Neuengamme   09 04 1999

			May man keep a watchful eye
			that these crimes against humanity
			will never reoccur again.

The executioners in the labor camps of sadism and sodomy eliminate in first priority advocates
of publication and prosecution of the crimes of clandestine high tech terror to prevent the
formation of any organization, advocating establishment of public, reliable safeguards against
the misuses of modern bio-technologies.
Several larger parties, security services, private organizations and defence leagues, having
escalated the investigation into the security agencies of the Western Atomic Powers and NATO,
of Russia, Japan, Germany, Israel, Saudi Arabia and of larger Third World Countries into a
global dirty war, today operate the largest labor camp of sadism and sodomy.

They operate extermination camps, assassination squads eliminating more than one hundred
people a year.
They operate medical dissection camps, hit teams conducting field testing of new classes of
toxins on tens of thousands of people a year.
They operate labor camps of sadism and sodomy, hit teams massdrugging millions of people a
They operate CIA gas chambers, hit teams spraying thousands of people a year with concen-
trated nerve gas and industrial toxic gases.
They operate labor camps of deception and perfidy, setting up population wide genetic finger-
print files, recording in excess of ten billion of videos, conversations and brain wave patterns
a day.
They operate labor camps of consumer manipulation and enslavement, hit teams mass drug-
ging tens of thousands of people a year.
They operate labor camps of subversion and corruption, promoting massive, clandestine human
rights violations around the world.

The CIA investigated in their bio-chemical laboratories from the beginning of the fifties na-
turally found poisons and venoms and synthesized toxins, drawing on a variety of sources,
exotic plants and animals, voodoo rites, data from pseudo medical experiments in Nazi
concentration camps. They scaled up their R&D efforts from that period on to synthesize new
classes of toxins in concurrence with the development of biological and chemical weapons by
the US Military and NATO. In one project they started research into bio- and electro-chemical
processes of the human brain to identify the neurological mechanisms of the central and
peripheral nervous systems, in goal to manipulate ethical, intellectual, social, motivational,
emotional and sexual behavior. Another project initiated research into intentional misap-
plication of mutagenic, hybridization and recombinant DNA technologies to cause with site
and function specific changes in the genotype incisions into the phenotype. Aimed at was the
construction of the first 'biological bomb' and development of tools of clandestine high tech
terror, large-scale use of bio-chemical toxins on dissident groups.
Comparative massive R&D programs were undertaken in Russia and Japan. Out of the ad-
vances in modern bio-chemical sciences, which are comparable to the progresses in physics in
the first half of the century the criminal intent of major military and secret services' labora-
tories has realized new, devastating dangers of the extinction of mankind.
Starting with the beginning of the sixties, CIA, FBI and NATO hit teams conducted widespread
field testing of theses new classes of toxins on populations at large, at home and abroad. In
target operations their attacks concentrated on fringe groups like sympathizers of opposite
ideological camps, pacifists, draft resisters, radical groups of minorities, human and civil rights
workers to manipulate political-sociological behavior. Operationally they expanded their net-
work of hit teams to the food processing industry, distributers supermarkets and restaurants.

Acting in concept with US and NATO secret policy goals of national strength, economic vitality,
technological superiority, total information control, ideological uniformity with control over
political, economic, scientific, sociological and also individual neurological and genetic pro-
cesses, by the mid sixties set up were high tech power centers, which increasingly utilized a
global satellite communication and surveillance system, a toxic drug research lab and pilot
plant, a poison pellet production line, high capacity data processing equipment, an expanding
network of hit teams. By the mid seventies, established was, wherever they could, a worldwide
system of labor camps. By the mid eighties present state of the art technology manipulated
political-psychological profiles in a program of depot pellet - toxin release, feedback activated
on selected neurological processes of millions of targets in all groups of society.

In December 89 the Bush Administration, the President, National Security Council and Justice
Department, gained detailized knowledge of the massive CIA/FBI human rights violations
against populations at large. In February 90 the US Senate Intelligence Committee obtained a
corresponding report. The Bush Administration took the steps to forge ahead with R&D efforts
in bio-chemical toxins, to increase surveillance and oppression of groups perceived as dis-
sidents, to incisively cut short any publication of the employment of illegal listening devices
or a target's legal or medical evidence. In correspondence with NATO policy, security and intel-
ligence matters and critical issues in public discussion are defused, eliminated and entire dis-
advantageous issues with all their fibers are surgically removed from public awareness. In
specific, in March 90, some in the Republican leadership pressed the Democrats to drop the
matter and to hide the true extent of CIA/FBI misuses. The Office of the President contacted
several national papers to intercede with publication of any CIA/FBI misuses.
CIA, US Military and NATO laboratories stepped up their research into recombinant DNA
technology to facilitate direct incisions into human hereditary dispositions in the common gene
pool. To be improved were the present techniques of behavior manipulation by degrees of
efficiency and economy, by modes of operation and by coverage of groups and regions. In
predictable behavior programming controlled are a population's political-psychological profiles
and with it key population parameters and key economic indicators.

Some security agencies of Third World Countries start an in depth investigation of CIA clandes-
tine high tech terror operations against populations at large in the US and around the world.

