Sachsenhausen     09 25 1997

			    May man keep a watchful eye
			    that these crimes against humanity
			    will never reoccur again.
These crimes, the worst in the history of mankind, are being revived in their beginnings
by the CIA, BND, FSB (KGB), the leaders of the Governments of the US and Russia, the
leaders of the US Military, the leaders of the Governments of France, Great Britain (at
least until recently), Germany and some of German Industry, the President of South
Africa and the Jewish People and equally about all the major parties, who claim to clean
up these crimes, like the leaders of the Governments of India and some Arabic countries,
among them Saudi Arabia.

They operate labor camps of sadism and sodomy, mass drugging hundreds of thousands of
people a year.
They operate CIA gas chambers, spraying tens of thousands of people a year with con-
centrated nerve gas and industrial toxic gases.
They operate labor camps of deception and perfidy, intercepting in excess of one billion
conversations a day.

These crimes, the destruction of all human standards, the integrity of life and the
integrity of truth, could be publicized in a heart beat.
Any major government or party around the world, which claims to clean up the crimes of
the CIA, BND, etc..., could publicize these gross human rights violations to initiate a
comprehensive investigation, uprooting them wherever they are, prosecute the offenders
and establish worldwide reliable safeguards.
However, they operate in inversion of mind and predominance of perfidy massively illegal
listening and video devices in violation against the Spirit of Man and the innocence of
man and creation, as man in his endeavors follows ethical guidelines and works towards
an increase of benefits for his race and environment.
They want to be known before God to physically fornicate on the Bible.
They want to be known before man to hang his free voice head down.
They intercept any phone line and attach illegal listening and video devices to the target's
body, his living quarters, all areas at work, transmitting via amplifiers and satellite,
pursuing it in all prayers, travels and intellectual activities throughout all phases of the
day, exceeding a span of over twenty years. The direct purposes are psycholological
suppression, pornographic slander and disenfranchisement of individual legal rights.
For complete control over political processes they manipulate public opinion, disadvan-
tageous issues are defused and eliminated and the constitution is abrogated with its
principles of separation of powers, basic guaranties and legal rights of citizens. Especially
suppressed are evidence of illegal listening and video devices and a target's legal and
medical evidence. See the decision of the European Commission of Human Rights,
Application No 33445/96 from 11 28 96.

They dehumanize every facet of life, the dignity of man with his freedoms of thought and
movement, all standards of decency and all human and social values to create a human land-
scape without plants, fields, rivers, the country barren, the statue of the one-eyed robot dilapi-
dated, except for barbed wire camps, where every babe of the Spirit of Man is slaughhtered.
People, who draw an information out of an illegal listening and video device, acquiesce in
the massive collection and storage of these data, of themselves, their parents, their children
and their people, where the targets are tagged in their bedrooms, beds, showers and toilets
and reproductive organs. Such kind of people do not have the inner strength to fight for any
moral issue. - The crimes of the CIA, BND, etc... could be publicized over night.

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