Theresienstadt    05 09 1997

			   May man keep a watchful eye
			   that these crimes against humanity
			   will never reoccur again.
These crimes, the worst in the history of mankind, are being revived in their beginnings
by the CIA, BND, FSB (KGB), the leaders of the Governments of the US and Russia, the
leaders of the US Military, the leaders of the Governments of France, Great Britain,
Germany and some of German Industry, the President of South Africa and the Jewish
People and equally the majority of people, who claim to clean up these crimes.

They operate labor camps of sadism and sodomy, massdrugging tens of thousands of
people a year.
They operate CIA gas chambers, spraying thousands of people a year with concentrated
nerve gas and industrial toxic gases.
They develop in their laboratories new drugs in the intent of specific dysfunction of
individual systems of the human body, applying advanced bio-technologies to create new,
devastating dangers to human health.
These crimes, the destruction of all human standards, the integrity of truth and the
integrity of life, aim to sodomize the Holy Spirit to death, though not possible to achieve.
			Waste cans are tossed by the wind,
			Their tinkle subsides, though it blows:
			I speak with a whispering voice,
			I gently unfold your eyes
			To spread out a new landscape,
			Where I name plants and flowers,
			I grant you solace in my palms, in peace,
			My words, gestures and promise are clear:
			Pass on my love to all mankid.

The majority of people, who claim to clean up the crimes of the CIA, BND, etc...
- wage in the name of humanity a dirty war of global dimensions against the personnel of
  these agencies, especially a nerve gas war against the BND on german soil to satisfy their
  feeding frenzy. They do not brand mark these depraved policies, stop short financing and
  research capacities, dismantle production facilities and technical equipment or eliminate
  any significant part of nerve gas stockpiles.
- operate massive labor camps of sadism and sodomy and massive CIA gas chambers to
  eliminate all proponents of an effective clean up of these crimes and the establishment
  of public, reliable safeguards. For example a target's bedroom is employed as death
  chamber, trapped with nerve gas- and poison pellets, set off and being monitored via
  transmitters and illegal listening and video devices.
- subvert in the name of basic liberties the constitutions of the major western industri-
  alized nations, suppress any evidence of illegal listening and video devices or a target's
  legal or medical evidence, rule their countries in perfidy to satisfy their hypocrisy. For
  example marriage is depraved by gathering data out of bedroom, bed and genital organs,
  how children are procreated out of state prostitution.
- dehumanize man's intellectual sphere by prying in on a target's prayers, hopes and intel-
  lectual endeavors for the purpose of sadistic encripplement to satisfy their cynicism. For
  example a workplace is depraved by measurement of a target's performance often under
  the effects of nerve gas or toxic drugs, employing illegal listening and video devices.
- develop in their labs bio-technological drugs and other tools of clandestine high tech
  terror, multiplying the uncontrolled dangers of the extinction of mankind to satisfy their
  manipulative obsession. Newly developed drugs are field tested for their lethal effects on
  the dying, employing illegal listening and video devices to record results.
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