After the election in November 90, B. Clinton continued his predecessor's policy of total denial.
In consultations with M. Thatcher of Great Britain, F. Mitterand of France, H. Kohl of Germany,
all military and intelligence undercover operations are to be protected from public investi-
gation. In despotic perversion, violating constitutional guaranties of basic liberties, an indivi-
dual is left standing without legal defence against arbitrary assassination by a government se-
curity agency, against any nerve gas attack, against any toxic drug attack, against any illegal
listening or video device. In government operated labor camps millions of people are being
sodomized out of their lives each year. 
Truth, constituting common ground for dignity of man and universal principles of unity and
equality of all mankind, has been sodomized to death. In a creeping, clandestine process of
bestial perversion, screened in image fascism by pretence of constitutionality and ethical
standards of government policies, secret policy goals and hit teams have defiled human
dignity, destroyed the democratic constitutions with their principles of representation, so-
lidarity, separation of powers, parliamentary oversight functions and also civilization world-
wide in all fields of human endeavors.

From about the beginning of 93, some foreign security agencies increasingly counterattacked
BND personnel to eradicate its nerve gas and mass drugging operations.

In fall 92 J. Mayor of Great Britain accepted the policy guidelines of total denial. - In May 93
B. Jelzin of Russia joined the Western Atomic Powers' policy of total denial. He employs tools
of clandestine high tech terror by way of his own security services, based on massive research,
production and stockpiles of bio-chemical toxins by Russian Military and KGB laboratories and
tested in medical dissection chambers of their mental institutions. - In February 94 some of
german industry introduced industrial toxic gases to reinforce BND nerve gas operations. - In 
August 94 the Government of Israel reaffirmed its support for Mossad operations, employing
nerve gas and bio-chemical drugs.

In fall 94 the Holy See in Rome yielded to extortion and bribery to drop opposition to basic
human rights violations by the major powers' undercover operations. - In August 95 J. Chirac
of France continued his predecessor's policy of total denial. - While an increasing number of
foreign security services counter-attacked CIA/BND high tech terror operations, escalating into
a global dirty war, in early 96 the leaders of the Governments of the US, Great Britain, France,
Germany and Russia reaffirmed their decision to contain the now spreading awareness of their
massive human rights violations by any means, including assassination. On 11 28 96 the Euro-
pean Commission of Human Rights turned down a suit against CIA/BND nerve gas and mass
drugging operations, violating the European Charter's Art 2,1 Right to Life, Art 3 Degrading
Treatment, Art 5,1 Freedom and Security, Art 8,1 Privacy (Application No 33445/96).
With the beginning of 97 the Governments of the larger and the majority of countries around
the world had withdrawn their support for the establishment of public, reliable safeguards
against misuses of modern bio-technologies. The escalating global dirty war among competing
security agencies has been fueled by several motivations: Each agency regards it as a vital
interest to stay abreast on the research status of bio-chemical weapon systems. In pursuit of
their respective national secret policy goals, they gain for predominance in all available tools
of clandestine high tech terror and for control of their own population's political-psychological
profiles. They employ high tech surveillance methods to gather proprietary information of
political, scientific, economic and financial interest. Some Third World Countries, victims of
colonialism, imperialism and dehumanizing bestialities for centuries, utilize these tools as a
means of revenge. Some security personnel commit excesses of fornication as a social sport.

On a layer above, several larger parties, security agencies, private organizations and defence
leagues, having escalated the investigation into these crimes into a dirty war of global dimensions 
against the personnel of these agencies, claimed to clean up these crimes. Pretended were human 
dignity, right to life, basic freedoms and a community of nations free of war as a basis for stringent, 
codified safeguards against misapplications of advanced bio-technologies. However, having set up 
the widest network of undercover agents under the pretence of security, employing the widest va-
riety of sodomy drugs from plundered stockpiles, they operate the largest labor camp of sadism 
and sodomy worldwide. Their executioners, fornication their sole purpose, eliminate advocates of 
publication and prosecution of these crimes under the perversity label of emergency medical care 
for the victims with anonymously shot in poison pellets. Propagating the total lie, in the name of 
humanity, suppressed is the publication of the unleashing of the multiple, uncontrolled dangers 
of the extinction of mankind. The crimes of clandestine high tech terror, not having been publicized 
in their beginnings, a breeding ground for the seeds of despotic perversion, in silent toleration, in 
consequence has fostered crimes against mankind to shoot into gigantic proportions: suffocation of 
the integrity of truth and the integrity of life, destruction of democratic constitutions and also civili-
zation worldwide, stirring up of hate as an incitement to commit any bestiality conceivable, a dirty
war of global dimensions against the personnel of competing security agencies and populations at
large, especially a nerve gas and poison pellet war against the BND on german soil. In the last 
decade of the outgoing century, corruption, fornication and extinction of mankind have become 
the predominant forces of history.

In May 97 T. Blair of Great Britain continued the policy of total denial. - In January 98 W.
Renquist of the US Supreme Court took the part to suppress any legal evidence of clandestine
high tech terror operations within the US justice system. NATO military security employed
measurement of brain wave patterns area covering as an early warning system of security
threats, especially of publication of their nerve gas and massdrugging operations. - In May 98
the Government of Japan pledged its support to the Western Atomic Powers to assist in the
enforcement of total denial. Two months later on request of the Presidents of the US, Great
Britain, France and the Kanzler of Germany, NATO military security became broad based active
to suppress the spreading awareness of these crimes. - In October 98, also on initiative of
G. Schröder of Germany, predominant forces of US and german industries again reinforced their
campain with their own security organizations. - In March 99 B. Clinton having just survived
impeachment procedures in Congress, declared publication of these crimes to be the world's
No 1 terrorist threat. He started a billion dollar program to tighten up all major US institutions
against counterattacks and to insure their support for the policy of total denial. The Russian
Military agreed to execute assassinations in contract.

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