Ravensbrück   01 23 1999

			   May man keep a watchful eye
			   that these crimes against humanity
			   will never reoccur again.

All the major parties and security agencies, who claim to clean up the crimes of clandestine
high tech terror and all the people, who profess to help the victims with emergency medication
pellets anonymously, sodomize to death any proponent of an effective clean up of these crimes
through publication, prosecution and the establishment of public, reliable safeguards. The most
perverse assassins in the history of mankind, they act in contract to the leaders of the
Governments of the US, Russia, Germany, Great Britain, France, Japan, Israel, Saudi Arabia,
the President of South Africa and the leaders of the US Military and NATO.

They operate extermination camps, assassination squads eliminating more than one hundred
people a year.
They operate medical dissection camps, hit teams conducting field testing of new classes of
toxins on tens of thousands of people a year.
They operate labor camps of sadism and sodomy, hit teams massdrugging millions of people a
They operate CIA gas chambers, hit teams spraying thousands of people a year with concen-
trated nerve gas and industrial toxic gases.
They operate labor camps of deception and perfidy, recording in excess of ten billion of videos,
conversations and brain wave patterns a day.
They operate labor camps of subversion and corruption, promoting massive, clandestine human
rights violations around the world.

All the major parties and security agencies, who claim to clean up the crimes of the CIA, BND,
etc..., drive ahead with their project 'total information control', in first priority the estab-
lishment of a worldwide, gapless early warning system against security threats to cut short
incisively any attempt towards publication of the employment of illegal listening devices or of a
target's medical and legal evidence. Equally suppressed are oversight functions of parliamen-
tary control commissions, investigations of a district attorney's office or toxicological analyses
of a medical association, also entire critical, political issues with all their fibers are surgically
removed from public awareness. These labor camps of deception and perfidy are camouflaged in
image fascism by images of constitutionality of all government acts, a welfare image of all
government institutions, ensuring basic civic liberties and top screened by ethical standards
like work ethics, cooperation in teams, public discussion of all issues with democratic mecha-
nisms of conflict solving.

Truth, the light to all human endeavors, constituting common ground for dignity of man and
universal principles of unity and equality of all mankind, has been sodomized to death. In the
name of humanity, suppressed is the publication of the unleashing of the multiple, uncon-
trolled dangers of the extinction of mankind.

Pretended goals are to allow publication of these crimes after the technological and operational
roots have been pulled, the personnel or the CIA, BND, etc..., research laboratories, high tech
power centers and labor camps removed to eliminate the driving forces behind these massive
human rights violations. - However, no significant clean up has been initiated over the last
eight years, financing, research and development, field testing, production lines for toxic
drugs, set up of tele-communication systems and high capacity data processing equipment,
employment of hit teams for the operation of labor camps escalate worldwide, some gassing
and food drugging teams were shifted to poison pellet operations, tactical goal of each major
security agency being to clinch predominance in all available tools of clandestine high tech
Pretended goals are codification of inviolability of human genetic codes and establishment of
legal protection against violations of basic human rights out of clandestine high tech terror,
murder, poisoning, violation of the confidentiality of the spoken word. - However, not one
single human right, violated by CIA, BND, etc... operations, has been legally defended in any
country over the last eight years. In addition violated are statutes of crime by omission,
consent to a crime, formation of a terrorist organization, incitement to a crime, incitement of
the people, glorification of violence, tactical goal of this process of bestial subversion being to
emerge with predominance in all available tools of clandestine high tech terror.

Pretended goals are worldwide establishment of forensic laboratories and medical facilities to
provide adequate medical treatment for the victims of CIA, BND, etc... operations. - However,
not one single target has received any clinical diagnostic medicative treatment in any country
over the last eight years. Not having shown one single gesture of humanity, not having taken
the smallest of all measures, blockage of illegal listening devices, not to any real extent
interrupting electronic poison pellet delivery systems, neutralizing existing stockpiles of toxins
or closing down their production lines, tactical goal of this global dirty war constitutes pre-
dominance in all available tools of clandestine high tech terror.

All the major parties and security agencies, who claim to clean up the crimes of the CIA, BND,
etc..., stirring up and crippling people in this level of hate to be driven to commit any crime,
descending in a downward spiral, slog in exploration of the bottom of depravity. In their
project 'cue word testing' a target under in depth investigation is via depot poison pellets
pumped up with blocking agents to cause a partial freeze of mental operations and emotional
sensations, selectively suppressing reflection and self-control, while at the same time induced
are wake-awareness together with drug synthesized cue words of a specific theme like
electronic counter-intelligence. Illegal listening and video devices and measurement of brain
wave patterns record the target's responses from his special knowledge, general attitude and
past events for security evaluation.

