Schloss Hartheim   08 22 2003

			   May man keep a watchful eye
			   that these crimes against humanity
			   will never reoccur again.
The executioners in the extermination camps and labor camps of sadism and sodomy eliminate in
first priority advocates of publication and prosecution of the crimes of clandestine high tech terror
to prevent the formation of any organization, advocating establishment of public, reliable safe-
guards against the misuses of modern bio-technologies.
Several larger parties, security services and defence leagues, having escalated the investigation
into the intelligence and security agencies of the Western Atomic Powers and NATO, of Russia, Japan,
Germany, Israel, Saudi Arabia and of larger Third World Countries into a global dirty war, today multi-
plied to several hundred groups, operate the largest system of labor camps in the whole world.

They operate extermination camps, executioners eliminating heinously more than one thousand
people a year.
They operate CIA gas chambers, hit teams spraying thousands of people a year with concentrated
nerve gases and industrial toxic gases.
They operate the largest labor camps of sadism and sodomy, hit teams mass drugging tens of
millions of people a year.
They operate labor camps of behavior manipulation and enslavement, hit teams mass drugging
tens of thousands of people a year.
They operate labor camps of subversion and corruption, promoting massive, clandestine human
rights violations around the world.
They operate medical dissection camps, hit teams conducting field testing of new classes of toxins
like gene altering agents on tens of thousands of people a year.
They operate the largest labor camps of deception and perfidy, recording in total information
control tens of billions of conversations, documents, e-mails, brain wave patterns and genetic
fingerprints by electronic means per day.
Propagating the total lie, in the name of humanity they suppress the publication of the unleashing
of the multiple, uncontrolled dangers of the extinction of mankind.

'Statesmanship' since WWII, seeking recognition for leadership of progress in our times in a global
environment of competing technological forces, takes tools of power to be the only reality creating
and molding factor and the only means towards historical achievement. However, expanding enter-
prises, mostly by means of military power, like nation building, territorial conquest, colonization,
remain political ambitions of the past. Its present day interests are to model key political processes
instrumentally controllable and planable. Its intensities range from manipulation of decision pro-
cesses outside equitable law to systematic application of bestialities. Power as a human, archaic
notion like prestige or possessions remains an unsatisfiable greed, self-centered, self-serving,
self-usurious, self-illusionary.

Despotic perversion relies on national strength by means of a) power as a constitutional principle;
b) military power; institutional promotion of the natural sciences and their technological appli-
cations; economic vitality and competitiveness in global markets; sound finances of public insti-
tutions; rationalized organizational structures, a bare skeleton of power, generating a base of
material and human resources and expert skills. In addition, all vital areas of a nation's life are
functionalized by public and c) secret policy goals into generators of power, utilizing in concept
'precise scientific-technological tools', under cover of d) image fascism.
a) Power by the people, serving as a constitutional principle of democracy, its existence, legiti-
mation, sovereignty and independence, entitles the legislative power to set up external discrimi-
nation barriers against any second country as against the free flow of goods, services, labor,
people and information.
b) Military policies are in part technological superiority, aggressive weapon R&D programs, a
monopoly in key security technologies, an undercover global control structure of all major R&D
programs, predominance in strategic forces with overkill stockpiles of ABC weapons, global
presence of forces, massive use of force doctrine, a 'limes' against import of war, civil strife,
terrorism from less developed countries.
c) Secret policy goals are in part total information control, point censorship of the press and all
public and private watchdog institutions, control over political, scientific, economic, sociological
processes and individual psychological profiles and in planning demographic structures by a popu-
lation wide, state of the art program of depot pellet - toxin release, manipulating underlying neu-
rological and genetic processes.
d) The intelligence and security agencies have instrumentalized the lie in combination with all
techniques of deception, the major powers to cover up their depraved ambitions, policy goals and
methods, the private, independent defence leagues to cover up their cynicism and fornication.
They apply to this end criminal methods, including massive excesses of bestiality, constituting
image fascism.
In first priority they suppress any attempt towards publication of the employment of illegal listening
devices and of a target's medical and legal evidence (Staatsanwaltschaft Bonn, 09 13 2000, AZ
50Js898/00;  European Court of Human Rights, Strasbourg, 07 16 2002, Beschwerde Nr. 6456/02).
Secondly, in point censorship they defuse or remove critical issues with all their fibers from public
discussion to contain public opinion and the population in a distorted, reduced and deflected,
awareness of reality, for them to remain non-questioning, non-probing, bare of convictions, ethics,
reason, real life experience.
Thirdly, they advance political, scientific, economic, social and life style illusions, in all pretensions
of human capabilities and convenience, through the dominant forces of society and the commercial
press, to hold up a legitimate image and to induce a distorted, superficial and emotional, mentality
of the population.
Fourthly, the illusions are topped by hypocritical, self-serving and self-justifying, ethical standards,
while mostly disregarded are major problems of our times: worldwide inequities of wealth, over-
population, destruction of the environment, depletion of resources, clandestine high tech terror,
civil wars, epidemics, famines.
The lie functions as a barbed wire fence around each of their labor camps, overtowered by a dila-
pidated statue of an one-eyed robot, where they operate extermination chambers as a social sport,
channeling, disfiguring, crippling, blotting out individual psychological profiles, utilizing anatomy,
physiology and genome incisional toxins.

