppress analytical, bio-chemical evidence
of the toxins employed and with it the establishment of legal proof. Any attempt towards
publication of their massive human rights violations is cut short incisively. The policy of
arbitrary assassinations of the major security agencies is insured sufficient room. None of the
target is slated for recovery, adequate medical care in a clinical environment is excluded.

Some hit teams, like the illegitimate children of Josef Mengele, have specialized in the support
of their agencies' clandestine research and development of experimental, often lethal drugs.
Conduc ting field testing on selected targets and random population samples, on the living and
the dying, the physiological, neurological and psychological effects of new classes of toxins are
collected electronically and via satellite transmission directly at the agency's high tech center
available for data evaluation.

Other hit teams, like the SS Totenkopf Verbände, concentrate on the manipulation of
sociological processes. In hand with the project of total control over the worldwide information
flow, all of non-uniformity susceptive persons are being monitored and manipulated through
distortion of character, especially in respect to their political convictions and ethical standards.
Electro-chemical sensors being implanted in the scull and all vital organs, the digestive tract,
the muscles, the skin and all parts of the male or female reproductive system, they are
followed up in their living and working environments, including their prayers, travels, intel-
lectual and social activities to pursue them throughout all phases of the day, exceeding a span
of over sixty years up to the time of their demise. Together with the measurement of brain
wave patterns, thoughts, the state of wake awareness, psychological drive, nervous sensitivity,
emotions and sexual orientation are readable.

On the scale of tens of millions or targets worldwide, they are being pumped up with depot
poison pellets, which are set off electronically to release the toxins into the bloodstream in
reaction to premarked neurological processes. Each of the capacities of the human brain is
selectively stimulated or suppress to channel general behavior. Technical curiosity is elevated,
theological questions are deflected for example. The overall level of concentration, memory,
reaction, emotional sensitivity and physical endurance are reduced. Specific physical actions
are induced like taking revenge on an outpointed person through a combination of mind and
emotion flaring drugs in synergistic enforcement. Combat actions are supported through
conscience and emotion blockers, any impulse for violence then being unrestricted.
Psychological dependency of a target is created through an operator's advice and help with
simultaneous inducement of diffidence. For an active purpose or psychological terror, where
the target is attacked in all neurological processes simultaneously, not to allow relaxation,
manipulated is every emotion: despair, depression, anger, irritation, fear, paranoia, coarse-
ness, recklessness, power madness, contentedness, sympathetic feelings, elation. Wake
awareness is blended with fixed images like the news picture of an accident, which are brought
back to mind in daily sequence, also induced in dreams at night. In all the target's identity,
character, development and social interactions are crippled, not mutated, but stripped to break
down. On the social level, the target is isolated, in its professional work capped, family and
welfare safety nets ripped, disenfranchised and dehumanized. It is to die on the streets.

The hit teams, professing to help the victims anonymously or claiming to provide direct
security, observe BND operatives, spraying people's clothing with the odorous essence of
human sperm, wherever they can worldwide, to monitor the targets' psychological reactions
to these attacks in their brain wave patterns.


In a creeping, clandestine process of bestial subversion, the hit teams have defiled human
dignity, the standards of decency and social behavior, the fibers of any community, destroyed
the democratic constitutions with their principles of representation, solidarity, separation of
powers, parliamentary oversight functions and also civilization worldwide in all fields of human
endeavors. This perfidious reality with sodomy of truth as a rule, as a breeding ground, fosters
crimes against mankind to shoot into gigantic proportions.

Most crimes find their entrance into the mind through a defect in mentality. Our human
mentality springs out of mood and feelings with which we surround us. It spans our intellectual
horizon and reflects our intentions and values as hues of dawn presage the character of the
day. It is an integrate part of man's freedom of thought and expression, he requires space to
move, to discover, to err. His mentality gives a sign of his vitality, a door through which
curiosity and courage pass to step into uncharted areas. It extends to the living environment
of a community and also the mentality of an institution can be described by its level of public

The loss of one aspect of mentality indicates the loss of one value in life. It serves as an early
warning signal. The loss of all faith, conviction or Spirit of Man in our present time shows in the
loss of mercy. Without a heart for mercy, people do not possess anymore a healthy feeling for
justice and peace, bare of generosity and at the other end effeminated towards crime.

The operation of illegal listening devices is indicated in public and private discussions by a lack
of human understanding on central issues. The major issues of the times are sidestepped,
dominating are formal superficiality, monotony in bearing, traditional prerogatives.