The worst Nazi whores in the history of mankind, they commit every excess in depravity
conceivable. The toxins employed in their labor camps of sadism and sodomy exceed in
dehumanizing depravity those of nerve gas attacks. In their project 'procreation act
enhancement' the targets, mostly couples, are pumped up with a variety of CIA sodomy drugs,
manipulating in succession sexual drive, erotic-emotional sensations, sensibility of genital
parts, secretion of genital sweat glands, speed and endurance, exhaustion, sleep, hangover.
Intellectual activities being damped down by blockers, drug induced passing images of
perversity acts direct physical activities, while erotic stimulants have often been designed
individually according to previously taken brain wave patterns. Diluted charges of 'boosters',
dragee packaged, are widely traded by US Military and NATO officers for private use.

In the project 'genetically controlled sterilization' genetic non-uniformity, non-faith, reason,
maturity, ethics free hereditary dispositions, is eliminated from the global genetic pool. In
loose analogy to Nazi racist ideology, ideological uniformity within the population, total
information control, channelling of all issues in public discussion, ensure technological control
over all political, sociological and individual activities. The targets' genetic code is read by
microscopically small electro-chemical sensors, implanted in body tissue to decipher the
genetic sequences, responsible for development and differentiation of the brain for hereditary
inclinations towards various intellectual fields. The data are added to the political-psychological
profile together with historicistic factors. Selection slated targets are in long term treatment
sterilized from depot poison pellets through suppression of hormone release for the ripening
process of male and female hereditary information carriers. Accidentally occurring pregnancies
are drug induced aborted or stillborn.

All the major parties and security agencies, who claim to clean up the crimes of the CIA, BND,
etc..., breathe the truth about these crimes as odorous essence of human sperm through their
brains and hearts.

Power methods are injustice.

A) The development of an adequate solution to the crimes of the spiritual, political, civic and
leaders of the sciences of our times is derived out of ethics. As mental operations of the
human mind are guided by presupposition of true statements and precipitated as verifiable
lines of reasoning the disciplines of logic and methods, - can methodically established
guidelines solve historic cases of gross criminal corruption? - No, to the contrary.

A method is a tool of practical application. Method is abbreviated reasoning. Adapted to every
object of empirical, experimental study in the sciences in tests and analyses, sharply defined,
it delineates the shortest path of reasoning to reach a result. Like logic, method follows along
the lines of a given causality or inter-relationship. In the general case, a three step process
takes place: the thought or item of interest, also a hypothetical assumption, is described in its
characteristics. In the second step, the acting force is introduced and its effects calculated,
especially observable results are desirable. In the last step, the expected conclusion, a proof,
description, prediction, instrumentation, is verified in at least one measurement and if possible
by an alternate, independent method.

A method exists only within its purpose, being limited to prove a specific, final statement. It is
dependent on a comprehensive case study, showing validity of its adopted conditions in
invariance over time. Selective in scope in respect to characteristics observed and causalities
followed, specific to an individual case in real life application, it is limited by a large number of
assumptions, abstractions and approximations. In all a method requires sound judgement, it
can be compared to a specific solution of a constructed chess problem. A method degenerating
into pure formalism, separating correspondence between item and form, becomes speculative.

In a narrow sense, methods are technical tools of proof, complying to demands of
differentiation, composition, subsidiarity and a clear outline of their limits of validity.
Dependent on a comprehensive case study in context, background, point of view and technical
conditions, by themselves they do not contribute any substance to an object of study and
cannot be expanded to establish methodical laws of historic developments. Historic forces
evolve at a given time in a given set of political-sociological and environmental circumstances
in a free, not essentially limited space of alternate choices. Acting over generations, they
represent human ambitions, independent in their imagination, equal in position to others in
past or future times. A single mental sphere has its own area. Multifaceted investigative
concepts require restraint, a rigid self-description of their specific purposes with exhaustive
listing of their tacit assumptions and conditions. The 'scholastic and dialectic methods'
transgress strictly defined path descriptions, being rather pedagogical, rhetorical ways of
reasoning. The 'dogmatic and phenomenological methods' base entirely on their presupposed
ways of thought.