Concentrations of political-military power have not given a contribution to a multi-centered,
equitable, codified international order, to alleviation of worldwide increasing imbalances, dis-
parities, injustices, gross corruption, conflicts and wars with human rights violations by common
and sublime means of oppression. Political-scientific-economic-financial power has hardly ad-
dressed solutions to excesses of global misdevelopments in the present and the future, mostly
from mass effects of technological fallout and mass effects of population wide habits. The major
problems of our times have arisen as moral failures on all levels from violations of tenets of
faith to transgressions of man's inner and outer boundaries, which impair with devastation basic
environmental, social and individual living conditions.

As the crimes of illegal listening devices and drugging operations find their entrance through a
defect in human mentality, the loss of a moral barrier in one public US institution has infested
example like the entire administration and in process its NATO allies, to be turned into a breeding
ground for the seeds of despotic perversion and image fascism. In drive for power, the intelligence
agencies initiated large scale research into the bio-technology of the human brain and genome with
massive, clandestine misuses.
The numerous private, independent defence leagues escalated the investigation into the in-
telligence agencies, while securing themselves against attacks and copying the high tech power
centers, into a global, dirty war against the personnel of competing security agencies and against
their own populations and into a fornication race for predominance in all tools of clandestine high
tech terror. These crimes against mankind, not having been publicized since the first investigations,
in consequence of silent toleration, participation and competition, have pervaded the mentality of
the civic leadership and the whole population. In cynicism and fornication, in a creeping process
through stages of subversion, corruption, fornication, proliferation, escalation beyond control, they
have grown into gigantic proportions. Each stage has been amplified by stirring up of hate as
incitement to commit any sodomitic bestiality conceivable. In the outgoing decade of the last
century, corruption, fornication and extinction of man kind have become the predominant forces
of history.

Power as main root of despotic perversion needs to be eliminated as a dirty word.