The hidden crimes of clandestine high tech terror appear out of the question: where did all
those people go? They vanish from life a vessel on a calm sea, having sunk without a whirl or
a wake. In an environment of superficial peace, uniformity, if not social stupor, soft spoken
fanaticism in political undercurrents, sublime techniques of oppression flash up for an instance
in an unusual form of apparent self-destruction.

The crimes out of human depravity are one way and down river. The spiritual, political, civic
and leaders of the sciences of our times, in their bestial ambitions, on their way crossing the
river Styx got swept down streams over the cliffs, their boat shelled, torn down into ever
increasing distance to all standards of truth.

Embarking from the banks of the river, resigning from life, in the attitude of indifference, an
individual limits himself to a narrow mental horizon, while he does not develop any own
concept for his life or ambition in or conception of the world around him. He does no care
about religion, ethics, politics or events on the international scene, he does not show any
leadership to work for the bet-terment of the state of social affairs, even being faced with a
crime against humanity. Claiming indi-vidual powerlessness, the right of assembly remains
unused, in the democratic process to form an interest group to represent a public issue. Under
the motto 'do not stick out', the indifferent person rather strives to keep a carefree state of
mind, emotionally to feel good about things and to take advantage of passing opportunities,
while at the same time concerned about personal security, maneuvers to ship around

However, the indifferent person, an unconsciously camouflaging sociological type, cannot
escape anywhere the global networks of bestial subversion, the effects of complete information
mapping through illegal listening and video devices, random poisoning of entire food ship-
ments, massive drugging attacks in the global dirty war among security agencies. In in-
difference he sells his own children into state prostitution.


Drifting down streams on the river and going down the first cataract, the boat turned keel up,
a soul will hardly ever escape the current and reach shore to work his way back to the starting
point. Having yielded to the waters of oblivion, the lost soul has abandoned faith, conviction or
Spirit of Man and the capacity to fill any of his endeavors with real substance. He has lost his
human basis. Out of lack, out of a single motive crime, he holds up images of himself, a void in
a void, like an idol of human capability and convenience, an illusion of scientific and social
progress, ensuring the way to universal arbitration by reason alone, and defends his intel-
lectual sloth with violence: image fascism.

The dominant forces in government, industry, the sciences and the press today will not allow
any crack to be torn into the welfare image of their institutions and hold up as public facades
equally inviolable in image the principles of constitutionality of all government acts, basic
liberties of right to life, freedom and security, privacy, absence of degrading treatment, best
affordable healthcare for the people, universality of public law enforcement and responsibility
in the freedom of the press and in freedom of scientific research and development. The public
atmosphere is imbued with charades of activities to generate good feeling, awards to honor
peace and freedom initiatives and civic leadership together with benefits and a host of festivals
in all branches of the arts.

A pillar of image fascism is economic growth, competitiveness in a global market as a basis to
political power. Personal aim in despotic perversion is the recognition as statesman in the
history of one's people and the progress of the times. To this end all political and sociological
processes need to be controlled minutely. Public criticism is eliminated with its protagonist and
entire political issues with all their fibers are surgically removed from public awareness. With
security agencies and mostly independent hit teams as the operational arms, the process of bestial
subversion sets in: formulation of secret policy goals, total control over the worldwide in-
formation flow, clandestine high tech power centers with financing of an array of large scale
research programs in goal and method of human depravity, massive operation of labor camps
of sadism and sodomy and CIA gas chambers, encrippling millions of people a year. Election
campaigns are being fought in a fornication race, people on the streets shot with digestion
inducing drugs, public toilets turned into CIA gas chambers and there the targets' brain wave
patterns recorded for results. - What the political and civic leaders of our time lack most is

Holding on to planks, being washed down streams towards the next falls and going over,
letting go from the last safeties, the lost soul will fall into hypocrisy, into guilt of pretence
and crime. The spiritual and political leaders of our time advance ethical standards, which have
been degenerated to rules of appearance, formal respectability, rational organization of public
institutions, comparative standards of living, rules of daily life wisdom, cooperation in  teams,
some charity and work ethics, which is alone of sufficient value.

