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Udo Frentzen
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Version 2018

					Open Letter

Dear Madam, Sir,

I write to inform you about widespread misuses of modern biological, chemical, genetic and radiation 
technologies. They are employed by the security agencies of today's Major Powers, a coalition of Third 
World Countries and Private, Independent Defence Leagues in a global, clandestine, dirty B-C-R-G war.

The US CIA investigates from its formation on in bio-chemical laboratories systematically naturally found 
venoms and synthesized toxins for their incisive effects on the human body, drawing on research in 
Europe from before WWI, in Japan before WWII and also on exotic plants and animals, voodoo rites and 
pseudo-medical experiments in Nazi concentration camps. They scaled up their R&D efforts in the 50s 
rapidly and synthesized new classes of toxins, in goal depraved and outlawed, to manipulate every psy-
chological, physiological and genetic function of humans, animals and plants. Radiation weapons are 
developed in their physical-bio-chem labs, retrieving studies from before WWII to manipulate climate, 
equipment and psycho-physiological functions of individuals, groups and entire populations. Concurring 
with US Military, NATO and private research centers, developed is an arsenal of compact, non-con-
ventional, non-lethal to lethal electro-magnetic-bio-chem-gen weapons of mass destruction.

Today, the present state of micro B-C-R-G weapon technology with industrial production and systematic 
area covering employment of non-genetic toxins has realized electro-magnetic-bio-chemical program-
ming of political-social profiles of more than a billion people of all groups of society a year worldwide.

1) Projects Page 2
2) Political Constellation 2
3) Enforcement Concepts 3
4) Command Centers 4
5) Third World Countries 5
6) Private, Independent Defence Leagues 5
7) Global System of Labor Camps 5
with misuses of genetics 12
8) Power Plots 16
9) Prospects 17
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					1) Projects

1a) The nervous system
In one large scale project with a multitude of sub-projects they research the anatomy and neurology of 
the central, enteral and peripheral nervous systems with their coded bio-neuro active electro-magnetic 
fields in intentional misapplication of neurological technologies to manipulate the bio-chemical-electrical 
processes, determining spiritual, ethical, social, intellectual, motivational, emotional, sensual, motoric 
and sexual behavior.
1b) The genome
Another large scale project researches structures and mechanisms of the human genome in intentional 
misapplication of mutagenic, hybridization and recombinant DNA technologies to cause with incisions 
into the genotype changes in the phenotype and shifts in the human gene pool. As goal has been set up 
the construction of the first 'biological bomb' for peace time employment of gene altering agents in grad-
ed to blanket mass poisoning of food and water supplies as well as mass target poisoning of people for 
control of individual psychological, physiological and genetic processes of home and foreign populations. 
Mass destruction of population groups and over regions is realized over the sum of all single catalogued, 
G-pellet prepared targets.
Since the 70s the project has been widened out into a 'human hand directed evolution' to transform man 
as a product of natural evolution into a cloned cyborg-chimera with augmented capabilities by program-
mable electro-magnetic-mechanical and bio-chemical-genetic means.
1c) N-weapons
Developed are N-weapons, utilizing nano-sciences and -technologies in mechano-syntheses to enhance 
analytics, solid, liquid, gas and plasma materials, miniaturization, performance, safety and handling. 
Since the 80s, employed are nano-machines and placed as programmable nano-robots in body tissue to 
manipulate their anatomy, morphology, physiology and environment and with it the level of functional 

					2) Political Constellation

With WW II the US and USSR advanced to superpowers and leaders of a new world order of war and 
peace, the US in possession of atomic weapons since 1945, the USSR since 1949.
2a) The US, driven by the political-military-intelligence-industrial power elites, accepted the challenge of 
the USSR for first place in ideology and power in a Cold War with a broadening arms race and also 
corruptively transformed the political-social character of their country along secret policy goals into a 
militant nationalistic state for an enduring, prosperous global Pax Americana, while formally adhering to a 
constitutional democracy, human rights and freedoms. Cold War objectives of propaganda and military 
battlefields spread beyond religion and culture to all fields to dominate especially the information tech-
nologies and life sciences with anthropology, psychology, sociology, medicine, biology, zoology, bio-
chemistry, electro-biology, genetics and also ecology and climate.
2b) They enforce their hegemonic policies for profit and control, stated in open and secret policy goals, 
with political-ideological block formation with satellite states, new borders and spheres of influence, free 
access to resources, advantageous terms of trade and division of labor, backed by worldwide military 
presence, massive use of force doctrine, credible deterrence with overkill ABC weapons and aggressive 
security R&D programs with technological superiority.
2b1) Secret policy goals are stated by the National Security Council as decision making organ of the Na-
tional Security Community to draw out global power lines for predominance with foreign sided dependen-
cies. They are authorized by executive order, hypocritically justified by the label 'security', though they 
amount to a clandestine revolution in violation against the consent of the governed, constitutional stand-
ards and international conventions.
2b2) Secret policy goals cover all civilian domains, eg worldwide control over larger R&D programs, sur-
veillance of the total information flow, control over public media and opinion, social programming of 
political-religious-economic-social structures and processes, individual programming of peoples' psycho-
logical profiles and behavior and in planning of demographic structures of entire populations to tie all 
individuals, societies, governments and their resources into a policy and security co-operating network.