Access to all objects is by cognition.
Cognition is transformation of forms of being into forms of consciousness. The desired result is to
shed  light on an object, to render a representative description and to investigate further for a more
accurate and complete description, expanding the present status of knowledge. The conditions of
cognition are given therefore by the object, the subject, the relations between them and within
their parts. 
The conditions on side of the object are determined by the object's identity, characteristics and re-
lations. According to epistemology, it can be any item, abstract or concrete, present or hypothe-
tical, general or specified by unique parts and subparts. Asked for is objectivity, an approximation
and abstraction of objects, to be represented as a type, to be by independent observes equally
accessible, identifiable and nameable. They separate into three classes with comparable parts, the
spiritual dimension, phenomena of nature, area of human concerns. Correspondingly, there are
three classes and various grades of objectivity and with it of certainty of knowledge and of cohesive
logical spaces.
A relation of an item is being utilized as objective source and first means of cognition.
The conditions on side of the subject are determined by the subject's cognitive capabilities.
Designed measures are the standards of truth, primarily requiring accuracy and respect for life and
justice. The singular item determines object, method, context and situation true treatment, while
all objects remain linked by universal demands of ethics. The subject's sources and capabilities of
cognition for human objects mainly depend on:
a) Perspective: Truth is advanced in humility. Its tasks are to serve, to amend. Its standards and
objects want to help in first concern the poorest among the poor.
b) Approach: A spiritual object is approached in faith, for it to be accepted, a phenomenon of na-
ture with reason, for it to be laid out in explanation, a human object with maturity, for it to find
c) Self-understanding: Man is centered in his convictions, human concepts with subconcepts, de-
veloping and delineating in self-description his ambitions, conceptions, values in relation to the
infinite and nature, while also ascertaining his human base, a qualitative transformation above
d) Way of life: A present and expressed, livable conviction excludes mental approaches, which are
reason, maturity, experience or fact destructing, inhibiting (q), diminishing or contradicting.
e) Emotional frame: Retarding intuitions, moods, mentalities, attitudes, given circumstantially and
accidentally, unconsciously and consciously, individually and collectively, are cleared away.
f) Onto- and phylogenetic development: Cognitive capacities of individuals and groups are retraced
over evolutionary time spans in forces, mechanisms, conditions of growth and differentiation, re-
lationships within and between groups, specific characteristics in status, paths, trends.
g) Anatomy and physiology of the central nervous system: Bio-electro-chemical processes in a neu-
ronal network, an organic, multi-variable, independent, functional unit, enabling inner freedoms of
movement and choice of thoughts, produce a conscious, present, constructed representation of an
h) Five senses: To see, hear, smell, taste, touch are via an immediate physical object-subject rela-
tion the first sources of cognition. Instrumental detectors enlarge scope and range in observation of
natural objects, the macro- and microscopic being in a machinated environment technologically present.
i) Experience: To process sensual stimulations is the second, indispensable source of cognition, a
qualitative transformation. By direct or instrumental observation and reasoning, individually or
collectively, accidentally or experimentally preplanned, experience accumulates various empirical
and theoretical knowledge, setting the limits of knowledge as a mental, heterogeneous horizon.
j) Mental capabilities: Human faculties, intention and conception in function, range, structure,
quality, and mental operations, based on identity, description and comparison, and their dynamic
combination, enable creative imagination, sound judgement, reasoning towards true statements.
k) Reflection: Curiosity and reflection are the first motivational sources of constructive cognition.
Repetetive questioning of an object, taken aloof from its environment, over the range of the mental
horizon, delineates without prejudice its multifaceted characteristics, points of interrelations, lines
of consequences.
l) Methods employed: An object of human nature is given by observation, investigation and de-
scription or by thesis, a suggested description. Methods, of probing though abbreviated reasoning,
serve as specific, precise, often quantifiable, reproducible, fast, economic tools of research.
m) Medium of expression: Gesture, sound, language, drawing, craft, character, text, photo, film,
instrumental signal are mental representations and first material documentations of an observation
for verification, multifactorial analyses, commentaries, interpretations, public communication.

