Sinti-Roma Museum Heidelberg 06 17 2000

			    May man keep a watchful eye
			    that these crimes against humanity
			    will never reoccur again.
The executioners in the extermination camps and labor camps of sadism and sodomy
eliminate in first priority advocates of publication and prosecution of the crimes of
clandestine high tech terror to prevent the formation of any organization, advocting
the establishment of public, reliable safeguards against the misuses of modern bio-
Several larger parties, security services, private organizations and defence leagues
having escalated the investigation into the security agencies of the Western Atomic
Powers and NATO, of Russia, Japan, Germany, Israel, Saudi Arabia, of larger Third World
Countries and predominant forces of US and German Industries into a global dirty war,
today operate the largest system of labor camps in the whole world.

They operate the most heinous extermination camps in the history of mankind, execu-
tioners sodomizing to death thousands of people a year.
They operate medical dissection camps, hit teams conducting field testing of new classes
of toxins on tens of thousands of people a year.
They operate the largest labor camp of sadism and sodomy worldwide, executioners mass
drugging tens of millions of people a year.
They operate the largest labor camp of behavior manipulation and enslavement worldd-
wide, hit teams massdrugging tens of thousands of people a year.
They operate the largest labor camp of deception and perfidy worldwide, recording in
total information control tens of billions of videos, faxes, conversations, brain wave pat-
terns and genetic fingerprints a day.
Propagating the total lie, in the name of humanity they suppress the publication of the
unleashing of the multiple, uncontrolled dangers of the extinction of mankind.

Several larger parties, security services and defence leagues, having escalated the inves-
tigation into the crimes of despotic perversion into a worldwide dirty war and fornication
race for predominance in all tools of clandestine high tech terror, claimed to clean up
these crimes. However, having set up the widest network of undercover agents under the
pretence of security, employ the widest variety of sodomy drugs, they equally operate
out of high tech power centers to supervise the largest extermination camp and labor
camps of sadism and sodomy and of deception and perfidy. They continue development
and fieldtesting of mutagenic, recombinant and hybridization DNA technologies in intent
to cause specific dysfunction of individual systems of the human body. Their schreib-
tischtäter and executioners stir up hate as an incitement to commit any bestiality concei-
vable and to suffocate the integrity of truth and the integrity of life. In consequence, de-
stroyed are democratic constitutions with their principles of representation, solidarity,
separation of powers, parliamentary oversight functions and with it civilization worldwide
in all fields of human endeavors, having been upturned into a breeding ground, fostering
crimes against mankind to shoot into gigantic proportions and to cause the extinction of
They draw information out of an illegal listening device while at the same time they phy-
sically fornicate on the Bible at the breakfast table in front of their parents and children.
They lie about it. They claim human dignity as first guiding principle of their constitution,
but tolerate in public silence any crime of despotic perversion, acquiesce in its creeping,
clandestine process of subversion, -- they do not have the inner strength to fight for any
moral issue.
They take of their targets measurements of brain wave patterns during sexual activity in
intent to apply CIA sodomy drugs designed according to individual profiles and to delude
with as 'natural perceived' aphrodisiacs.
They lie about it. In illusion of ever accelerating scientific progress they claim human
capabilities and conveniences, mastery of nature, denying human boundaries and free-
doms advanced key-technologies to supply future energy and food requirements, re-
sponsibility in the freedom of scientific research and development, -- a self-delusion.

They employ any new, experimental drug against populations at large like those synthe-
sized in the projects 'performance enhancers', 'sodomy drugs', 'genital tumors', 'fixed
images', 'language blackout', 'total personality collapse', 'joy of death', 'blasphemy of the
Holy Spirit'.
They lie about it. In illusion of ever sustainable economic progress they claim lasting
resources of energy and raw materials, pollution within reasonable limits, welfare of the
people with progressive industrialization and creation of wealth and global intermeshing
of markets alone to raise standards of living in all countries, -- a self-delusion.

They sodomize their own organizations' female workers and colleagues, sodomize mem-
bers of their own families in pre- and succeeding generations and trade CIA sodomy
drugs, bundling a range of perversity effects, dragee packaged, among themselves for
private use.
They lie about it. In illusion of ever dynamic social progress they claim application of
rationality in all area of public life, reason alone to insure the way to universality of
arbiarbitration and law enforcement, a value-, prejudice-, conflict free, multi-balanced,
educated society, responsibility in the freedom of the press, -- a self-delusion.

As B. Netanjahu operates CIA gas chambers on the anniversary of the birthday of Adolf
Hitler as a sign of his execution methods, they operate poison pellet extermination camps
at the site of former Nazi concentration camps.
They lie about it. In illusion of ever spreading democratic mechanisms of conflict solving
they claim reason alone to guide to a community of nations, free of scourges of war,
living in freedom, self-determination, respect of human rights, absence of degrading
treatment equality of all nations, races, religions, the sexes, -- a self-delusion.

They sodomize to death in first priority advocates of publication and prosecution of the
crimes of clandestine high tech terror under the perversity label of emergency medical
care for the victims with anonymously shot in poison pellets.
They lie about it. In stratagems of deception about themselves, their concerns for hu-
manity and basic liberties they claim to establish worldwide forensic laboratories and
medical facilities to provide adequate medical treatment for the victims of these crimes.

As far as they have fallen away from the integrity of truth and the integrity of life, they
have abandoned the human base, the capability to fill any of their endeavors with real
substance. A void in a void they grasp at an image, a requisite, a fig leaf. Hiding their
cynicism about murder, civil war, epidemics, famines, disparities of wealth, depletion of
resources, destruction of the environment, overpopulation, they defend their intellectual
sloth in image fascism with violence. They alternate between the poles of life style illu-
sions and bestiality.
They lie about it. The press as the forth, constitutional power glorifies the lower instincts
of power, possessions, consumption, perfidy, prostitution with attributes of entertain-
ment, sensation, gloss, superficiality. It upholds an unscathable screen of a welfare
image of all government institutions, central issues are defused, manipulated, ethical
standards are distorted, diminutive, bare, -- but of formal respectability.
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