					3) Enforcement Concepts

Secret policy operations realize cold war objectives in all field's of a nations life as well as in the satellite 
states and are carried by corruption over to the clients of politically opposite camps.
3a) Security planning receives priority over national, general public interests with support by public rela-
tion campaigns to justify the security apparatus and over international, general public interests of the 
Community of Nations in continuous, collaborative co-ordination of interests with a supportive diplomatic 
network of eg transatlantic and -pacific partnerships.
3b) Shielded from public scrutiny are most political transaction, while intelligence operations proceed in 
total secrecy and unaccountably, their agendas being in goals, execution and cover closely interwoven.
3c) The press shapes the public social reality and its rooms of political-social-cultural movement with its 
facades, public issues, discussions and opinions. As facades serve friable curtains like a constitutional 
framework, old fashioned etiquettes, political correctness, illusions and misinformation.
The political representatives are promoted as leaders of progress with growing wealth and welfare.
W. Colby, CIA director (1973-76), stated 'The CIA controls everyone of significance in the major media', 
where it spent about 30% of its budget on covered press personnel and programs.
3d) The apparently natural, calm political-social surface is kept clean by the security services in a multi-
layer enforcement concept with surveillance for protection, conservation of image and social program-
ming. Their directives demand not mobilization, but a manipulable, stable, public environment of opinions 
and actions with only security goals supporting, conform, illusions guided, non-questioning, non-probing 
3d1) Protection
A gapless early warning system is to spot security threats against essential assets: personnel, policy 
goals, operations, methods, installations, equipment and data banks.
A global surveillance/communication system with satellites, ground receiver stations, interception of data 
high ways and wiring up of entire populations records the information flow in its entirety.
3d2) Conservation of image
Cut out from public opinion are ideologically non-acceptable statements. In image fascism, means of 
deception are enforced by means of power. An intelligence review panel has power over life and death.
3d3) Social programming
Populations are controlled by individual-collective programming of political-social behavior.
3e) Technologies are seen as the 'key to power' in the 21st century.
They are the practical tools of the operational arms. US/NATO research panels of the military and secu-
rity agencies like the Defence Advanced Research Projects (DARP) develop the arsenal of compact 
weapon architectures over the spectrum of conflicts out of an array of large scale research, de-
velopment, test and employment programs, which are offered, awarded, tested, set up for operation, 
departmentalized and institutionalized. Weaponizing of modern technologies is to hit progressively easi-
er, faster, severer and more precise than foregone ones and to exhaust human-material, scientific-
technological capabilities in space, air, at sea, land from single to large scale, non-lethal to lethal, inter-
cepting to blocking to retaliating tools, mainly in misuses of physics, chemistry, biology, genetics, medi-
cine and computer science. They corrupt as totalitarian tools in first line human living environments, 
where it cannot be perceived by the senses in the very small, very distant and difficult to detect.
About 40% of the US military budget with total secrecy goes into more than 50 000 black projects of 
research, testing and employment with command centers and a system of labor camps. Developed are 
B-C-R-G micro-weapons as the 4th generation of weapons after spears, guns, rockets, now armed with 
toxins like contaminants, bio-chemical-genetic agents, electrical current, electro-magnetic-thermal-
acoustic radiation and neurologically coded misinformation.
3f) The traditional goals of military forces to successfully invade a foreign country and of intelligence 
services to topple it without outer force by corruption in collapse from within have been superseded.
The CIA/MI5 coups 1953 in Iran against Mohammad Mossaddegh, reinstalling the Shah and 1963 in Iraq 
against Abd al-Karim Qasim in support of the Ba'ath Party were deemed operations without alternative.


					4) Command Centers

4a) The intelligence-security agencies of the Western Powers, eg the USSS/DoD/CIA/NSA/FBI/DHS, the 
British MI 5-6, the French DGSE and the German BND/MAD/AVS have set up their Command Centers 
within security bases of NATO countries to enforce their secret policy goals according to their intelligence 
agreements and in division of labor locally. Non-military government security controls federal, state and 
city employees and within the population all groups, perceived as dissidents like sympathizers of oppo-
site ideological camps. Military intelligence controls military personal and within the population groups 
like anti-war activists and draft dodgers. Security agencies of the Western Industrialized Nations control 
white and blue collar workers and within the population work and consume conform behavior.
The US Special Operational Command (SOC), formed 1987 at the MacDill AFB FL with a number of sub-
centers, is tied into a global satellite surveillance/communication system with data retrieval and evalua-
tion and supervises research; testing, production, procurement and employment of micro A-B-C-G 
weapons/equipment, the toxins, delivery and set off systems, the training of special forces in tactics, 
techniques and operations and the personnel of single agents, teams, networks and fronts.
4b) Poison dispensers in form of microscopically tiny pellets, containing toxins in gelatin skin or foil, a 
microchip, receiver, emitter and a nano-robot as well as tiny listening and video devices and bio-
chemical-electrical-thermal-genetic sensors are produced in microchip precision engineering by the 
millions. As depot poison pellets they are implanted directly or placed on a carrier like an unknowing 
person or any object of daily use or a drink water reservoir or any stage of the food chain or a space 
based gliding capsule - flying drone device to be guided electronically into the vicinity of the target. They 
can be spun off several times out of multiple layers of equally tiny, hair like pneumatic guns with an effec-
tive range of about 30 feet to be shot into the skin of the target. After activation they operate maintenance 
free for years, while their batteries recharge by body movements. Nobots, programmable, mechanical 
nano-robots, channel the pellets into site specific body tissue. They are applied single and massive, con-
centrated and blanket, random and selective, narrow and wide, scattered and systematic, limited and 
open ended, in closed and open mediums, contained and epidemic, preparatory and acute. The gelatin 
membrane dissolves in body fluid, a foil membrane is opened electronically, time locked, by a prepro-
grammed code signal or sound or voice or within the body toxin concentration or neurological process 



					5) Third World Countries

The larger and the majority of smaller Third World Countries formed a coalition and initiated, supported 
by Russia, an in depth investigation of the intelligence agencies of the Western Atomic Powers and 
NATO, Japan, Germany, Israel and eg Saudi Arabia. Their goals branch out widely:
5a) Information about the developmental status of B-C-R-G micro weapon systems.
5b) Protection against threats from B-C-R-G micro weapons.
5c) Predominance with global employment of B-C-R-G micro weapons.
5d) Political-military-social counter-leverage against the Western Powers.
5e) Suppression of any attempt towards publication of undercover operations.
5f) Revenge for torture, murder and 500 years of dehumanizing treatment.
5g) Indignation to lay waste depraved political-social leadership.
In all, they copy the Major Powers’ system of labor camps.

					6) Private, Independent Defence Leagues

6a) Victim associations
Several victim associations and self-help groups, calling themselves targeted individuals (TIs), organize 
themselves in alternate media, mostly the WorldWideWeb, conduct information campaigns about live 
tests of military-intelligence B-C-R research projects, writing to eg government offices, legislatures, the 
press, medical associations, handing in petitions and law suits at the responsible government offices for 
violations of rights to life and liberty by deliberate assault on non-combatants. There they are altogether 
ignored, turned down, send to psychiatric treatment, put under surveillance, infiltrated, instrumentalized 
as false fronts and neutralized in labor camps. They are hardly supported by established caritas organi-
6b) Defence leagues
Several mostly smaller parties sprang up out of individual security concerns, organize themselves for 
collective protection as independent defence leagues and are, driven by spreading awareness of micro 
weapon operations, continuously multiplying beyond several thousand groups worldwide. They investi-
gate parallel to the Third World Countries the security-intelligence services first of their local region, then 
successively of their home country and neighboring states. Their operational interests unfold like those of 
the Third World Countries into information, protection, predominance, counter-leverage, total secrecy, 
revenge and indignation. They arm themselves with surveillance/communication systems, stolen equip-
ment, plundered stockpiles, copied operational know-how and recruit their own undercover hit teams.
In all, they copy the Major Powers’ system of labor camps.

