Stutthof     05 01 1998

			   May man keep a watchful eye
			   that these crimes against humanity
			   will never reoccur again.

These crimes, the worst in the history of mankind, are being revived in their beginnings
by the CIA, BND, FSB (KGB), the Leaders of the Governments of the US and Russia,
Germany, Great Britain, France, India (at least until recently), Vietnam, the President of
South Africa, the King of Saudi Arabia, the Jewish people, the leaders of the US Military,
some within NATO, the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, most of US and German
Industry and about all the major parties and security agencies, whoclaim to clean up
these crimes.

They operate labor camps of sadism and sodomy, massdrugging hundreds of thousands
of people a year.

They operate CIA gas chambers, spraying tens of thousands of people a year with
concentrated nerve gas and industrial toxic gases.

They operate labor camps of deception and perfidy, recording in excess of ten billions of
videos, conversations and brain wave patterns a day.

Not one person in the world has conducted a public information campaign about the tools
of clandestine high tech terror and their multiple, uncontrolled dangers of the exrinction
of mankind.
Not one person in the world has insured individuals the legal right to defend themselves
selves against illegal listening and video devices or high treason, murder and poisoning
through drugging or nerve gas attacks as committed by these agencies.
Not one person in the world has followed his legal obligations, but violates statutes of
crime by omission, most also consent to a crime, formation of a terrorist organization,
incitement of the people, incitement to a crime and glorification of violence.
Not one person in the world has established public, medical evidence to determine the
causality of the toxins affecting the central nervous system, the cardio-vascular and pulmonary
systems, metabolism and the reproductive organs as employed by these agencies
and to render adequate medical care.

About all the major parties and security agencies, who claim to clean up the crimes of the
CIA, BND, etc..., evolving since forty years, escalated the investigation into these crimes
into a dirty war of global dimensions against the personnel of these agencies, especially a
nerve gas and poison pellet war against the BND on German soil. In a creeping,
clandestine process of bestial subversion, having attached a stigma of state prostitution
and gas chambers to entire nations, they have destroyed basic human standards and with
it civilization worldwide in government, finance, economics, industry, the sciences and
the arts as a breeding ground for crimes against mankind to shoot into gigantic
proportions. To gain predominance in all tools of clandestine high tech terror, they
finance an array of large scale research programs, in goal and method of human
depravity. New drugs are beingdeveloped in the intent of specific dysfunction of
individual system of the human body, applying advanced bio-technology, having created
new, devastating dangers to human health.

Truth has been sodomized to death.


Truth is first of all human truth. The light to all human endeavors, it extends as far as
man's mental horizon, his self-awareness, where he visualizes his thoughts and objects
in range from spiritual ambition to nature as it pertains to man. It expands as a new
thought or discovery is added, fixes to a point in a description the characteris at hand
in comprehensiveness, the extent, the structure, the qualities, their relations and
consequences. The thought is ex-pressed in action or language. Truth, equal to
congruence of a description with a thought or thing requires exactness and measures
of reason. The characteristics are arrived at in method mainly through comparison.

The intentions and conceptions of man however are not only determined by a description
of the thing at hand, but in freedom of thought also by ethical guidelines. Missing ethical
considerations, man will not adhere to exactness and reason, but fall into corruption of
truth, self-deception, gross injustices with self-destruction in excess.

An ethical sentence promotes a benefit. Though most often misused to gather manpower
and advance giant cultural achievements, ethics touches on all social questions of man's
mental horizon and establishes an independent, parallel standing mental sphere, all
inter-human relationships with their consequences. Ethics grows out of reflection, outside
the original environment, aloof in comparison and considers hypothetical courses of
action in all straits aside from present facts. Taking up singular questions, it remains
non-systematic, negatively expressed, its driving force being social pointed curiosity, as
philosophy is the art to ask questions, its definition the question: are all aspects of the
thought or thing at hand considered? In method it leads through example and advice, -
where not welcome through fearless criticism.

The intentions and conceptions of man however are not only determined by a description
of the thing at hand and ethical reflections, but also by transcendental questions of
man before God. Lacking faith, conviction or Spirit of Man, the most insidious of criminal,
spiritual corruptions, man abandons ethical considerations, exactness and reason to
disfigure truth beyond recognition.