The Word of the Lord is being distorted beyond recognition. Its central message of love of the
poor, love of enemies, truth and justice has been abandoned through false interpretations,
diminutions, ramifications, defusing of well justified questions and lack of spiritual leadership.
The major issues of justice and peace like the worldwide inequities of wealth, over-population,
environmental destruction, clandestine high tech terror are not being addressed, civil war and
violence mostly disregarded, spiritual pedagogic methods are not reflected on, no example of
adequate advice or criticism is given. Taboos are established, indicating inviolable areas like
the privacy of the home, just the targets debased by the hypocrite. His delight kindles, when
the innocent for their dilettante resistance are to suffer and are sodomized to death. In church
service, setting the formula, the rite, the cleaning of the holy vessels, has moved into the
center of the liturgy.

In the scientific community, measures of reason are being disfigured in their substance. The
faculties of the mind together with observation demand strict reasoning and methods to yield
results, which are of certainty, objectively reconstructable, in equal weight with criticism of
prejudices and recognition of ethical standards. However, progress in the natural sciences
claims in the same way to advance social progress towards a value free, multi-balanced,
tolerant society, - a fata morgana on a dismantled base. Taught are application of rationality
in all areas of life, public discussion of all issues with democratic mechanisms of conflict
solving, raising of educational standards and the health of the population, shift to intel-
lectual activities through progressive industrialization and creation of wealth.

While in research and development scientific methods are being applied, their ritual the
calibration of the instruments, however, the spirit of enlightenment and ethical dimensions of
reason have been abrogated, they do not exist in the areas of politics, social affairs, the press,
human rights, wiped away through false interpretations, diminutions, ramifications, defusing of
scientific issues and lack of a human base in opposition to irrational visions of the future. Again
the major issues of our time are not being addressed. A scientific topic in discussion does not
clearly indicate its political point of view, its relevant relations to other issues, its chain of
consequences to negative effects on other aspects of life. Political ambitions, real power
structures, crimes against humanity, massive misapplications of technology are barely being
shed light on, the questions about responsibility out of scientific research, the science director,
void of conscience and social consciousness, turns away his shrunk, glass-steel face.

In cynicism the lost soul takes an intellectual distance in resignation to human depravity, a total 
abdication of ethical considerations as a constructive force of the human mind in all its endeavors. 
Having accepted that human activities, be they actions or contemplations, lead to disaster, he will 
take advantage of the situation and employ any stratagem of deception. Out of a superior sense of 
reality, an underground perspective, he looks at the spectacle of crimes as an entertainment, takes 
part in it as a social sport, but regarding his own safety, remains in the background of public events. 
The hypocrite and the cynic, all, the bishop, the science director and the &eacut;minence grise, will 
advance their ambitions with the tools of a politician. While every year in January they commemorate 
the liberation of the Auschwitz extermination camp by russian troops, they apply any method of image 
fascism, the techniques of clandestine high tech terror with the unleashing of the multiple, uncontrolled 
dangers of the extinction of mankind. They say in private: 'to mention these crimes is an act of love, - 
now let us pass on to something else.'

Drifting down the widening river, being tossed from rock to rock, some getting caught in
eddies, going down the last cliffs, washed into a delta with underwater quick sands, swamps
and a lost horizon, their last credo is to make a career out of cynicism: blasphemy of reason.
In depraved reasoning they advance their bestial ambitions, arguing out of hate of other
people, out of inversion of mind, out of perfidy against the dignity of man, out of tools of
clandestine high tech terror and the extinction of mankind.

Benjamin Netanjahu: 'Because of the gassing of millions of Jews in Nazi extermination camps,
we should not use gas, but more efficient toxins via poison pellets to eliminate people.'
Bill Clinton and the CIA: 'All people, advocating a public, ethical standard, need to be in-
vestigated, especially under the effects of a variety of sodomy drugs, to determine, whether
their stance has any merit to it.'
Helmut Kohl: 'Ungeziefer nehmen keinen Anteil am Leben eines Rechtsstaates, - die müssen
ausgerottet werden.'
NATO leaders: 'We need predominance in the tools of clandestine high tech terror, we cannot
get enough poison pellet, drugging, contamination and nerve gas hit teams.'
Jaques Chirac: 'The threads of power come together within the US Military and its allies.'
Toni Blair: 'Because we draw information out of illegal listening devices, we have lost all moral
Boris Jelzin: 'Apply a little more pressure and the spreading awareness of CIA, BND, etc...
activeties will die down.'

The gallows at Auschwitz, where he commander of the camp was hung, are too good for them,
- they will die of their own hands.

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