					7) Global System of Labor Camps

Camp guards are employed as spot, walk by, stalk, decoy and hit teams.
7a) Surveillance camps: spies record for information control the data flow in its entirety worldwide.
7b) Deception camps: multi media presents a Potemkin village.
7c) Extermination camps: executioners eliminate more than one thousand people a year.
7d) Gas chambers: hit teams spray with nerve gases thousands of people a year.
7e) Radiation camps: hit teams cripple by wave-particle beams thousands of people a year.
7f) Harassment camps: Intelligence trainees strike down on millions of people a year.
7g) Sadism and sodomy camps: hit teams execute a billion druggings a year.
7h) Behavior manipulation camps: hit teams mass drug millions of people a year.
7i) Corruption camps: agents commit gross human rights violations around the world.
7j) Dissection camps: hit teams test new toxins on millions of people a year.
7k) Genetic manipulation camps: hit teams test genetic toxins on thousands of people a year.
7l) Revenge camps: Third World Countries and Private, Independent Defence Leagues revenge them-
selves for bestialities of the Super Powers.


7a) Surveillance camps
Goal is total information control by recording the data flow in its entirety worldwide.
To be penetrated are foremost foreign military and security services, terrorist organizations, political-
social, R&D, production, trading, banking, communication systems and populations at large.
To be gained are reliable, up to date information for political-military-economic-social planning.
To be shielded by an early warning system are all intelligence assets: personnel, policy goals, technolo-
gies, installations, equipment, methods and operations.
7a1) Intercepted are land/sea based cable and air bound radio traffic.
7a2) Plugged into are public and work places, buildings, equipment and households.
7a3) Wired up are individuals. Technical steps are identification, marking, connecting, tracking, data 
transmission, collection, storage and evaluation.
Spies funnel illegally multi-sensor chips into every household. Every person is wired up to pursue him in 
all his prayers, travels, intellectual, professional and social activities throughout all phases of the day 
from his childhood to his demise.
The microscopically tiny devices with RFID technology are surgically implanted by assisting personnel or 
pneumatically shot in by a hit team directly or via a suitable carrier like any object of daily life. They are 
activated remotely or by bio-chem-electrical process recognition in the target and operate maintenance 
free for years, while their batteries recharge by body movements.
Electro-magnetic-acoustic-thermal-biological-chemical-genetic sensors and radio emitters are placed cell 
specific into the body, the scull and all cortexes of the brain, eg the visual, hearing, language, thought, 
emotion and motoric regions to record neurological performances with eg sensual perceptions, mental 
operations, memory, moods and behavior, are placed along nerve strands and their axons, other organs, 
glands, muscles, skin, digestive tract, male or female reproductive system to record physiologi-cal per-
formances. Genetic fingerprints list the complete gene sequences of the chromosomes. They are read by 
a microchip, whose tweezers pick out tiny strings of DNA and insert them into an ultra slender channel, 
etched on the plastic chip with tiny electrodes to detect along the serpentine genetic macromolecule the 
code's chemical letters. Established are the identity of the person with his hereditary disposi-tions, genet-
ically determined diseases, genetic factors of the phenotype, especially in development and differentia-
tion of the brain with inclination towards various intellectual fields.
7a4) The data are sent via emitter, often with amplifier, to a satellite with an up- and down link dish, from 
where the source is tracked and the data relayed to the security agencies' ground stations.
There are today several thousand satellites in orbit for exploration, weather, communication, navigation, 
surface imaging, reconnaissance and surveillance. In the US they are launched from Cape Kennedy FL 
or Vandenberg AFB CA. Satellites are in the US an over $30 billion/year business, led by eg Lockheed, 
General Dynamics, RCA, GE, Westinghouse, Comsat, Boeing, Hughes Aircraft, Rockwell International, 
Grumman Corp., CAE Electronics, Trimble Navigation and TRW.
There are several hundred US spy satellites in orbit largely under direction of the US Global Strategic 
Command (USGSC), its National Space Center located at Offutt AFB NE and developed in charge of the 
Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), an arm of the Pentagon.
7a5) The intercepted and space derived data are collected mostly by the DoD, CIA, FBI, DHS and NSA, 
founded 1952 at Crypto City, Fort Meade MA under direction of the DoD with the US Cyber Command, 
Central Security Services and branches in NATO countries. It employs over 50 000 administrators, scien-
tists, technicians, analysts and operatives, utilizing supercomputers with arrays of modules, nano-
technology, artificial intelligence and very high speed integrated circuits, processing more than a quadril-
liom (1024) calculations/sec to intercept, collect, store, decipher, translate, screen, present and distribute 
the global electronic data flow for evaluation.
7a6) Spin offs of scientific-technological knowledge are sold mostly in the fields of security and law en-
forcement, private and corporate research, medicine, communication, industrial production, traffic and 


7b) Deception camps
Presented is a Potemkin village, inviting onto wide green fields of opportunities around.
Legal-social framework, political education and present agenda of issues are largely shaped by public 
multi media like press agencies, publishing houses, TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, journals and 
books to reach everyone at home, at school, at work and in his spare time, suggesting:
7b1) Legal-social framework
   b1,1) Constitutionality with guaranteed basic human rights  and democratic means of conflict solving.
   b1,2) Etiquettes of solidarity, fairness, old traditions and political correctness.
   b1,3) Illusions of human capabilities and convenience, going faster, higher, bigger and better.
7b2) Political education
The educational systems pass on technical knowledge and the media up to date information for all citi-
zens to participate with their opinions in public democratic processes:
   b2,1) Non-information and -supervision about possible misuses by positions of power.
   b2,2) Reduction of the niveau of mass media below that of politically substantial contributions.
   b2,3) Satisfaction of the population as consuming, non-questioning, -probing, -knowing assenter to
   remain bare of convictions, ethics, reason, maturity and life experience with legal means of defence.
7b3) Present agenda of issues
The present day agenda of practical and theoretical tasks is largely shaped by multi media in publication, 
presentation and discussion of issues to generate political-social public opinions:
   b3,1) Minimalization of sensitive issues like uncertainties, risks and dangers.
   b3,2) Amelioration of negative issues, eg a war overseas is seen as a local intervention.
   b3,3) Sidetracking of critical issues by public relation campaigns and misinformation.
   b3,4) Pushing to the outskirts the misery and death of millions of people through hunger, catastrophes, 	
   epidemics, exploitation, expulsion, human rights violations, war and mass murder.
   b3,5) Not addressing political-social intentions, conceptions and backgrounds as after the attack on 	
   the Twin-Towers 9/11 2001, which was allowed to proceed for justification of the anti-terror war.
7b4) Cut outs
   b4,1) Corrupted are supervising, controlling, regulating and inspecting authorities.
   b4,2) Not allowed to rise up are moral voices with national and international renown.
   b4,3) Discredited are government adverse political-social leaderships.
   b4,4) Suppressed is any arising attempt towards publication of a victim's medical and legal evidence.
   b4,5) Eliminated in labor camps are whistleblowers, critics of system/security and dissidents.
7b5) Immediate consequences are
   b5,1) Expectations for the improvement of the human lot remain superficial.
   b5,2) Gone is the informed citizen, who thinks independently over the full spectrum of his mind.
   b5,3) The psychological underpinnings of society have become polished formalism, stupor, disorienta-	
   tion, distrust, paranoia, hypocrisy, cynicism and burned in human rights abuses.
   b5,4) Contorted are historic records, which are to reflect the achievements and failures of the times.