n) Action: A form of expression, action serves man's self-preservation in work, praxis and or-
ganization of basic social structures and as an element of all social interactions and a self-made,
technological, commercial living environment. Unsevered from irrationalities, unrestrained in aim,
radius and depth by conviction, it turns into an 'independent,' self-serving, self-dynamical driving
force, defying cognition.
o) Social factors: Society is manifestation of the variables of life, of human potential and group in-
teractions. Modern society and its technological civilization, organized by functional requirements,
develop life styles, models of behavior, norms, structures, mechanisms, forms of government, also
a multitude of lobbying groups, alliances, forces, conflicts, wars. As a self-corruptive, without
critical forces, and self-justifying, without solutions to major ethical cases, 'cohesive world', it
advances illusions of human capabilities and conveniences with ambitions of power to usurp re-
sources, institutions, flow of information.
p) Institutional factors: In the humanities, institutional programs to realize a philosophy of research
remain rudimentary. Promotion of maturity by education and development of man in a pluralism of
convictions will center on comprehensive self-description of the individual and his work, his human
faculties and mental operations, his critical, ethical voice and forms of expression.
q) Present day trend: Expansion of the human mind over time will in stages, in interaction with
pro- and regressive forces, differentiate its capabilities in gain of freedom and independence,
irregularly in concentration and balance, into various subject matters and free, practical and
scientific fields of study.
r) Inhibiting factors: Man, in criminal capacity applying any means to his personal advantage, will
fall indefinitely low, if not arrested. The standards of truth, guarding the possibilities of cognition
and correction of a gross deficient description of an object, call to break through the barriers of:
aa) Myths, idols, animisms, superstitions, prejudices, illusions, images, ideologies, theories,
undifferentiated and unspecified generalizations, archaic notions of prestige, power or possessions.
bb) Areas of non-knowledge, a boundary of man's outer and inner freedoms, not being assessed in
self-critical caution in outline of a narrowly limited, mental horizon, in approaches, projections,
cc) Grave errors, mistakes in context, suffering from a ruptured balance between spiritual, human
and natural objects; mistakes in category, showing the object out of focus, because of addition of
one or more foreign or omission of one or more essential features.
dd) Techniques of deception, ranging from intentional distortion to elimination to appeasement in
all intensities and combinations, in image fascism enforced with coercion of any conceivable means.
s) Ethics: Identifying, reflecting, criticizing, averting gross criminal corruption with its conse-
quences, ethics dissolve major irrationalities and errors by enlightenment, education about a
subject matter to gain its accurate description; consecutively expose major hypocrisies with mis-
uses by self-critical reflection to develop the subject matter. Guarding inner and outer cognitive
freedoms with access to all sources of cognition, free flow of information and assigned respon-
sibilities, overseen are especially political, military, scientific, technological, commercial infor-
mation gathering and publicizing institutions.
t) Historical factors: History like that of cognition means history of achievements. It is investigative
tracing, recording, analysis, evaluation of time bound activities, seen from man's point of view, globally,
universally, within the limits of God's given order, sound theology, dignity of man, reason, ethics.
Recollection reconstructs from sources of its time relationally, objectively, self-constitutively, self-cog-
nitively, reflectively. Historic consciousness forms an organic subset within the horizon of cognition, 
mainly on the level of reflection. Significant, mass effective facts with their consequences arise out
of individual intention, conception, expression, activity and social, political forces on the level of ac-
tion in comparative, relating to achievements, alternatively open and equivalent time. They eman-
cipate themselves in areas and subareas as particular histories. They form out different convictions
and deficiencies, appearances, currents, in all constellations and over the complete range from
historical freedom, minimal causal dependencies, up to gross moral failures with intentional decep-
tion and destruction, fixing a course of action, mostly out of archaic notions of prestige, power,
possessions, which can lead to planetary catastrophes, including the extinction of mankind.
Experienced present day history therefore means through education of ethically self-cleaning forces
critical, corrective responsibility towards the zeitgeist.

Criminal corruption, applying tools of modern technologies, in excess of man's boundaries, given by
respect for truth, life, justice, by maturity, by reason and environmental conditions, will lead to
self-destruction. This applies to any activity, to any area and subarea of politics, the military, the
sciences, economics, finance, law, medicine, culture.


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