In purpose, methods in subordination follow the definition of truth in their specific fields of
study, held together by the corresponding principle, to exhaust all available tools in breath and
depth to render an accurate description of the item at hand. Methodological theories, not
fueling illusions, all phenomena in all aspects of life being scientifically deductible and ra-
tionally manageable, delineate clear and precise views of the cosmos, laws of nature and the
political-sociological world with all its intellectual fields, laying bare boundaries of multiple
layers of reality and boundaries of human capabilities. From a balanced, comprehensive view
of life, scientific criticism is exercised as part of criticism and interpretation of human culture.

B) An ethical sentence promotes a benefit. Man's mental horizon, the range of his self-
awareness, where he visualizes his thoughts and objects, an outer human boundary, is being
expanded in human curiosity through investigative research in all fields of life. Man applies his
faculties and exercises his mental operations in freedom of thought and movement. Ethics,
receptive to all questions of man's mental horizon, establishes an independent, parallel
standing mental sphere of all inter-human relationships with their consequences. In
reciprocity, scientific ambition points at, affects first relations to man, human concerns, as
knowledge cannot be value free, while ethics incites, guides first curiosity into all surrounding

Ethics practical function serves to avert disastrous consequences out of man's inner and outer
freedoms. On a sociological scale, it preserves a state of ethical freedom, where not a major
present day conflict determines political action. An ethical sentence, assigning a specific value
to a present case, is always a statement of conviction, expressing human ambitions, concep-
tions and concrete choices in life. It is derived out of a common benefit, man's well being, but
can borrow on a commandment of faith or a dictate of reason. It sites a single source like right
to life, otherwise standing diametrically in opposition to the nature of ethics, promoting human
freedom without claiming precepts of behavior. Out of confidence it pools the necessary means
to solve a case of gross moral failure, observing its given measures: identification of crime,
recognition of reason, restraint to major issues, results.
An ethical sentence is initiated by a present case. Only cases of gross criminal corruption are
selected. Identification of the crime is to be directly to the point, measured by its consequen-
ces, first sensed by observant mentality, in extent of subversion and in severity, its impair-
ment of basic living environments and public health. The major issues of today are: worldwide
inequities of wealth, overpopulation, environmental destruction, clandestine high tech terror.
An ethical sentence specifies the object of legal protection to be codified as a basic human
right in narrow terms, singularly, measurably, yet completely. It determines the desired result.
It is the most concise item. However, in presupposition of true statements, it is always a
double value like truth and confidentiality of the spoken word. Truth being ignored, no other
value can be realized.
The predominant tools of implementation are handcuffs. The tools, law, investigation and
publication, prosecution, pooling of resources, the links between the elements, are rather
designed to be swift and decisive than excessive. Without prompt action, a case will run out of
control, spill into succeeding generations and remain as a stifling problem, if not a scourge of
gigantic proportions. A comprehensive investigation, serving as elementary tool, unfolds facts
and consequences in public view, criminal structure, scientific inter-dependencies, effects on
social environments, motives of perpetrators. In all, the tools of implementation require to be
of close match, to be based on widespread acceptance, be of high statue, bundling most
educational efforts.

The result preserves the stated value. However, no result is lasting, vital interests not
balanced and prospects for constitutional rule not projected into the future, if not as a founda-
tion stone for peace the victims are being supported through immediate institutions together
with establishment of public, reliable safeguards.

The political will to uproot gross criminal corruption arises out of political self-cleaning forces.
Addressed are the intention forming forces of the human mind. Ethical freedom trains con-
victions. In freedom of thought and movement, man steps across frontiers into uncharted
areas, into discovery, counteraction, failure. Experienced in conflict situations of individual lives
are outer freedoms in movement, action, expression, construction and endowment of one's
world, limited by physical forces of nature, legitimate rights in inter-human relationships,
requirements of cooperation and equally inner freedoms, development of human faculties and
mental operations, balance of inner dimensions, human understanding being bounded by
capacities and means of cognition, reflection, competence, manageability. Truth, the light to all
human endeavors, requires a rigid, exhaustive self-description of an individual's intentions and
conceptions to give a clear position of his point of view, in same measure of the objective
merits or deficiencies of social-cultural achievements. It is exercised in criticism and inter-
pretation in all fields, politics, the sciences, the economy, the arts.

Ethical freedom, restating alone in the Spirit of Man universal principles of unity and equality of
all mankind, stands on guard against distortive transcendental, ideological, tradition set
restrictions. There is no political freedom without a balanced view of life. As 'Freiheit ist die
Gesundheit der Völker' (L. Börne), criticism is the health of individualism. Criticism constitutes
a necessary requirement for the formation of human conviction.

Power methods as a political tool over the Spirit of Man are archaic. Power methods need to be
eliminated as a dirty word.

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