7c) Extermination camps
7c1) There is not one security service of a major power that does not have its killing fields. Also the mili-
tary security department of NATO operates an assassination squad to eliminate terrorists, who are inter-
cepted in preparations, foreign agents, who penetrate security areas, traitors, who sell security infor-
mation, deserters, who are caught up with behind hostile lines, security risks, who threaten to impair 
personnel or operations, left behind scientists from shut down projects and critics, who become a formi-
dable voice in public.
7c2) The assassinations are priority operations, well organized and quiet. A small intelligence court 
reviews the evidence, the target is pumped up with depot poison pellets, electronically marked, send to a 
remote area or a longer journey is waited for, death follows in an accident or break down, the death 
certificate cites an apparently natural cause of death. Where isolation is not possible, it is discredited, 
demonized and eliminated over time by a terminal disease like cancer.
7c3) Uncovered foreign operatives and own double agents eg by NATO are hung up at back-wards 
crossed arms over a wall urinal in a basement of a remote station to be tortured by mechanical, electri-
cal, radiative and bio-chemical means like CIA psycho and sodomy drugs for 2 – 8 days. The victim is 
dead, when all body fluids have stopped dripping.


7d) Gas chambers
7d1) For gas chambers targeted are mainly people, working with the mind and propagating ideologically 
non-tolerable messages like the leadership of an oppositional movement, dissenting journalists, lawyers, 
doctors, scientists and artists. Military nerve gases attack the central nervous system in specific functions
like wake awareness, memory, concentration, reaction, coordination and balance, the peripheral nervous 
system with loss of physical power, agility, flexibility and sensitivity. Industrial toxic gases often are car-
cinogens, reducing first the pulmonary system, then other physiological functions and inducing in the 
long run tumorous growth. In debasement of the dignity of man and his mind, crippled are intellectual 
and physical strengths to the point of disability to perform tasks of every day life.
7d2) From cartridges gassed are entire streets, buildings, trains, busses, cars, assembly halls and swim-
ming pools. Nerve gas pellets are attached to any object of daily use like packaging, newspapers, books, 
clothing and tools, the set off signal is timed for maximum toxic concentration at time of exposure. The 
target's home is laced mostly with by odor imperceptible dosages for long term effects, if not the bed-
room itself is used as death chamber. H. Kohl and B. Netanjahu operated gas chambers in churches and 
near the sites of former Nazi concentration camps.

7e) Radiation camps
Radiation camps entrap terrorists, insurgents, fugitives, border influx and secret bearers. They manipu-
late individuals and populations in their psycho-physiological functions and also climate and equipment.
7e1) R-Guns utilize the energy flow of spherical waves and directed, concentrated beams. Lasers radiate 
light and heat, speakers acoustic waves, antennas electro-magnetic photon-waves and accelerators of 
atomic/subatomic particles eg α-, β-, γ-radiation. They are adjusted in direction, focal point, cross sec-
tion, intensity, wavelength, frequency, modulation, duration and pulse patterns in combinations.
7e2) Radiation devices have been developed since before WW II for civilian and military applications and 
are common today in all professional fields from astronomy to food preparation. Military research has 
utilized several thousand civilian patents and covered them under the US Inventions Secrecy Act.
Radiation weapons are mostly compact, wireless, with and without implant, non-lethal to lethal to hit 
precisely with the speed of light over large distances.
However, they are heavy on equipment, infra-structure, manpower, training, energy consumption and 
cannot be miniaturized all around as tracelessly as B-C-G micro- and nano-devices.
7e3) Against individuals: Radiation can reach any place on earth and targets can be telemetrically spot 
pointed, identified, tracked and brain linked without a mark on their body.
In barrier and invasion warfare, an area can be laser scanned to immobilize all personnel.
Radiation of extreme low frequencies up to 50 Hz and of neurologically coded firing patterns stimulate, 
alter or depress the bio-electro-magnetic fields and processes of cell tissues to cause health complica-
tions from nausea to heart attack and psychological disorders from depression to break down and neuro-
logical disfunctions from altered consciousness to forced behavior and memory incisions from accurate 
recollection to total loss.
A psychotronic R-weapon restrains a target within a hyper-prison to be psychologically robotized.
Brain to computer linkage via MEG - Neurophone bypasses the senses to allow real time two way phys-
iological communication of informing as well as misinforming noises, words, images and thoughts.
7e4) Against groups and populations: Targets can be non-bodily, non-lethally manipulated to cause eg 
sedation/incitement in riot control/fabrication by law enforcement or to cause disorientation and loss of 
motor control in counter-insurgency operations by security forces.
7e5) For augmentation or reduction: A Cyborg is a trans-human biological-technical blend and has a 
micro-chip implanted in the central nervous system as a neuro-biological - data processing interface. It 
allows eg movement of a prostheses in compensation of a lost limb or change in the level of a physio-
logical function as it accelerates in common military praxis the ground station - pilot observation, com-
munication and reaction times or area covering bio-electro-magnetic programming of people's health, per-
ception, mental processing, opinion and behavior.
7e6) Against climate: High energy radiation in excess of trillions of W/sec can alter layers of the atmos-
phere to disrupt radio communication, break shielding against cosmic winds, generate harmful com-
punds, reflect back to earth and trigger earth-weather catastrophes. A geo-engineering research station 
has been set up eg in Gakona AK under the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP).
7e7) Against equipment: stationary and mobile objects can be spotted, identified, tracked and measured.
Electronic equipment can be read at all data input, processing and output points and programmed.
Entire systems can be manipulated, disrupted, shut down, burnt out, molten and pulverized.


7f) Harassment camps
Targets under surveillance, selected for another camp, enter it through the front yard of harassment.
Trainees of intelligence services acquire here the techniques to strike down on their victims.
Surveillance is executed 24/7/52 a year in all areas of life to engineer stress events.
With covert entry follow physical damage, tempering with records, theft and contamination.
With street theater follow stalking, blocking, mobbing and run around at the authorities.
As extra judicial measures follow deception, fraud, entrapment, wrongful commitment to a mental insti-
tution, judicial paternalism, unlawful arrest and denial of charitable, medical, police and legal help.