The integrity of truth is a figure of faith. Truth is the Body of Christ. The task for the
spiritual leaders of our times is to raise general awareness in ethics, reason and Spirit
of Man to preserve man as a being, balanced in spiritual, intellectual and emotional 
dimensions. It calls first to raise standards of truth, in each case a comprehensive
analysis towards innocence. The spiritual demands of our times, setting up a bulwark
against the multiple, disastrous con-sequences out of misapplications of modern day
technologies, are:

- refrain from violence
- restriction to non-power methods
- restraint to the major issues of justice and peace

Their common question is: are the basic rights of individuals legally verified?


Truth is advanced in humility. Its task is to serve. Its thought or object wants first to
help the poorest among the poor. The service is rendered selflessly without keeping an
account by the speaker.

	About all the people, who claim to clean up these crimes and pretend to eradicate
	them 100%, to hide their hypocrisy about the scum of depravity will not allow
	anyone individual the legal right to defend himself against despotic perversion, as
	the BND extracts the odorous essence of human sperm to spray it concentrated out
	of depot poison pellets, set off and monitored electronically via satellite, on people's

Truth upholds a benefit. It aims to improve the condition or knowledge of the present
state. It is useful. On the side of the speaker this requires a self-description of his
intentions and background.

	About all the people, who claim to clean up these crimes, at heart to preserve
	formal respectability, exercise stratagems of deception about themselves, their
	concern for humanity and basic liberties to hide their cynicism about mass murder,
	civil war, epidemics, famines, disparity of wealth, destruction of the environment,
	the death of millions of people.

Truth describes the thought or thing at hand with accuracy. Truth exists only in search of
it. It exists only in public. It exists only in fearless promotion.

Truth speaks in the tongue of His word to speak His good news in His given order for
man, to explain and to teach.

	About all the people, who claim to clean up these crimes, while drawing information
	out of illegal listening and video devices, physically fornicate on the Bible at the
	breakfast table in front of their parents and children and at their agencies argue,
	how to sodomize all proponents of publication of these crimes, prosecution and the
	establishment of safeguards to death best, for example through inducement of
	tumors in the brain or the sexual organs.

Truth grants guidance in His light to imbue hope over darkness, fear of the Lord,
forgiveness, justice peace.

About all the people, who claim to clean up these crimes, draw information out of
illegal listening and video devices within the body of their targets, their genital
organs and digestive tracts down to the toilet bowl to record physiological data and
many agencies take brain wave patterns on millions of people in the language
controlling section to decipher their thoughts as an early warning system to
resistance and to forestall an embarrassment.


Truth heals through the touch of His hand from blindness to reveal His kingdom and
dignity of man as His holy image.

The sound eye disassociates itself from gross corruption in thought or thing within its
mental horizon. Reflecting the landscape of His realm, it disclaims them with de-
termination. It stands free, quietly. It develops a rational, adequate course of action
to arrest disastrous consequences.

	To cripple the spiritual, intellectual and physical strength of their political
	opponents, the leading atomic powers including Germany and Israel in face of
	admonition of Nazi extermination camps operate CIA gas chambers on the
	anniversary of the birthday of Adolf Hitler as a sign of their execution methods,
	gassing buildings, trains, cars, entire streets, objects of daily use and public and
	private toilets.

Truth flows with His holy breath out of his love for life, especially the integrity of the
individual, the community and the succession of generations.

	About all the people, who claim to clean up these crimes, cursing Christ to be born
	out of fornication, tolerate in public silence CIA, BND, etc... mass drugging,
	contaminating with depot poison pellets the water and food supplies of millions of
	people, of entire regions for years, especially for Christmas time, and in the same
	grain sell their own children into state prostitution.

Truth reflects His holy name, having conquered sin in spiritual rebirth to love enemies
over hate of other people and inversion of mind. It acts in generosity.

	About all the people, who claim to clean up these crimes, holding up front illusions
	like human capability and convenience or scientific and social progress, acquiesce in
	public silence to the massive measurement of brain wave patterns of targets during
	sexual activity, intending to design CIA sodomy drugs according to individual
	profiles and to drug and delude them with as 'natural perceived' sodomy drugs.

About all the people, who claim to clean up the crimes of the CIA, BND, etc... breathe the
truth about these crimes as odorous essence of human sperm through their brains and

Truth has been sodomized to death.

The extinction of mankind is inevitable.


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