7g) Labor camps of sadism and sodomy
Targeted for labor camps of sadism and sodomy to be sifted out are people of faith, conviction, culture 
and achievements, activists of political-social movements like human rights workers in defence of un-
popular causes, environment and animal rights campaigners, violence pillorying pacifists, critical voices 
of system, market and press, radical groups of minorities, bloggers of alternate media, drop outs from the 
rat race, defectors from opposite ideological camps and soldiers, who object out of second thoughts.
7g1) There is not a psychic or physical function in the body that cannot be electro-magnetic-bio-che-
mically stimulated and boosted, supported and stabilized,  sensibilized and broadened, narrowed and 
worn out, relaxed and dampened, disrupted and distorted:
 ▫ Chemical rape at any place and time reduces by blocking agents the target's level of mental to physi-	
   cal capabilities, which are then eclipsed by a variety of sodomy drugs to manipulate in succession 	
   sexual drive, erotic sensations, emotions, sensibility of genital parts, secretion of sweat glands, speed, 	
   endurance, exhaustion, sleep, dream and hang-over.
   Erotic stimulants have often been individually designed according to previously taken brain wave 	
   patterns and are added by induced pornographic images to incite to perversities.
   The offspring is being monitored in its further development.
 ▫ Induced physical impairments are eg drop-in-your-tracks fatigue, myocardial insufficiency, muscle 
   pains, restriction of motion, sleep disruption, hyper-stress, total relaxation and accelerated aging.
 ▫ Induced emotional states range from anticipation to saturation, blind hope to despair, elation to anger, 	
   boldness to fear, overconfidence to diffidence, concern to indifference, hypersensitivity to insensitivity.
   A 'joy of death frenzy' can supplant every agony of torture.
 ▫ Induced mental distortions affect consciousness, intention, conception, memory and operations to the 	
   point of dysfunction with non-resistance against adversities, hardships and threats. Specific functions 	
   ike abstract reasoning, language, computation, logic and specific mental interests can be crippled. 
   Stimulation towards 'blasphemy of the Holy Spirit' is achieved by boosters of fixed, eccentric theolo-	
   gical themes and a desire to communicate.
 ▫ In long term mental-psychological terror several neurological processes are periodically stimulated to 	
   extremes, eg seizure, hallucination or delirium, not to allow any recuperating relaxation times.
 ▫ In all the target's personal development, identity and character, especially its political-ethical stand-	
   ards, are worn down, debased and suffocated in the suds of prostitution to cause traumatization, irra-	
   tional behavior, self-destructive habits, which then run on to total personality collapse.
   The victim, often with a depot poison pellet exacerbated preexisting disease, induced sterilization and 	
   creeping ailment like tumorous growth in the genitals, is blocked in its professional work, socially iso-	
   lated, disenfranchised, severed from welfare-family safety nets and diagnosed with a mental illness.
   It is forced into suicide or to die on the streets.
7g2) Hit teams mass drug with depot poison pellets for years entire water and food supplies from the 
start of the food chain to the selected target, at the reservoirs, agricultural producers, suppliers, food 
processors, wholesalers, supermarkets, restaurants, the target's home and in transport via repackaging-
resealing facilities.
Contaminated with toxins, taken up with skin contact, are objects of daily use like magazines, books, tex-
tiles, tools, first aid supplies, hygiene articles and dryers.
7g3) Labor camps of sadism and sodomy have been set up around the whole world and have blanketed 
in mass applications entire regions, ethnic groups and political-social fractions with sodomy drugs. Eg 
US stay behind forces in occupied territories as in Germany after WW II (1945) have systematically tar-
geted anti US/Cold War - pro disarmament activists.


7h) Labor camps of behavior manipulation
Targeted for labor camps of behavior manipulation are mostly politically non-conform, because too inde-
pendent, inconvenient or adverse professionals of all classes and the population at large.
On the first level individual behavior is suppressed or stimulated in its elementary physical needs, in 
exercise, relaxation and sleep requirements, appetite and thirst, hygiene and beauty care.
On the second level the emotional state is manipulated from thrift to the urge to go shopping and from 
stress, anger, frustration to the desire to achieve social recognition up to power madness.
On the third level the motivation is capped to listlessness and lethargy or boosted into over-ambition and 
go-on efforts in face of failure.
On the forth level intellectual interests are selectively dampened or stimulated, while ethical awareness is 
driven down, dissolving inhibitions to the point of unscrupulousness.
Communicative and social competences like cooperation in teams and hierarchical structures are ma-
nipulated out of the emotional state from diffidence to hostility, out of channeled motivation from dropping 
out to intriguing, through inducement of unrest, nervousness, stammering or trembling.
In all the target's physical and metal fitness, personal development, education, professional and social 
careers are predetermined.
The toxins are administered mostly from depot poison pellets in small dosages over longer periods to 
form out unconsciously habitual self-sustaining or -destructing behavior patterns. Eg Exxon stabilizes 
plant employees and their families for long term productive, reliable job performance.

7i) Labor camps of corruption
Labor camps of subversion and corruption are set up in foreign countries.
The Major Powers' intelligence agencies realize their foreign policy goal of block building for global domi-
nance first within their client states, also those regarded as time proven political partners. Their roles are 
to provide support for political-military interventions and to open markets for free access to resources, 
while home markets are protected by hurdles of advanced technologies, infra-structure and finance. 
They are not to develop vital scientific, technological, economic and financial fields of their own. Foreign 
aid projects largely flow back home, eg 86% of the US EXIM Bank's $7.7 billion new foreign export 
credits in 2000 went to 10 larger US companies.
The model is expanded geo-politically to non-client states to achieve dominance by one's own superiority 
with determination, resources, mass, size, means, diversity and reserves. The intelligence, counter-
intelligence and security agencies are scaled up to the required size to realize their directives and if 
necessary hiked up. Methods of subversion and corruption are eg:
 ▫ The first tool always is the covered operation in all hazard areas with research, detection, identifica-
   tion, tracking, gaining of access, securing, recovery, retreat, exploitation and if necessary mitigation 
   and neutralization.
 ▫ Surveillance by a global satellite communication system.
 ▫ Manipulation of the public press.
 ▫ Pacification of moral institutions.
 ▫ Distortion of social fabrics.
 ▫ Wash out of cultural identity.
 ▫ Fragmentation of political alliances.
 ▫ Permanent excessive indebtedness.
 ▫ Infiltration of the political-social structure by contacts with recruitment, counselling, disinformation, 	
   forgery, theft, bribery, extortion, prostitution, financial sponsoring and partnerships.
 ▫ Sold are proprietary information, low cost credits, logistical supplies, user rights, telecommunication 	
   systems, special technologies, bio-, chem- and rad-tech weapons.
 ▫ Rented are grounds for air bases and training camps.
 ▫ Incitement to civil strife.
 ▫ Profit from their wars.
 ▫ A system of labor camps controls the broad base of the population.


7j) Dissection camps
Caught in dissection camps to serve as guinea pigs for non-consensual, covert, illegal pseudo-medical 
life experiments for the development of B-C-R weapon systems, often with deterring, degrading torture, 
are terrorist suspects, captured freedom fighters, prisoners in undisclosed detention centers, prisoners in 
civilian jails, convicted of a heinous crime, tenacious dissidents for punitive action, the vulnerable like 
civilians in war torn regions, minorities in underdeveloped areas, suicidal persons, mental patients, the 
dying in nursing homes and intensive care wards, people considered to be expendable like estranged, 
uprooted, isolated, long term jobless, homeless and lone fighting individuals.
Pseudo-medical experimentation has been conducted eg at the San Antonio AFB TX, at the Army Spe-
cial Forces Center NC, the Los Alamos National Laboratory NM and private institutions in successive sub-
projects of MK Ultra, but the operations have been largely farmed out for deeper cover, because of 
sensitivity to public resistance and not to implicate the security services directly. The CIA eg recruits 
targets from their childhood on at manipulable, closed social environments like cults, sects, lodges, 
churches, foreign partisan groups and training camps. The funds are siphoned off from defrauding the 
government, collaboration with criminal organizations, weapon trading, security contractors, proprietar-
ies, re-cycling of radioactive materials, market manipulations, economic data trading and extortion.
7j1) Legal situation
The Common Rule, safeguarding against experimenting on the public without their consent in the US, al-
lows for non-consensual experimentation by intelligence agencies.
US DoD Directive 5240 1.R saved 882013, Ch 4, Procedure 13 says: 'Experimentation is allowed on hu-
man subjects for intelligence purposes.'
The US District Court in Washington DC dismissed in September 1998 a lawsuit by the International 
Committee on Offensive Microwave Weapons (ICOMW), sponsored by several US human rights groups,
asking to enforce a presidential memorandum, which bans involuntary research on human subjects.
7j2) Tests
Test series on radiation guns and bio-chem-genetic toxins for a worth analysis are conducted in the 
laboratory and training area with modeling, simulation, war games and also for combat exposure in life 
tests to collect representative samples from a population at large at home and abroad.
Bio-chem-genetic toxins are screened under measured conditions of application, media, path and speed 
of epidemic spread with advanced analytical methods for their pathological anatomic, physiologic, psy-
chologic latent, present and long term effects over a wide spectrum, eg kind, location and degree of 
impairment, efficiency, selectivity, dosages, incubation times, side effects, codetermining factors, coun-
ter-poisons, recuperation times, measurability, visibility and traceability.
The data are send directly form the target via microchip sensor, emitter, amplifier and satellite to the high 
capacity computers at the agency's command center for evaluation by the R&D team.
7j3) Evaluation
Active warfare agents undergo a comprehensive military worth analysis according to present and desired 
performance standards in their bio-chemical-genetic components, production, safety precautions, handling, 
training, weapon concept, equipment, infra-structure, cover, costs, target vulnerability, operational en-
gagement, mission accomplishment and plausible deniability.
Employment ready weapon systems are handed over to the operative command structure of the armed 
7j4) Help denied
Not a single target is allowed to present evidence of employment of B-C-R-G weapons.
Answers and help seeking citizens are denied medical treatment. A doctor does not give a true diagno-
sis. Medical tests return normal. Instead, a delusional disorder is attested. Criminal charges are turned 
down for insufficient evidence. Reports in public are discredited and cut short. None of the guinea pigs 
are to recover and in all cases the death certificate claims an apparently natural cause of death.
Eg the governments of France and Israel developed their nerve gas agents with test series on FLN and 
Palestinian freedom fighters, taken prisoners, - none survived and their ashes were scattered over the 


					Misuses of Genetics

7k) Genetic manipulation camps misuse the life sciences not to cure diseases, but to induce them.
7k1) International conventions
Affected by misuses of genetics are in core biology, chemistry, medicine and as a base science all its 
branches like human genetics, population genetics, pharmaco-genetics, behavior genetics, gene tech-
nology and the sciences following it and their related ones.
They serve life and not as a weapon to kill. Out of life sciences developed weapons always lead to inex-
pensive, perfidious weapons of mass destruction, penetrating all areas of life. Refunctioning biology, 
chemistry and medicine is a misuse in inversion of human dignity, reason, maturity and ethics.
The civilized world; customary international law; The Hague Land Warfare Convention (The Hague 
1899); the Protocol for the Prohibition of Asphyxiating, Poisonous or other Gases and of Bacteriological 
Methods of Warfare (League of Nations Geneva 1925); The Biological Weapons Convention (UN Gene-
va 1972) and The Chemical Weapons Convention (UN Geneva 1992) outlaw their development, produc-
tion, stockpiling as a means of warfare and call for their disarmament.
(About active agents and detective procedures are no data available here.)
7k2) Compact weapons arms race
Today's Major Military Powers press ahead with the further improvement of clandestine micro B-C-R-G 
weapon systems to gain global predominance. Genetic weapons are the set goal of the US National 
Security Council in collaboration with NATO: construction and peace time employment of the first 'biolog-
ical bomb'. It is to realize control of individual behavior patterns, political-social structures and processes 
long term plannable and short term adjustable by programming of individual genetic and physiological 
7k3) Design criteria of genetic weapons
   k3,1) Political goal is genetic programming of complex human behavior patterns.
   k3,2) Modernization goal is increased efficiency of present state of the art techniques of behavior 	
   channeling by attacking causes and not only symptoms with coverage of entire regions and population 	
   groups by stable, sustainable transferal of altered genetic strains to succeeding generations and in 	
   their economy by centralized supervision of a lean network of undercover operatives.
   k3,3) Military goal is the capability of single and mass applications with selection of targets, grading of 	
   damages, fixing of place, time and circumstances.
   k3,4) Economic goal is determination of the economic structure by individual basic needs, emotions 	
   and motivations, affecting the key economic indicators of eg corporate - labor force structure, net do-	
   mestic product by kind of economic activity, private investments, consumption expenditures, net sav-	
   ings, labor peace, work ethics and productivity.
   k3,5) Social goal is channeling of the social structure, especially the professional elites by manipula-	
   tion of emotions, sexual behavior, motivations and basic traits of intellectual interests and capabilities 	
   and with it personal development, education, identity, character, professional and social careers.
   k3,6) Demographic goal is channeling of the rates of still born, life birth, infant mortality, disease, disa-	
   bility, invalidity, death and with it key population parameters, base of and leverage on social-economic 	
   structures like population size and density, age group distribution, growth trends, health standards, 	
   care, insurance and further statistics like average work years, retirement age and life expectancy.
   k3,7) Indicators of general health according to registered individual causes and external factors like 	
   environmental effects have become insignificant.
7k4) Deployment structure
   k4,1) The first stage realizes genetic identification, marking and tracking of every single person in 	
   every country by a network of undercover operatives within a satellite surveillance system.
   k4,2) In the second stage every single person is pumped up by manual or pneumatic means with 	
   depot poison pellets, containing genome altering agents.
   k4,3) In the third stage an electronic set off mechanism is installed at the command center. The de-	
   ployment structure allows for path options from a commissioned agent, from a global depot system of 	
   time locked depot poison pellets and from space based gliding capsule - flying drone devices.
   k4,4) Mass destruction of population groups and over regions is realized over the sum of all single 	
   catalogued, depot poison pellets prepared targets.


7k5) Employment mechanisms
'Scientific rational base' is population genetics with bio-chem-technological site specific strain manipula-
tions to model a group’s or population's allele composition. Population genetics serves as a ‘foundation’ 
of a human hand directed ‘evolution’.
Incisions are performed clandestinely, systematically, supervised, repetitively adjusted and catalogued 
on every foetus, youth and adult of the target group. The allele distribution of the common gene pool is 
tailored to a designed structure and frequency by means of introduction of desired and modification or 
elimination of undesired dominant and recessive traits. Individuals with genodeviant, 'substandard' traits 
are eliminated.
7k6) Employment paths
   k6,1) Physical delivery to target: Bypassing surgical incision and awareness of the victim, toxic agents 	
   and genome altering segments in suitable genetic envelopes are packaged for transport and applica-	
   tions mostly into small gelatin or foil skins. 'Poison pellets', microscopically tiny toxic pellets and tiny 	
   bio-chemical-electronic sensors are channeled electronically path monitored into the vicinity of the 	
   target and shot in. The dissolving gelatin or a set off mechanism releases the toxins into the body.
   k6,2) Physical transfer of genetic material: The foreign genetic material, achieving heterologous gene 	
   products with defined parameters, is transferred into host cells and nuclei by: in vivo or in vitro concen-	
   tration increase in form of a precipitate or a charged complex, in vitro protoplast fusion or lipofection, 	
   effecting fusion to the plasma membrane of the cell, in vitro laser poring or micro-injection, physically 	
   opening the cell and in vitro electroporing, widening membrane pores.
   k6,3) Transformation of genetic material: Insertion of a mutant or recombinant or synthesized base se-	
   quence proceeds by means of independent replication within the cell plasma or by integration into the 	
   host chromosome by transposition, a change of position of a transposable genetic element from one 	
   site of the genetic material to another. By cutting, strand transfer, joining of ends, the donor DNA is 	
   being covalently bonded. A transposable or mobile genetic element can insert, exit or relocate into 	
   non-homologous DNA independent of the host's recombinant functionality. As transposition carriers 	
   serve mostly bacterial and viral 'envelopes': bacterial, transposable genetic elements are eg IS ele-	
   ments (insertion sequence), TN elements (transposon), transposable phages; viral elements are eg 	
   classical transposons, retroposons, alu-like sequences; with mammals polyomaviruses, vaccinia vi-	
   ruses and retroviruses are employed. The gene targeting rate, the frequency of integration of an exog-	
   enously added DNA sequence into the nucleus per quantity of host DNA per added sequence, de-	
   pends mainly on: transfer and transposition methods, homology between exogenous and host DNA, 	
   vector system, length of the inserted string, accessibility of a target locus and environmental factors.
7k7) Employment DNA technologies
   k7,1) Mutations
	k7,1,1) An induced ploid mutation is almost always a lethal defect, because of abnormally develop-
	ing, non-functional cells leading to cell death, death of organism or still birth.
   k7,1,2) An induced chromosome mutation with a change in the order of genes between two or within 
	a chromosome by addition, elimination or rearrangement of a region results in a bio-chemical muta-
	tion, leading to a replication dysfunction with loss of an entire trait out of the phenotype or to tran-
	scription or translation dysfunction with growth transformation like tumorous growth.
   k7,1,3) An induced gene mutation, a change in a base sequence of a gene, a structure or regulation 
	changing, amplifying or repressing, forward or backward, single or complementary (synonymous), 
	expressive or conditional, sometimes point, also nonsense (neutral) mutation, can destroy the func-
	tion of a gene at the site of incision, or cause additional large scale rearrangements of adjacent 
	DNA sequences, or alter the efficiency of gene expression (gene penetrance), the degree of trait 
	formation also in growth, differentiation and final structuring of a function.


   k7,2) Hybridization
   Meiotic poisons can cause in recombination and cell division processes of: partial or perfect misalign-	
   ment and misassortment of chromosomes, chromosome deformation and fragmentation, cytoplasma 	
   deformation, phase inhibition, cell death, sterility. Mitotic poisons act like meiotic poisons, affecting: 	
   chromosome alignment, assortment and form, cell division processes, nucleic and cytoplastic mor-	
   phology and in consequence cell functions with phase inhibition, cell death, sterility. Aside from nox-	
   ious agents, hybridization is affected by heat, radiation, insertion of a function disrupting DNA strand 	
   and can lead with impairment of regulatory processes to tumorous growth and death of organism.
   k7,3) Recombination
   In vitro manipulated targeting sequences can contain elements to manipulate genome structures and 	
   genetically controlled processes in their entire spectrum: any parameter affecting gene expression, 	
   leading to amplification, depression, destabilization, dysfunction, toxin production, cell death, disable-	
   ment of a function, any singular phase in meiotic and mitotic cell division, leading to irregular chromo-	
   some assortment, chromosome deformation and fragmentation, phase inhibition, cell and cellline 	
   dysfunction, cell death, sterility, malignant tumorous growth, any regulatory process of ontogenesis, 	
   mainly controlled by the homoeobox, leading to a change in development in timing, rate, location with 	
   de- and mal-formation of cell morphology, diverging growth and differentiation of functions, causing 	
   changes in functional capacity, cell unit dysfunction, uncontrolled growth, death of organism.
7k8) Desired Impairments
   k8,1) Death through disablement of a vital function or through a morphological malformation.
   k8,2) Disease through a temporal, local, graded manipulation of a physiological function by eg acti-	
   vation, stimulation, depression, deactivation, alteration and dysfunction.
   k8,3) Change in the level of a specific physiological, often neurological capacity.
   k8,4) Altered growth and differentiation of a specific physiological, often neurological capacity.
   k8,5) Change in the effectiveness of medication, vaccination, diagnostics and therapy.
7k9) Overall effects
Genetic incisions affect directly the anatomy and physiology of an organism. Primarily manipulated is an 
elementary trait, where the phenotype with a morphological or functional distinction is traceable to a 
specific hereditarily passed on genotype and the individual gene or gene group as functional unit is identi-
fied with its bio-synthetic pathway. Massive, population wide genetic manipulations affect therefore in 
first line the demographic structure. Genetic incisions to determine a specific trait in the public psycholog-
ical profile gaplessly, stably, time effectively will result due to the long causal chains, large number of varia-
bles, interdependencies and codetermining factors in an almost irreversible shift of frame in several allele 
frequencies of the world population's gene pool with uncontrollable, catastrophic side effects.


7l) Revenge camps
7l1) The governments of the Third World Countries continue their investigations into the Major Powers' 
and Clients' military and intelligence activities and widen them out to screen all their political-social forc-
es, decision making elites, public and secret policy goals, social structures and processes, resources, 
government and private security personnel and area covering single households.
l1,1) Their political intentions remain spread out widely: information, protection, predominance, coun-
ter-leverage, total secrecy, revenge and indignation.
l1,2) They expand their global undercover micro-weapon operations.
 ▫ They formally tolerate foreign hostile secret policy goals, financing, R&D projects, infra-structure, de-	
   ployment and undercover operations.
 ▫ They expand their own military-intelligence infra-structure, often drawing on scientific, technical and lo-	
   gistic support from Russia.
 ▫ They expand their own global system of labor camps with a network of affiliated groups, undercover 	
   agents and hit teams.
 ▫ They keep a close watch for early warning and shielding on hostile security services and the global 	
   information flow in its entirety.
 ▫ They incapacitate foreign communication systems, equipment, toxin stockpiles and delivery systems.
 ▫ They have pumped up with depot poison pellets all political, military and civic leaderships in the 	
   Western Industrialized Nations, especially the personnel of their security organizations and most of the 	
   Private, Independent Defence Leagues to neutralize them as security threats. Equally targeted are any 	
   hostile person or group or fraction of a population.
 ▫ Targets are hit over stages to soften them up, to break their resistance, to render them manipulable, to 	
   impair their ability to work and to enslave them physically and psychologically.
 ▫ As the B. Clinton White House sex affairs in 1997-99 had been induced by sodomy drugs, former and 	
   present Heads of State like G. Bush Senior and Junior, B. Obama, G. Schröder and A. Merkel are be-
    ing sodomized regularly, who in a public position see no alternative but to hit back.
 ▫ In all, their undercover efforts strive for predominance in B-C-R-G micro-weapons and allow multiple 	
   new dangers for mankind to be unleashed.
7l2) The Private, Independent Defence Leagues also continue their investigations into the Major Powers' 
military and intelligence activities and widen them out to cover all households, work places, assembly 
halls and electronic equipment of their local area, region, country and neighboring states.
They are growing beyond several thousand groups worldwide, recruiting themselves mostly via under-
ground channels out of various population groups and extend undercover operations into a peoples' 
l2,1) Their political intentions equally remain spread out widely: information, protection, predominance, 
counter-leverage, total secrecy, revenge and indignation.
l2,2) They expand their global undercover micro-weapon operations.
 ▫ They do not exercise constitutional oversight over positions of power according to law by the people, 	
   but tolerate their secret policy goals, enforcement concepts and covered operations.
 ▫ They set up their own command centers, surveillance/communication systems, steal equipment, plun-	
   der stockpiles, copy operational know-how and recruit their own undercover hit teams.
 ▫ They keep a close watch for early warning and shielding on hostile security services and the global 	
   information flow in its entirety.
 ▫ They hypocritically pretend to clean up the misuses of modern bio-technologies, however
   They lie about life and creation, procreation and causes of procreation, death and causes of death, 	
   constitutionality and human rights, faith, reason, maturity and ethics.
   They do not provide any political education to the general public.
   They do not hang up a single poster to inform and warn the general public.
   They do not help a single victim with advice, a doctor or a lawyer.
 ▫ They attack often in collaboration with government agencies any hostile person or group.
 ▫ They strive for break throughs in fornication, their executioners sodomizing their targets to death most-	
   ly in psychological terror under the perversity label of emergency help for the victims.
 ▫ In all, their undercover efforts strive for predominance in B-C-R-G micro-weapons and allow multiple 	
   new dangers for mankind to be unleashed.


		6) Power Plots

		We make a profit from our labors.
		We employ our knowledge and skills,
		Recruiting into our corporation,
		Institutionalizing our social system,
		Prospering: Le système, c'est moi.

		We surf with the crest of waves.
		We enjoy unscatheable privileges,
		Owing the media with her stories,
		Blue collars don't have any say,
		Spelling out: La réalité, c'est plaisir.

		Where shall we march from here?
		Where to shall we turn our attention?
		Persecute them and their children,
		Letting everything hang out below,
		Deciding: Liberté toujours.

		Hit teams work with clandestine sciences,
		Turning their attention to monies earned,
		Poisoning slowly their eat, drink and wear,
		Stealing their perverse self, life and future,
		Confirming: Unité de la gênealité.

		Our trickeries are our Achilles heels.
		Sparrows in droves jostle on rooftops,
		Call with the voices of the slaughtered.
		We have no place to go,
		But to run for the ropes.


					9) Prospects

9a) Hegemonic policies
The Global Players of the Industrialized Nations and the Third World Countries and the Private, Inde-
pendent Defence Leagues act out of lower power instinct, the most devastating archaic notion, narrow, 
vile, hateful, persistent, clinching, scheming, instrumentalizing in despotic perversion social values, 
structures and processes. They are not capable to fill human dignity with content, but oscillate without 
a base between the poles of illusion and bestiality.
9a1) Global misdevelopments, injustices and threats are eg
   a1,1) Continuing famines, epidemics, inequities of life essentials, overpopulation, environmental de-
   struction, leading mass effectively to planetary catastrophes.
   a1,2) Continuing exploitation, polarization of resources and wealth, human rights violations, leading as 
   mass effective power tools to refugee streams, terrorism, mass murder, civil strife, war and collapse of 
   political-social structures.
   a1,3) Threatened is a 'human hand directed evolution' to transform man into a cloned cyborg-chimera 
   with augmented capabilities by programmable electro-magnetic-mechanical-bio-chemical-genetic 
   a1,4) Threatened is by military ABC overkill build-up eradication of life on earth ten or more times over.
9a2) Not recognized are the victims of WW II mass murder and genocide as a warning to lower instincts 
of prestige, power, possessions and pleasure to lead with new technologies of unlimited destruction in-
evitably to self-extinction of mankind.

9b) Constitutionality
Constitutionality serves as essential, aspirational red thread for the long term future of man.
9b1) Based on human dignity, all universal framework and object values branch out from it.
Its scaled up intent is to expand sound theology’s, maturity’s, reason’s and ethic's freedoms.
Research and development have enlarged knowledge and with it the thinkable, calculable and doable.
Cosmic emancipation and responsibility aims at the long term survival of mankind in the universe.
9b2) Ethics' task is to solve cases of gross corruption with disastrous consequences, that not a major 
criminal potential runs to its self-destructive end.
Methods are problem/conflict solving by language, enlightenment, laws and supervision.
They overcome with spiritual-political-social will any hostile, inhibiting factor.
9b3) It is the right of the people to correct misdevelopments, leading to planetary catastrophes and injus-
tices, leading to political-social collapses and to reverse a clandestine or open constitutional revolution 
and to institute a new government with the principle of constitutionality to draw power out of political-
social life.

9c) The standard for local actions is transposed to cosmic dimensions (Gen 18,19 TNIV):
     For I have chosen him, so that he will direct his children and his household after him
     to keep the way of the Lord by doing what is right and just,
     so that the Lord will bring about for Abraham what he has promised him.


Udo Frentzen

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